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Aug 21, 2015




  1. 1. Busines Unit PCS (Polycarbonates)
  2. 2. Busines Unit CAS / FUNCTIONAL FILMS
  3. 3. Makrofol LMNew films for lightmanagement
  4. 4. Overview Hard coated FilmsPage 26 Name of presentation February 9, 2011
  5. 5. Diffuser films: Overview ofOptions Half PowerTotal light Angle ()TransmittanceLM 309 300m (%) = scattering Homogenization/ Hiding Powersimilar to former LM 2438520 ability Transmittance / Light Output300mLM 309 500mwith higher TransmittanceLM 905 300m8128similar to former LM 2438128LM 905 500m300mwith higher scatteringsimilar to former LM 2437239LM 228 300m500m7339LM 228 500m6551LM 322 300m5758 Transmission accuracy may vary by up to 2% Half Power angle accuracy may vary by up to 2%Page 27 Name of presentation February 9, 2011
  6. 6. Diffuser films: Overview ofOptionsHo/ H mog 300m85 idi eni300m ng z Po ationTotal Transmittance (%)500m80 weLM 309LM 905300mr75 300mLM 228LM 322500m70500m500mLM 243*65Tra Lig nsm* For new projects LM 309 &LM 905 will substitute LM ht itta243 (former DP 1243, see60ou ncetput /slide 10) due to betteroptical properties300m5550 BMS diffuser film20solutions provide40 good light 552530 35a 4550 60 diffusion and at the same time a angle () =light abilityHalf power high scattering transmission for efficient lighting designs. The half- power angle is a measurement of diffusion. (The results of half power angle measurements may vary dependingPage 28 Name of presentation February 9, 2011 on the method see technical slides for Bayer method)
  7. 7. Makrofol HFNew Hard Coated Films
  8. 8. ViviTouchPage 31 Name of presentation February 9, 2011
  9. 9. Mophie Pulse announced at the2011 International CES ShowGame enhancing grip for iPod Touch with highly realistic and interactiveViviTouch technology.Innovative controller enables Mophie Pulse to work with existing games. d: 1Awarde ES 201k Sh ow C eatwee st In o and B Be zmod iby G Page 32 Name of presentation February 9, 2011
  10. 10. Makrofol Film for electro platedparts
  11. 11. Electroplated FIM Parts Real Crome sufaces, glossy matte, Cobination with sub surface screen printing
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