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Avia Time November, 2012

Mar 23, 2016




Avia Time is the source for up-to-date aviation news including MRO, airline operations, aircraft manufacturing, finance and leasing, airport development, air cargo and aviation training topics, available in English, Polish and Russian languages. By providing full global aviation market intelligence, Avia Time proves its commitment to keep the readers well informed about all on-going and upcoming events that concern the worldwide aviation community.Avia Time is a key online source of aviation market surveys, academic insight of industry trends and detailed analysis of complex issues in plain language. All up-to-the-minute and prepared by our international team of analysts especially for our readers. Here are our monthly neweletter, enjoy!

  • 12/3/12 Av ia Solutions Group - Av ia Time 45

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    Airbus A350 XWB static test airframe has moved into

    the facility w here it w ill undergo testing to validate the

    structural design of this next-generation jetliner. The

    airframe rolled out of the A350 XWB final assembly line

    at Toulouse, Blagnac Airport earlier this w eek and w as

    transferred to the L34 static test hall situated across

    the airport in the Lagardre industrial zone home to

    the A380 f inal assembly line.

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    ATRs new est f light training center in Singapore is now

    officially approved by the European Aviation Safety

    Agency (EASA) and is ready to start training courses

    shortly. The center w ill provide a high level of training

    programs from flight crew type rating through recurrent

    training to differences courses. Strategically located in

    the Seletar Aerospace Park, a major hub for the

    Singapore aerospace industry, the center w ill off icially

    be inaugurated mid-December this year.

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    Boeing 737 MAX Achieves 'FirmConcept'

    Boeing has f inished defining in broad terms its new est single-aisle airplane, the 737

    MAX, recently completing a major milestone in development know n as 'Firm Concept'.

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    ST Aerospace breaks ground to addnarrow-body aircraft hangar inSingapore

    ST Aerospace today broke ground to add a narrow -body aircraft hangar at its Changi

    facility in Singapore. The total investment in the hangar and associated equipment

    amounts to $11m. The new hangar is expected to be operational by the end of third

    quarter 2013.

    E-commerce the way

    forward in the Russian spare

    parts market

    Today the national air f leet of

    Russia is composed of over

    1500 various types of aircraft,

    w hilst a mid-sized Russian

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    First LOTs Dreamliner is already inWarsaw

    Exactly at 10.51 am on Thursday, on 15th of November, the f irst Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    in LOT Polish Airlines livery landed at Warsaw Chopin Airport. LOT is the f irst air

    carrier in Europe to add the w orlds most modern jet aircraft to its f leet, w ith the

    Warsaw airport becoming its f irst European base.

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    Embraer Legacy 500 Makes FlawlessFirst Flight

    A new generation of business jets w as ushered in today w hen Embraers midsize

    Legacy 500 made a successful f irst f light, marking the beginning of its f light test

    program. Deliveries of the f irst aircraft are expected to begin in 2014.

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    The Sukhoi Superjet 100 obtainsIndonesian Type Certificate

    On November 22, 2012 the Indonesian General Directorate of Civil Aviation validated

    the Type Certif icate for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft (RRJ-95B).

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    British low-cost easyJet comes toRussia

    Last w eek British low -fare carrier easyJet announced it plans to launch the f irst ever

    scheduled f lights betw een Manchester and Moscow in Spring 2013. easyJet w ill

    operate four f lights each w ay a w eek and plans to put f lights on sale in the coming

    w eeks.

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    Learjet 85 Jet Gets its Wings

    Bombardier Aerospace announced that the f irst w ing shipment for its Learjet 85 jet has

    arrived at the Wichita assembly line and is now in the process of being readied for

    mating to the fuselage of Flight Test Vehicle one (FTV1).

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    UIA has celebrated its 20th anniversary

    commercial airline operates a

    fleet of approx. 20 aircraft,

    produced by both Russian and

    Western manufacturers.

    How ever, due to the ongoing

    w esternization of the f leet, the

    demand for relevant aircraft

    spare parts is continuously

    increasing, w hile the existing

    deficiencies in the local supply

    chain keep sabotaging the profits

    of Russian carriers.

