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Aygo Car Dance Party by Toyota Case PPT

Apr 21, 2015




Strategy1. BackgroundAYGO is a part of the A segment of the car industry. Its a small car, aimed at a young target group. There is a lot of competition in this segment with models very close to each other (Peugeot 107, Citron C1, Opel Corsa, Renault Twingo and Fiat 500). Toyota, as a brand, is hardly considered by this target group. They think of it as a brand for their parents, which is OK but no more. Toyota is sponsor of the main summer music festivals in Belgium. AYGO is not a core model, so the marketing budget behind the car is rather small. Nevertheless, the expectations behind the car are high because its an entry product in the Toyota range. The total budget for this campaign was 250.000 euros.

Strategy2. Our missionWe were asked to launch the AYGO Music. This was a special edition equipped with an iPod and a Bluetooth connection. Target group was the 16 to 25 year old. As a sponsor of summer music festivals, Toyota has a huge number of entry tickets. We were asked to organize a contest around these ones.

Strategy3. The strategyBecause of the media budget amount, we thought that we had to think different. A classic media campaign wouldnt have been powerful enough. We had to nd a way to create a hype within the young community. Our strategy: try to mobilize as many people as possible through a viral community campaign starting from the Web.

Execution and use of the media1. The conceptAYGO Music: when you say music, you say dance. Our creatives thought of a concept whose objective was to have the most Belgian people possible dancing in their car! Car Dance Party Belgium was born We created the AYGO Car Dance Party Belgium. A huge online contest with user generated content. By participating, people could win one of the several hundred tickets for the summer music festivals. And for the best cardancers: the one and only AYGO music.

Execution and use of the media1. The conceptMechanic Russian superstars Boris and Juri created a specic car dance choreography on a remix (by radioclit) of the famous new beat hit The Sound of C. In an intro commercial, Boris and Juri taught some Belgian young people how to dance in a car and use their body language. People were challenged to do better than Boris and Juri, and to upload their video on Garagetv and Youmaketv, the Belgian YouTube. In order to participate to the nals they had to get as many votes as possible on their movie.

Execution and use of the media2. The mediaWe made some strong partnerships in order to make this concept alive. Our rst partners were Telenet and IP. They offered their expertise and support for user generated content activities. When starting the campaign, our media-mix was built through: E-mailing Bannering on partners sites Newsletters to partners database Newsletters to Toyota database

Execution and use of the media2. The mediaStudio Brussel In order to create the hype we contacted Studio Brussel and presented our concept. They were very excited and together weve built a contest. The AYGO Cardance Party would take place in the streets during the month of June in 5 important cities in Flanders. During one week, the listeners were asked by Siska (famous radio speaker) to take part to the AYGO Cardance Party. She even made her Cardance Party lm to promote the event. People were asked to visit the StuBru website to see the choreography, to exercise and get ready for the D-day! The nal took place at the VRT studio and live on Studio Brussel (studio and site). The winners were chosen by a professional jury after a last Cardance Party in their car.

Execution and use of the media2. The mediaThe hype was created. Lots of talk about the Cardance party, lots of trafc to the Stubru site and lots of participants on our podium in each city. Cardance Party was also present at the biggest summer music festivals. We were recruiting people to come cardance on the Toyota stand. During summer, we re-activated our target group with different e-mails, newsletters and a bannering campaign. In September, the nalists were announced on Garagetv and youmaketv. The different databases were re-activated through E-mailing. We asked them to go to the site and to massively vote for their favorite lm. We also asked the nalists to promote their lm as much as possible to get the most votes.

ResultsThe results of this campaign are beyond all expectations on all levels.

This kind of communication is really a premire in the automotive sector. Weve really succeeded using the new social phenomenon that is user generated content and mobilizing different communities through a viral campaign. We generated a really huge amount of word of mouth with this campaign.

FilmsAbout 2900 movies were uploaded! The most optimistic objective was to have 150 lms (cfr Telenet). More than 723.000 views in total. 5% of the movies, before nal contest, were viewed remote: embedded in blogs, Facebook, netlog

ImpressionsNewsletters: 2.493.358 impressions Bannering: 2.700.991 impressions

StuBruThe echo on Studio Brussel, spontaneously generated by the different BVs during their program, is so huge. StuBru = hype, cool => benet to Toyota and AYGO. This really is something money cant buy! We got a lot of trafc to the StuBru site. Massive amount of people in the different cities. Good visibility for the brand and the model.

PRNewspapers and blogs picked up the vibes. De Morgen, De Standaard, HLN, La Libre have written about Car Dance Party Belgium. Lots of blogs were communicating about the campaign. A lot of participants posted lms on blogs, on Facebook and other places on the Web.

Sales AYGO+ 19% versus 2007 in June with a small share of voice (300.000 euros) versus main competitors (total spending of the segment 7Mio euros). Equal result to Fiat 500 (hypest model in the segment).

ConclusionEverybody joined the party, the ones too young to drive, the slightly older people, the vampires, farmers... AYGO music has denitely made it into the minds and bodies of our target group.

Detailed infos

Car Dance Party by Toyota AYGO

Timing: June September 2008 User Generated content: any car can be used! Target Group: youngsters 25 Communication plan: online + radio 2 types of videos: Non assisted user generated movies Assisted user generated movies: StuBru + Festivals


Look and feel

Look and feel

Resultsviews of the movies according source

Uploaded videos 2.953 210 65 2.678

Views 723.164 538.325 120.302 64.537

Total Via online: spontaneous Via StuBru Via Festivals

Spontaneous uploaded videos via online marketing generates highest factor # videos vs.views

CardancepartyViews of the movies

5% of the movies, before the nal contest, were viewed remote: Embedded in blogs, facebook, netlog,

ResultsSent Newsletters & CTR

ResultsBannering & CTR

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Announcement: 2 8 june 2008 Event week: 9 13 june 2008 Voting: 16 & 17 june 2008 Final: 18 june 2008

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