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Belly Button Healing HEALING...• If your gut brain isn’t healthy, your head brain can’t function well. Your Gut & Your Emotions Your gut produces: •Over 90 percent of the body’s

Sep 09, 2020



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  • Belly Button

    HealingBelly Button


  • Gut Health = Total Body Health“All disease begins in the gut.” - Hippocrates



    Emotional Balance

    Joint Health

    Mental ClarityToxicity

    Your health starts in your gut.

  • How to Make Your Gut Healthy

    3. Exercise Your Gut

    1. Eat Well 2. Manage Your Stress

  • How to Exercise Your Gut?

    The easiest and simplest way is to stimulate your belly button, because the belly button is the center of your gut.

    Belly Button Healing = The Internal Workout for a Healthy Gut

  • More than Your Birth Scar

  • Speed Up Your Blood Circulation

    You have 2 major blood vessels near your belly button.

    30-40% of the blood in your body is in your abdomen.

    Stimulating this area pumps nutrient-rich blood to all of your cells.

    Belly Button

  • Did You Know?

    Standard CPR Using chest

    compressions only

    7% survival rate

    New CPR Alternating chest & abdomen


    25% survival rate

    Research at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Paterson, N. J

  • Strengthen Your Immunity

    Belly Button

    Abdominal Lymphatic System

    • The belly is responsible for about

    75% of the body’s immunity.• Large lymph nodes are concentrated

    around the belly button.• Lymph nodes are organs of the

    immune system.

  • Strengthen Your Immunity

    Trillions of microbes live in the gut. Many are helpful. They aid digestion and fighting off harmful microbes.

  • Belly Button Healing helps your body remove harmful toxins and waste.

    Detoxify Your Belly

  • The Second Brain

    • Your gut has its own nervous system known as the 2nd brain or gut brain.

    • The gut brain can operate independently from your brain and closely communicates with the brain in your head.

    • If your gut brain isn’t healthy, your head brain can’t function well.

  • Your Gut & Your Emotions

    Your gut produces:• Over 90 percent of the body’s serotonin,

    the happiness hormone. • 50% of the body’s dopamine, the joy


  • Why Is Serotonin Important?

    Serotonin affects your • mood, sexual desire & function, appetite• sleep, memory & learning, social behavior

    Depression increases risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 65 percent.

    Poor gut health

    Low serotonin


    Depression & anxiety

    Higher risk of Alzheimer's


  • Dahnjon

    Shingwol Myungmoon

    The Energy CPR

    Body’s Energy Center in Eastern Medicine

    Just by stimulating the navel, you can jump start your whole energy system and restore your overall health.

  • Belly Button Healing promotes Water Up, Fire Down, the optimal energy circulation and balance in your body. With Water Up Fire Down, you keep a cool head and a warm belly.

    Water Up, Fire Down

  • Oneness Point From the Belly Button to the Earth

    • A point of connection, like it once connected you to your mother for all the things you needed to live.

    • Through Belly Button Healing, you can strengthen your connection to yourself and everything that nurtures you.

  • Ilchi Lee • Founder of Body & Brain• Creator of Brain Education • Founder of the Earth Citizen


    Creator of Belly Button Healing

  • Healing Lifethe Belly Button Healing Wand

  • Points to Keep in Mind Before Doing Belly Button Healing

    1. Avoid doing it immediately after a meal.

    2. Use Healing Life—the Belly Button Healing Wand—primarily on yourself.

    3. Don’t do Belly Button Healing if you are pregnant, a person who has had abdominal surgery and has not yet healed, or a person who has injuries near their navel.

    4. Do not press too forcefully. Gentle pressure is enough.

    5. When using the Belly Button Healing Wand, apply the device over the clothes or a towel, not on bare skin.

  • Belly Button HealingExperience

  • Pain Points and Related Body Parts

  • Healing Wand Book CYE online course Pouch


    Belly Button Healing Kit

    Only $99 ($141 Value)

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