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Australian Commercial Survey Brochure

Apr 14, 2017




    Some of our data partners

    Australian Commercial Survey

  • Australian Commercial Survey (ACS) is a division of Quinn Data Facilities Inc.,

    a specialist BPO and lead generation agency that has been supporting

    businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom since 2008.

    ACS conducts daily questionnaires to homes across Australia to gauge

    individuals interests in commercial products and services.

    ACSs Directors are themselves Australian and

    English, and each has spent over a decade in

    the Direct Marketing industry in their

    respective countries.

  • What separates ACS from mainstream data providers is both our vast

    experience in Direct Marketing campaigns and that in data creation, we rely

    on our internally run outbound marketing programs to produce the leads

    rather than an accumulation of online vehicles where lead quality can

    fluctuate dramatically.



    Qualify Nurture


  • The survey question(s) of your choice can be enabled across any desired area. If

    target location should be a specific state, group of states, Australia wide or

    even certain nominated postcodes, the ACS Smart CRM will only enable the

    question where the respondents address falls within the target area.

    Similarly, as each questionnaire begins with the respondent being asked

    questions to establish their demographic information, the Smart CRM will

    assure your question is only enabled where the respondent matches the

    nominated criteria. Demographic questions currently include the respondents:


    Employment Status

    Household Income Bracket

    Should additional demographic questions be needed we may add these as


  • We currently provide high quality leads for a diverse range or companies

    across Australia. Some existing verticals include:

    Sustainability - Green / Renewable Energy Products & Services

    Credit & Financial Services

    Mortgage Services


    Telco & Internet Provision

    Energy Provision

    Real Estate Services

    Charitable Interests

    Inclusion on the Survey is free of charge upon an order being placed and

    payment is required only upon delivery. Data files are typically delivered on a

    daily or weekly basis however clients may nominate their preferred schedule.

    Campaign success heavily depends on acquiring qualified leads at the lowest

    possible cost. ACS will qualify prospects to any desired level at cost per lead

    rates consistent with long term partnerships as opposed to short term gains.

  • Gavin Baird, Operations Consultant

    Allan Ross, Business Development Officer

    Ben Juson, Marketing Manager

    Landline (PH) 63 2 897 7370

    Landline (AU) 61 2 800 6165

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]