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Our Magazine is published every other month and is freely available to our members ISSUE 57 Feb 2020 Mar 2020 Stay ‘In Touch’ with the Corby & E Northants Conservative Association B Published by RM Boyd on behalf of Corby & E Northants Conservative Association and Tom Pursglove, all at CENCA, Cottingham Road, Corby, NN17 1SZ Printed by Contract Printing Services Ltd., Unit J, Cavendish Courtyard, Sallow Road, Weldon North Industrial Estate, Corby, NN17 5DZ WE ARE THE NUMBER ONE ASSOCIATION IN THE WHOLE OF THE EAST MIDLANDS. On 9 January 2020 the House of Commons approved Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill by a large majority of 99 votes – but without a single Labour MP voting in favour of the legislation. 330 MPs voted in favour of the new withdrawal agreement bill, while 231 voted against including 169 Labour MPs. 32 members from the Labour benches had no vote recorded. OUR CONSTITUENCY SHOWS THE WAY AGAIN Interesting that Corby & E Northants Constituency continues to be the ‘Bellwether’ of Parliamentary general election results. Tom Pursglove’s victory was a landslide here and this was once again reflected in the national vote.

B Feb 2020 Mar 2020 - Corby and East Northants... · 2020. 1. 29. · Selections part of the Process. With 9 new Unitary Wards across our Constituency, and 3 Councillors for each

Oct 18, 2020



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  • Our Magazine is

    published every

    other month and is

    freely available to

    our members

    ISSUE 57

    Feb 2020 Mar 2020

    Stay ‘In Touch’ with the

    Corby & E Northants Conservative Association


    Published by RM Boyd on behalf of Corby & E Northants Conservative

    Association and Tom Pursglove, all at CENCA, Cottingham Road, Corby,

    NN17 1SZ Printed by Contract Printing Services Ltd., Unit J, Cavendish

    Courtyard, Sallow Road, Weldon North Industrial Estate, Corby, NN17 5DZ



    On 9 January 2020 the

    House of Commons

    approved Boris Johnson’s

    Brexit bill by a large

    majority of 99 votes – but

    without a single Labour

    MP voting in favour of the


    330 MPs voted in favour

    of the new withdrawal

    agreement bill, while 231

    voted against including

    169 Labour MPs.

    32 members from the

    Labour benches had no

    vote recorded.


    Interesting that Corby & E Northants Constituency continues to be the ‘Bellwether’

    of Parliamentary general election results. Tom Pursglove’s victory was a landslide

    here and this was once again reflected in the national vote.

  • Conservative Association Chairman’s Report to Members

    Cllr Lee Wilkes (Association Chairman)

    20 Jan 2020

    We Did It !!!!!!!!

    The General Election. The result of

    hours, days, weeks and months of

    hard work, on top of the years of

    weekly Task Force meetings and

    canvassing, was a stunning

    General Election result. Tom

    Pursglove MP – elected for a 3rd

    time, and this time with the

    biggest Conservative majority in the

    Constituency’s history.

    It was a monumental team effort, with

    members helping stuff envelopes, deliver

    leaflets, tell at polling stations, and canvass

    across the constituency.

    The result – a 10,268 (17%) majority. With

    a swing of 6%, that meant we won a 55.2%

    share of the vote. All of that helping the

    Conservatives storm to an 80 seat majority


    In Corby and East Northamptonshire, we

    have a winning formula. Task Force and

    canvassing sessions throughout the year;

    an active Association; and one of the

    hardest working groups of Members


    Across the country, the Conservatives took

    no chances. Whilst the polls were pointing

    to a Conservative win, nobody was taking

    anything for granted.

    One Minister said, “Some of our team were

    out door-knocking and this Australian chap

    answered the door”, so they said “Can we

    count on your support?”, to which he

    replied “I’m Lynton Crosby, I helped run the

    last two Tory Election campaigns”. And they

    said “We know, Sir Lynton, but we

    have to make sure”.

    Congratulations and a massive

    Thank You to you all.

    Unitary Applications, Approvals

    and Hustings. No sooner is the

    General Election over, than we

    have to get back on to the Unitary

    Elections. By the time you read

    this, all of the Approvals will have

    been completed and we will be into the

    Selections part of the Process. With 9 new

    Unitary Wards across our Constituency, and

    3 Councillors for each Ward, there is a huge

    amount to organise. Not only in selecting

    those candidates, but in pulling together

    once again to ensure that we capitalise on

    the General Election momentum, and

    d e l i v e r a C on s e rv a t i v e No r t h

    Northamptonshire Unitary Council. CENCA

    Deputy Chairman Helen Howell and Harriet

    Pentland have provided me with

    tremendous support and assistance

    throughout this process so far, but much

    remains to be done.

