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Baby Gender Prediction

Aug 17, 2015



  1. 1. Share the joy! Fun filled experience of discovery for moms
  2. 2. IntelliGender Revolutionized baby gender discovery with the worlds first in-home, urine based Gender Prediction Test. We have over 500,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Our goal is to provide high quality, fun, affordable pre-birth experiences for the expectant mother and healthy essentials for mom and baby.
  3. 3. Founded by moms,for moms. everywhere.
  4. 4. A Gender Prediction Test Use as early as 10 weeks, weeks before your sonogram. IntelliGenders Gender Prediction Test is an affordable, simple-to-use urine test that provides immediate gender results.
  5. 5. See How The Gender Prediction Test Works Collect your first morning urine and insert into the test vessel. Swirl rapidly in a circular motion place the test on a flat white surface, and leave undisturbed for the amount of testing time noted in the enclosed instructions. Below are examples of test results
  6. 6. International Presence An international phenomenon as mothers from around the world are learning about the possibility of knowing the gender of their baby sooner and easier than ever before! Check the Locater Tab on our website to contact a Reseller in your country.
  7. 7. Jewelry Clues: Perhaps Pink? Maybe Blue? Share the joy...Wear a clue! Our newly created, hand-made jewelry line, Gender Jewelry Clues, is a fashionable way to share the excitement and heartfelt love of a brand new baby.
  8. 8. Contact Us IntelliGender 3308 Preston Rd, #350 P.O. Box 187 Plano, TX 75093 Website :