    Most Russian carriers employ a

    team of approx. 6 procurement

    managers w ho are w orking w ith

    quite a long list of 50-70 spare

    parts vendors. Should a carrier

    employ a smaller team, it w ould

    be forced to deal w ith a massive

    w orkload and thus the company

    w ould certainly face a number of

    serious human-factor related

    issues. The added stress may

    contribute to the acquisition of

    w rong or unnecessary parts

    w hich sometimes may account

    for up to 20% of all airlines

    purchases. How ever, more

    people in the purchase Dep.

    imply bigger HR-related costs

    and more complex supply

    process management,

    comments the CEO of Zilvinas


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    F-15 fighter lands with one


    In 1983 an Israeli air force pilot

    Zin Nadivi experienced his w orst

    nightmare w hen the training

    exercise w ent horribly w rong

    and his F-15 smashed into a

    Shyhaw k fighter.

    During the collision the F-15

    fighter lost one of its w ings. Due

    to the intense fumes the pilot and

    his navigator Yehuar had no idea

    that they w ere f lying w ith only

    one w ing. This is w hy they

    chose not to abandon the jet and

    proceeded w ith a crash landing.

    Only w hen the aircraft w as

    landed and Ziv Nadivi leaned

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    Ukraine International Airlines celebrated the 20th anniversary of its operations. 25

    November 1992, w hen UIA operated its f irst ever Kiev London Kiev f light is

    considered to be the airlines birthday.

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    Vladivostok Air Signed AFI KLM E&MA320 "On-Wing" Engine Contract

    AFI KLM E&M signed a long term repair and maintenance contract covering Vladivostok

    Air's A320 engines. This is an addition to the previous contract inked in 2009, w hich

    originally only concerned the Russian carrier's f leet of A330s.

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    FL Technics Jets marks the year withthe service of 20 business jets

    FL Technics Jets, a global provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul

    solutions for business aviation, is celebrating a one year anniversary since receiving

    its f irst business jet in autumn 2011.

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    Air France inaugurates a new enginetest cell at Paris-CDG

    Air France Industries inaugurated its new engine test cell, at Paris-Charles de Gaulle

    airport. The outcome of a 43 million euro investment program, the new facility, called

    ZEPHYR, w ill serve to test some 300 engines each year, including over 100 Very Big

    Engines (VBE), delivering an optimized service to clients in terms of processes and

    costs alike.

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    Turkish Airlines Orders GE90-PoweredBoeing 777-300ER Aircraft

    Turkish Airlines (THY) has ordered 15 GE90-115B-pow ered Boeing 777-300ER aircraft

    w ith options for f ive additional aircraft. Delivery w ill begin in 2014.

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    Rolls-Royce delivers the first Trent aeroengine produced in Singapore

    Rolls-Royce, the global pow er systems company, today delivered the f irst Trent 900

    aero engine produced in Singapore to a customer in the region.

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    Lufthansa Technik Sofia inauguratesextended MRO facility

    The Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov has recently inaugurated the new

    extended state-of-the-art MRO facility of the German-Bulgarian Joint Venture company

    back tow ards his navigator for a

    congratulatory handshake, he

    realized that the aircraft w ing on

    the right hand side w as missing.

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    Latin American airlines w ill

    require more than 2,100 new

    aircraft in next 20 years

    According to the recently

    released Airbus Global Market

    Forecast (GMF), Latin American

    airlines w ill require 2,120 new

    aircraft betw een today and

    2031, including 1,660 single-

    aisle, 420 tw in-aisle and 40 very

    large aircraft estimated at $242

    billion. Globally, by 2031 some

    28,200 new aircraft valued at $4

    trillion w ill be required to satisfy

    future robust market demand.

    With GDP currently grow ing

    above the w orld average, socio-

    economic indicators predict Latin

    Americas middle class w ill

    double betw een 2012 and 2031.

    Additionally, Latin America has

    become the second most

    urbanised region w orldw ide

    after North America, and by

    2031, 10 out of the 92 mega-

    cities w ith more than 10,000

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    Lufthansa Technik Sofia at Sofia Airport. Along w ith Prime Minister Borisov, the red

    ribbon w as cut by Mr. Plamen Atanassov, CEO of Bulgarian Airw ays Group, Dr.

    Thomas Stueger, Chief Executive of Lufthansa Technik AG and Dr. Ruediger Hoeben-

    Stoermer, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Sofia.

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    Schiphol has been named "TheInternational Airport of the year"

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has secured the prestigious 'International Airport of the

    Year 2012' aw ard at the CAPA's Aviation aw ards for Ex