    Remember that everyone who has been a

    Member for at least 3 months has the right

    to vote for their preferred Unitary

    Councillors. Please look out for the email or

    letter from the office telling you when and

    where your respective Hustings is being


    I don't often thank individual people in

    these reports, as there are simply so many

    who do so much for the Association and the

    Party as a whole. However I simply must

    thank my CENCA Management Committee

    – Helen Howell, Richard Levell, Harriet

    Pentland, Ray Boyd, Eileen Kemp, Ray

    Jackson and George Whittaker. The


  • Your Association contact details:

    Tickets for all events can be

    ordered through the Conservative

    Association Office (Ann)

    Phone: 01536 200255



    Mail: CENCA, Cottingham Road,

    Corby, NN17 1SZ

    Management Committee have a lot of

    decisions to make, and those decisions are

    more numerous and more urgent during

    General Election times. It is a great group of

    people who do so much behind the scenes.

    CENCA – breaking records is becoming

    boring, as the membership continues to

    increase. I mentioned in my previous

    reports that the membership of CENCA was

    on the increase. As you know, one of the

    things we wanted to do this year was to

    communicate more regularly with the

    membership, and with voters in general,

    and to try and create a larger active

    membership. In my last but one report I

    notified you all that we had managed to

    increase the number of members by almost

    15% to 400, and then in my last report I

    informed you that the number had

    increased again to almost 450 members,

    the highest in CENCA’s history. Well we’ve

    broken that record – we are now pushing

    470 members.

    Thank you so much to you all for the

    support that you give to CENCA, our MP and

    our Party. We truly are a winning


    Onwards and Upwards!

    Councillor Lee Wilkes

    Chairman – Corby & East Northamptonshire

    Conservative Association

    Chairman’s Report - Continued>>>>

    Just a thought: ‘If you look at the history of every Labour government we have ever had, they’ve all

    finished off with an economic crisis.’ Chancellor Sajid Javid. Dec 2019

    Councillor David Sims

    would like to remind

    residents who live in the

    Oakley Vale wards of

    Corby that he holds

    regular surgeries on the

    3rd Saturday of each month (except

    in December).

    These are held from 9.30am to

    11am at the Harpers Brook Public


    No appointment necessary.

    David has held these surgeries since

    he was elected as a councillor.

    (David is a great example of how our

    cou nci l lo r s can he l p the i r

    communities and at the same time

    raise their own profile.)

    Further to the Chairman’s Report

    above, the various hustings to

    select candidates for the 9

    divisions of the new Unitary

    Council were held from 24th to

    26th January.

    All members were notified of full

    details of the hustings and were

    invited to attend their respective

    selection meetings.

  • 10 Jan 2020

    Whilst you’re reading this put on Queen’s ‘We

    are the Champions’ - turn up the volume stick

    your arms in the air and sway from side to side.

    We did it! We saved the country from Jeremy and

    John and Diane and Emily and Angela Raynor as

    Education Secretary, yes, WE could have had

    Angela Raynor as Education Secretary. Let that

    sink in for a while and thank your lucky stars.

    Labour are now preparing the new political battle

    lines for the coming


    Having shown themselves

    economically incompetent

    by practise with the crash

    in 2008 - remember it was

    the structural deficit they

    ran up more that the global downturn which blew

    a hole in the UK finances - and since then with

    John McDonnell’s Marxist manifesto, plus the

    added give-aways.

    Labour’s campaign really was akin to one of

    those late night TV adverts for a magical product

    that would either clean your house with a swish

    of a duster or devices to tone your body without

    actually putting in any effort, and indeed the

    already physically perfect specimens

    demonstrating said device aren’t even breaking

    sweat. Just as you think you’re getting to the end

    of the advert another sweetener is thrown in –we

    won’t just send you one we’ll send you two and

    we’ll throw in this handy mini version which you

    can use on the bus. In Labour’s case it was Free

    broadband, then £58 billion in pensions, then

    reduced rail fares. Right minded people were just

    thinking how much will all this cost and who’s


    Labour have worked out they can’t out-economy

    the Tories on the economy, nobody believes

    them. But the environment - now that’s fair

    game. Extinction Rebellion (XR) have paved the

    way with their ridiculous demonstrations in

    London and incidentally what were the Police

    doing? And spending £10,000 on vegan meals,


    If XR can scare enough people that the icecaps

    are going melt in the next ten years Labour might

    just make some progress hanging on their

    coattails. Remember the tree planting bidding

    war during the election. Labour “I’ll see your 300

    million trees and raise you 1 billion trees.”

