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Belmond Villa San Michele - Michelangelo Suite4c6c364fdf1082a37bcf-54493dc0d9255706a1b8a801c97a6044.r8.cf2.rackcdn. · PDF file 2016-06-01 · Inundated by daylight from sunrise.....

Feb 18, 2020




  • Inundated by daylight from sunrise to sunset, the Michelangelo Suite at Belmond Villa San Michele,

    has a distinguished history. Once the monastery library, it became Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's headquarters in Florence.

    Today the huge, canopied, king size bed and the exquisite decorations remain fit for an emperor.

    Michelangelo Suite Details

    Location: In the former monastery, it stretches the whole length of the façade

    View: Breathtaking view over Florence, the Arno Valley and the Chianti Hills

    Beds: 1 bedroom with king size bed (twin beds available on request)

    Extra bed (on request)

    2 rollaways or 1 rollaway and 1 crib per bedroom

    Bathroom: 1 full marble bathroom

    Max occupancy: 4 people - either 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children

    Size: M 2 70; Sq.ft. 753

    Features: Once the monastery library it became Emperor Napoleaon Bonaparte's headquarters in Florence

    Huge canopy king size bed

    MICHELANGELO SUITE Belmond Villa San Michele

  • A large fireplace dominates one of the walls, its stone mantelpiece a glory of carved craftsmanship.

    By far the Villa's largest and most romantic accommodation,

    the undivided sleeping and sitting areas stretch behind the whole length of the façade

    with windows dominating Florence, the Arno Valley and the Chianti Hills.

    Michelangelo Suite


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