    Theresa May has already set a challenging target

    of the UK being carbon neutral by 2050. XR’s

    demand that this be 2025 is totally unrealistic.

    This year the UK produced more electricity from

    renewables than from fossil

    fuels. That is great progress

    but when you consider your

    own carbon footprint includes

    33% travel and 20% heating

    for our homes it’s a fraction

    of the energy we consume.

    Most of our travel is

    petrochemical fossil fuel and our 23 million

    homes are mostly heated by gas boilers. Don’t

    get me wrong if we could flick a switch and make

    the UK carbon zero overnight, we would, but life

    just isn’t that easy or rather removing carbon

    from an economy isn’t. Many of us are not aware

    of the lifestyle changes we would have to make

    to get anywhere near the 2025 target. For

    example, 62% of all trips are made by fossil fuel

    powered cars and 40% of all trips are for leisure

    purposes. We could make a big dent in our

    carbon footprint if we keep our journeys within

    walking and cycling distance.

    It will take time to remove our reliance on fossil

    fuels and incidentally this is where Labour have

    already let us down. During the Blair years no

    new Nuclear reactors were commissioned in the

    UK, mostly to garner votes from the green lobby.

    But consider this, the annual per capita CO2

    footprint of each of us is 6.5 tonnes - compare

    that to France where it is 4.5 tonnes, the

    difference? Well, France generate 72% of their

    electricity from Nuclear.

    Ultimately removing the UK reliance on Fossil

    fuels will take time, will take money and will

    involve lifestyle changes. Don’t let Labour

    convince you they have the answer

    Cllr Kevin Watt

    Report from Councillor Kevin Watt – Corby Borough Council




    14 January 2020

    Thank you for your correspondence of 19 December 2019. I have carefully considered and noted the arguments set out for a transfer of power from the UK Parliament to the Scottish Parliament to allow further independence referendums. You and your predecessor made a personal promise that the 2014 Independence Referendum was a ‘once in a generation’ vote. The people of Scotland voted decisively on that promise to keep our United Kingdom together, a result which both the Scottish and UK governments committed to respect in the Edinburgh agreement. The UK Government will continue to uphold the democratic decision of the Scottish people and the promise that you made to them. For that reason I cannot agree to any request for a transfer of power that would lead to further independence referendums. Another independence referendum would continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade, with Scottish schools, hospitals and jobs again left behind because of a campaign to separate the United Kingdom. It is time that we all worked to bring the whole of the United Kingdom together and unleash the potential of this great country.

    The Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon MSP

  • After the election result I

    went to Buckingham

    palace and I am pleased to

    confirm that I am forming a

    new government and I’m

    proud to say that members

    of our new one nation

    government - a people’s

    government - will set out

    from constituencies that

    have never returned a

    Conservative MP for 100


    And yes, they will have an

    overwhelming mandate,

    from this election, to get

    Brexit done and we will

    honour that mandate by

    January 31.

    And so, in this moment of national resolution I

    want to speak directly to those who made it

    possible and to all voted for us, or the first time,

    all those whose pencils may have wavered over

    the ballot and who heard the voices of their

    parents and their grandparents whispering

    anxiously in their ears.

    I say thank you for the trust you have placed in us

    and in me and we will work round the clock to

    repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities

    with a parliament that works for you.

    And then I want to speak also to those who did

    not vote for us or for me and perhaps still wanted

    to remain in the EU. And I want you to know that

    we in this one nation Conservative Government

    will never ignore your good and positive feelings –

    of warmth and sympathy towards the other

    nations of Europe. Because now is the moment –

    precisely as we leave the EU – to let those natural

    feelings find renewed expression in building a new

    partnership, which is one of the great projects for

    next year.

    And as we work together with the EU as friends

    and sovereign equals in tackling climate change

    and terrorism in building academic and scientific

    cooperation, redoubling our trading relationship, I

    frankly urge everyone on either side of what, after

    three and a half years after all has been an

    increasingly arid argument, I urge everyone to find

    closure and to let the healing begin.

    Because I believe, in fact I

    know, because I’ve heard it

    loud and clear from every

    corner of the country that the

    overwhelming priority of the

    British people now is that we

    should focus above all on the

    NHS - that simple and beautiful

    idea that represents the best of

    our country with the biggest

    ever cash boost 50,000 more

    nurses, 40 new hospitals as

    well as providing better

    schools, safer streets.

    And in the next few weeks and

    months we will be bringing

    forward proposals to transform

    this country with better

    i n f r a s t r u c t u r e , b e t t e r

    education, better technology.

    And if you ask yourselves what is this new

    Government going to do, what is he going to do

    with his extraordinary majority, I will tell you that is

    what we are going to do, we are going to unite and

    level up - unite and level up, bringing together the

    whole of this incredible United Kingdom of

    England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

    together - taking us forward unleashing the

    potential of the whole country delivering

    opportunity across the entire nation.

    And since I know that after five weeks frankly of

    electioneering, this country deserves a break from

    wrangling, a break from politics, and a permanent

    break from talking about Brexit. I hope that

    everyone has had a Happy Christmas will greet

    the New Year in the knowledge that here in this

    people’s Government the work is now being

    stepped up to make 2020 a year or prosperity

    and growth and hope, and to deliver a Parliament

    that works for the people.

    Thank you all very much for your help and support

    during the election campaign.

    Boris Johnson Prime Minister


  • If you are in Corby shopping and looking for somewhere to eat why not try the Corby

    Conservative Club. Lunchtime snacks available from Wednesday to Saturday for

    under £7.

    Non-members welcome. Check the Club website:

    Restaurant opening times are on the back of this magazine


    As your local MP, Tom believes it is extremely important to be as accessible as

    possible, in order to be able to best help with any problems or concerns that

    constituents have. As such, unlike most MPs, he holds weekly advice

    surgeries, both in Corby and in East Northamptonshire. The venues for his

    surgeries are:

    Corby: Corby VCS, The TA Building, Elizabeth Street, Corby, NN17 1PN

    Irthlingborough: Irthlingborough Children's Centre, Scarborough St.,

    Irthlingborough, NN9 5TT

    Raunds: The Hall, Thorpe St, Raunds, NN9 6LT.

    Oundle: Oundle Baptist Church, 1 St Osyth's Lane, Oundle, PE8 4BG

    Thrapston: Thrapston Library, High Street, Thrapston, NN14 4JJ

    To book an appointment, please

    telephone 020 7219 8043, as

    Tom has decided to operate his

    surgeries on an appointments

    basis, in order to ensure that

    constituents do not have to rush

    through their concerns. This

    approach also allows Tom to

    provide immediate help - he

    often makes a start on casework

    matters prior to an appointment,

    to try and resolve concerns more

    quickly, whilst it also allows him

    to seek any appropriate advice,

    or obtain clarification on

    technical points, in advance of

    the meeting.

    The Annual General Meeting of the

    Association has been arranged for Friday

    6th March 2020 commencing at 7.30pm.

    The meeting will be held at Raunds

    Conservative Club. Only fully paid-up

    members are entitled to attend and there

    will be a doorcheck. The next Executive meeting will be on

    Wednesday 5th February 2020 at

    7.30pm at Raunds Conservative Club.

    We will be holding a

    St. George’s Day

    Dinner on Friday 24th

    April 2020 at Corby

    Conservative Club.

    Further details to be


    Annual Lunch will be on Sunday 23

    February 2020 at Glapthorn Village Hall -

    12noon for 12.30 pm - tickets £15pp -

    why not come along with family and

    friends for a good food and company. The

    Grand Draw will take place at the Lunch.

    Tickets from Ann 01536 200255

    200 Club Monthly draw results

    Oct 2019 86 Mr George Whittaker

    Nov 2019 25 Mrs Eileen Kemp

    Dec 2019 136 Mrs Heather Cromie

  • 17 January 2020

    Congratulations to all those who guided us to

    such a wonderful victory. One thinks of Chairman

    Lee, Helen, Rosemary and Harriet and the

    leadership they gave us over many months. I have

    commented before on the pleasure the

    photographs of canvassing teams going out, full

    of laughter and hope and obviously enjoying their

    work. It is good they earned such a big reward.

    And at the centre was our Parliamentary

    candidate Tom, working his socks off, ever

    conscious of the need to keep in contact with his

    people and responding to them. He earned

    everyone’s respect.

    There is another group who probably contributed

    substantially to the victory, but are unlikely to be

    unsung. And I am one of them. I never believed

    the majority in the referendum vote would turn

    their backs on the wealth and prosperity the EU

    had created or fail to provide us with military

    defence when the NHS has gobbled up all our

    spare cash.

    As an ex-industrial officer I was delighted to see

    the inward investment into Derby and the North

    East of the Japanese car companies solving a

    very long standing industrial employment

    problem. In no way would I ever turn my back on

    regular well paid employment for so many people.

    I wanted that money going to Brits who had had a

    bad time and no chance of financial security.

    Unfortunately my political Party was landed with

    the job of leaving the EU, but I was not minded to

    follow it. I think there were many like me who

    respected with heavy hearts the Party’s view

    against their own industrial experience. Was it

    these people, true democrats in respecting the

    majority view who voted to leave and gave us the


    We have got an unexpected Parliamentary

    majority, a prime minister we perhaps cannot

    quite work out yet, a super MP in Tom who will

    work hard for us and with us. Perhaps we have

    the tools and opportunities to offset the losses we

    are likely to experience. We shall certainly try


    Can we build a one

    nation Party?. A few

    months ago we

    began to see society

    beginning to break

    up. Wealth was not

    fairly distributed and

    those at the bottom

    seemed to have little

    hope under our

    conventional politics.

    New minimum wages

    a n d r e f o r m e d

    minimum tax levels were never mentioned, but

    Foodbanks were never out of the Press. the

    Labour Party sneering they were part of

    Conservative Economic Policy.

    If we can bring prosperity back to those mining

    villages, not perhaps as good a the Japanese car

    manufacturers in Sunderland, but secure and

    reliable, then we are showing we care. If we can

    concentrate of businesses like small local bus

    companies, perhaps run and managed by half a

    dozen local people for local people connecting

    them with work and educational opportunities

    over a wider area than their own village.

    It will be hard for the people of Sedgefield to trust

    us and we will have to take knocks. And the next

    election is only four years away. We shall need all

    the original wit and enterprise the weirdoes and

    nerds can offer!

    To everyone’s surprise the election result has

    opened enormous opportunities to us. How can

    we, now rationed for time, turn these events into

    the country we have wanted for years, or at least

    since the time of Benjamin Disraeli?

    Ray Jackson 200 Club Chairman

    If any members would like to submit a letter or

    an article for the Magazine or comment on our

    contributors’ articles please email the editor at Letters may be edited.


    Ray Jackson

  • Our Party


    ‘Thank You’

    Thank YOU!

    Thanks to the hard work of CPF members like

    you across the country, we have achieved the

    largest Conservative majority since 1987!

    Following months of uncertainty and delay, we

    will now be able to leave the European Union by

    the end of January, unleash Britain's potential

    and focus on the country's priorities:

    strengthening the NHS, investing in schools,

    safer streets and a strong economy.

    For the CPF, it has been a successful election:

    • Twelve of the new MPs have been involved with the CPF as Chairman, Voluntary Director,

    Champions or Group Coordinators;

    • At least eight other Conservative candidates had also actively been involved with the CPF;

    • 57% of commitments in the Party's manifesto could be traced back to ideas

    proposed by CPF groups;

    • 47% of ideas in the CPF Members' Manifesto were reflected in the published


    Our value to the Party is more widely recognised

    than ever and our influence has never been


    John Penrose

    CPF Chairman 16 Dec 2019


    LABOUR PARTY DEBRIEFING. "I just don't get it, we've spent the last 3 and a half years calling working

    class people Fascist scum, Nazi pigs, Little Englanders, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals and morons

    and when you ask for their vote the b******s vote against us."








    Our programme this year will start with a

    paper in January on the Queen’s Speech for

    you to discuss, including any thoughts you

    might have on the budget. With the Police

    and Crime Commissioner elections in May,

    we will be having a paper on Policing in March. This should help members and

    others with the knowledge to campaign for

    our fantastic PCCs on the doorsteps, but we

    will also send all local input to our PCC


    Last year an average of 200 constituencies

    were involved in CPF with about 2000

    members contributing. The Party wants to improve on that this year as they now see

    the value in how our CPFs are helping shape

    our Party and the country’s future.

    Our 2020 policy consultation paper plan

    20 Jan – 1 Mar Queen’s Speech

    17 Feb – 29 Mar Policing

    11 May – 12 Jul The Environment and

    Animal Welfare

    13 Jul – 13 Sep Infrastructure, invest-

    ment and Devolution

    14 Sep – 25 Oct Workers and Families

    26 Oct – 13 Dec Public Services


    4 Jan – 14 Feb The Union & Constitution

    15 Feb – 28 Mar The Justice System

  • Tom Pursglove 12 Jan 2020 With a new Parliament, I thought I’d re-share

    how you can keep up-to-date with me & get in touch

    Email -

    Phone- 0207 219 8043

    Website -

    Facebook -


    Tom Pursglove 15 Dec 2019 I'm so honoured to have been re-elected and

    I'm incredibly grateful to all those who put their trust in me again, and for all

    the efforts of my fantastic team in this campaign. Much achieved, more to do -

    I won't let you down. Thank you #CorbyEN!

    CCA Membership 2020

    Our existing Councillors are

    reminded that all councillors

    must have up-to-date

    Conservative Councillors

    Association membership

    otherwise they will be ineligible

    for nomination. New candidates

    will need to join the CCA if they

    are successful in the election.

    Councillors are required to

    maintain their membership of

    the CCA throughout their term of


  • Well, didn’t we do well? Congratulations to Tom

    and a great upwards movement in votes too. A

    little late but a Happier New Year in 2020 to you


    Now I ask Boris and his team to firstly ask those

    people who voted to leave in 2016 why they did?

    • Immigration played a huge part as well as

    other issues. We need to get N.H.S in working

    order again and migrants who have any quali-

    fications to help us in areas we need. Other

    migrants who come here for an easy life

    should not be allowed in unless they can offer

    us something back, also need to speak Eng-

    lish to a level that can be understood by all.

    • Borders need to be stronger manned and all

    lorries searched, our coastline also needs to

    be watched very carefully all around the UK. I

    am certain that a lot of volunteers would do

    stints at look-outs in no longer manned coast

    guard huts that are along our coastline.

    • Courts/Prisons/Probation-- All need reshap-

    ing. Build more prisons, place terrorists in

    one prison so they cannot radicalise others,

    all agencies must work together properly

    throughout the processes. Stop fast tracking

    inexperienced prison staff to be governors.

    Laws must be stronger against offenders.

    • Climate change- So called experts claim we

    should go over to ‘modern technology’. For-

    give me if I am wrong but don’t wind farms/

    solar panels, etc., need huge quantities of oil

    products to make the PLASTIC and CONCRETE

    to manufacture these? More plastic waste is

    not what we need. I don’t have acres of gar-

    den but I have in total front and back 14

    broad leaved trees and 5 firs which soak up a

    lot of CO2 and rainfall, concreting over gar-

    dens mean the rainfall, if heavy, has nowhere

    to go, causing flooding - if not in your area

    certainly in other places. It would also help if

    water supply companies stopped leaks and

    maintained their pipes. The BBC are great at

    frightening our young people showing all the

    terrible weather changes going across the

    world and blaming Climate Change; our young

    people are that worried they are becoming

    insular against any other issues.

    • The Climate Crisis Claims-- I don’t deny

    our weather patterns are different now

    and I do listen to all discussions. A few

    facts for those who wish to know more

    about ‘Modern Technology ‘.

    In Southern Spain there is a huge electricity plant

    using modern technology which is surrounded by

    very large mirrors (2,650 in total) which reflect

    the solar sunlight up to the top of a very tall col-

    umn. On top of this column is a receiver for the

    solar sunlight to be captured then used as elec-

    tricity, spare power is stored in huge batteries

    below so they can relay electricity even when

    dark. I believe there is another large plant like this

    one in Morocco, please look it up.

    All this sounds great, but, all batteries used need

    large amounts of differing minerals that experts

    claim we have plenty in/under our ground. Large

    areas are to be dug out to obtain these minerals

    so usage of Oil/Coal any Fossil Fuels will lessen

    over time. Surely taking from our Earth’s core for

    these minerals does as much harm as obtaining,

    as we do presently, fossil fuels, remembering that

    Oil will still be needed in the manufacture of every

    part required for this Modern Technology. An

    awful amount of plastic/glass has to be made

    which is exactly what we do not want.

    Another worrying issue for me with this is that

    wars are raging on our planet over Oil, it will be no

    different when the rest of our planet want these


    I could go on but unless Boris and his team ask

    the working man/woman across our country why

    we voted leave he won’t know where to start to re-

    unite the country.

    I hope I have not depressed anyone but I am sure

    that the future is going to be fantastic as Boris will

    deal with so many issues during his term as Con-

    servative Prime Minister.

    Member Dee Davis


    The comments of all Magazine contributors are obviously their own opinion which do not necessarily

    reflect the views of the Conservative Party, our members, the Association or its management.

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    All emails will be acknowledged.



    “Boris Johnson aims to “cut the head off the

    snake” of criminal gangs and restore the

    Conservatives’ reputation as the party of

    law and order by setting up a cross-

    Whitehall taskforce.

    The prime minister will take personal

    charge of a new cabinet committee to

    tackle surging levels of knife crime and

    violence, with a particular focus on “county

    lines” gangs that are abusing and exploiting

    children. Mr Johnson told cabinet ministers

    yesterday that he wanted to restore the

    party’s reputation on crime, which had been

    damaged in recent years.

    “He said that we have historically been

    strong on law and order but in recent years

    been less clear on it,” a cabinet source said.

    “He said that he wanted a return to clarity

    on it and addressing the concerns of the

    British public.” The new committee on

    criminal justice will be led by Mr Johnson

    and include Priti Patel, the home secretary,

    Robert Buckland, the justice secretary,

    Geoffrey Cox, the attorney-general, and

    Sajid Javid, the chancellor.

    There will also be a “rolling cast list” of

    ministers from other departments who will

    attend. It will be modelled on the Brexit “XO”

    committee, which led preparations for no-

    deal and is now regarded as a template for


    The Times 15 Jan 2020


    “The Conservatives’ general election

    manifesto committed it to cross-party

    talks on how to fund care for the elderly

    but stopped far short of offering a


    Theresa May had proposed

    making people pay more

    towards their social care in

    her 2017 manifesto but

    quickly reversed the policy

    amid her disastrous

    election campaign.

    Mr Johnson said his election victory last

    month would enable him to publish a plan

    within the next 12 months and implement

    it by 2025.

    “This has been shirked by governments

    for about 30 years,” he told BBC

    Breakfast. “Now we have the majority we

    need, we are going to get on with this so

    people can get the care they need in their

    old age but don’t have to sell their home.”

    He said that changes would be put before

    MPs this year and enacted “within this

    parliament”. This would be by mid-2024.

    “This is a big, big thing,” he said. “This is a

    potentially massive change in the way we

    fund social care, and we’ve got to get it


    The Times 15 Jan 2020

    We have heard that hackers are about again and are trying to get access to computers by pretending

    to be from the member’s bank. Note that banks will not phone you to tell you about hacking so any

    call of this nature is a scam. Hang up and do not call the bank on that line. And obviously CENCA

    will never phone you to ask for personal details. Phone the office on 01536 200255 to check.

  • 10 Jan 2020

    Working in conjunction with

    Northamptonshire Police, I have now

    launched a new home security website as

    part of the on-going activity to crack down

    on burglary in Northamptonshire.

    The site can be found at: and it

    carries information from the Force’s

    specialist crime prevention officers on how

    best to protect your home from burglars.

    The advice ranges from ways to secure the

    perimeter of your property to what you can

    do inside your home to deter burglars and it

    also provides a one-stop-shop for all things

    home security.

    This website is part of our crackdown on

    burglary that began in April 2019 and has

    resulted so far in a reduction in the number

    of burglary offences of more than 30 per

    cent. As part of the new focus, every

    burglary victim in Northamptonshire is

    guaranteed a visit from the police. The

    website goes alongside the burglary pack

    which will be given out to all victims of

    burglary across Northamptonshire. Both of

    which have been created as part of a

    project funded by my office.

    Another major area of work that has been a

    priority for me as PFCC has been tackling

    the issue of domestic abuse. Last month

    saw us launch a major campaign to enlist

    hair and beauty professionals in our

    continuing efforts to recognise and tackle

    domestic abuse which is a significant issue

    in Northamptonshire. For example, In May

    2019, domestic abuse was 36% of all crime

    recorded in Northamptonshire.

    Our new campaign is called #Cutitout, and

    aims to raise awareness and train salon

    staff to recognise the warning signs of

    domestic abuse and safely refer clients to

    organisations that can help them. #CutitOut

    began in Norwich in 2017 when Kerri

    McAuley was killed by an abusive partner.

    Kerri had earlier confided in her hairdresser

    Annie Reilly, and Annie subsequently helped

    to develop the campaign.

    This new campaign is funded by my office

    and is part of a wider strategy that brings

    together the work being done by agencies

    and voluntary groups to deal with this

    significant issue. Anyone concerned about

    abuse can contact


    Northamptonshire PFCC

    Stephen Mold’s Newsletter


  • Stephen Mold— continued>>>

    As the PFCC, I have a duty to ensure that

    the concerns and priorities of residents are

    listened to and acted upon.

    I receive a great deal of correspondence

    from communities across the county about

    speeding and dangerous driving on our

    roads. A key aspect to delivering safer roads

    has been our Community Speed Watch


    More than 770 volunteers in 62 groups

    across Northamptonshire work alongside

    the Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance

    to reduce speeding across the county.

    Community Speed Watch sees residents

    trained to use speed detection devices to

    monitor vehicles travelling through their

    towns and villages on roads with limits of

    20, 30 and 40mph. The registered keeper

    of any vehicle caught speeding receives a

    warning letter to increase awareness of the

    dangers of speeding and encourage them to

    slow down.

    Between April and November, a total of 686

    Community Speed Watch sessions were

    carried out by the groups, which resulted in

    4,875 warning letters being sent to drivers

    caught speeding.

    Alongside this, members of the

    Northamptonshire Police’s Safer Roads

    Team have completed 756 enforcement

    sessions in these communities during

    2019, which resulted in more than 10,000

    offences being detected and processed for


    The fees paid by speeding motorists who

    attend speed workshops contribute to my

    Road Safety Community Fund for good


    Community Speed Watch is a great way to

    get involved and play a part in creating a

    safer county and I have been privileged to

    visit several Speed Watch groups to see

    them in action.

    If you’re interested in becoming a

    Community Speed Watch volunteer, please

    visit for more


    As ever, if you need any help or assistance

    please contact me at:

    Stephen Mold Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for


    Stephen Mold with Earls Barton Speedwatch volunteers

    Our next #CutItOut event takes

    place on Monday, February 3 in


    If you work in the hair and beauty

    industry & want to learn more

    about how to spot the signs of

    #domesticabuse, email

    to book your place


    16 Jan 2020

    Happy New Year to all fellow Conservatives.

    Who would have thought that at the writing

    of my last article that we would be looking at

    a tremendous election victory which has

    gives Boris an almost unprecedented

    majority of 80 in the House. There is no

    doubt that all Political parties seriously

    misjudged the mood of the electorate and

    we have indeed ‘borrowed’ votes from our

    Labour rivals which will need to be cemented

    into our ranks over the next few years and

    paid for. Boris has started extremely well but

    I want to start the year by highlighting one

    very dear subject - the NHS……..

    A short time ago at the beginning of the year

    one Saturday night a relative of mine needed

    to take his aged mother into the A and E

    department of Kettering General Hospital.

    My relative did the right thing and dialled

    111 to see if any serious pain relief could be

    obtained elsewhere such as Keydoc or

    indeed an out of hours surgery as his mother

    was in agony with her knee joint. They told

    him to call an ambulance go to A and E. He

    duly did this arrived to find the

    following…….About five or more trolleys were

    lined up with patients on them and were

    accompanied by the very hard working

    paramedics who brought them in. This has

    the effect of backing up five or more

    ambulances and first responders who are

    unable to attend further emergences

    because they need to ‘hand over the

    patient’. This needs to be addressed so that

    these first responders can do their job . Also,

    the waiting area was full of individuals who

    seemed to be suffering mainly from

    respiratory issues !

    He was left wondering what

    on earth all these people

    w e re do in g in th is

    department and indeed

    wondering when his mother

    would be seen. Eventually

    after some hours she was seen and the

    Doctor said that her ailment was ‘neither an

    accident nor emergency”. He of course

    treated her and sent her home. She and her

    son knew this but it was a last resort. They

    had, after all, followed the guidance of 111.

    My illustration highlights the desperate need

    to join up the NHS. There are so many

    departments and the first port of call should

    be our local surgeries. Have you tried to get

    an appointment lately…..Here’s where we

    need access seven days a week and

    probably 12 hours per day. That way the

    coughs and colds and small injuries which

    now get to the A and E department can be


    Boris has pledged a fortune to this

    tremendous and hard working NHS but I fear

    that the majority of this spend will be

    swallowed up in the red tape which seems to

    run these organisations.

    We need to ‘join up’ the service from start to

    finish and from cradle to grave. It is possible,

    and this should be the subject of all Party

    cross bench review with every Political party

    buying in to finding a solution. That way the

    NHS will never form part of an election fight

    again. - suggestion Boris!

    That’s my first rant of the year - and next

    time it will probably be Crime and


    Bye for now,


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