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Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)

Apr 09, 2018



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  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)



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  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)


    INTRODUCTIONNOTE: It is important to read a ll i ns truc tionscarefully before attempting to operate the ATARI410 Program Recorder. Improper use may resultin damage to the system.The ATARI 410 Program Recorder is used with acassette to hold blocks of software too large to bemaintained in cartr idge form. Programs, recordedon magnetic tape, are copied by the computer fromthe tape into RAM memory. Once in memory, theseprograms can be run or modified by the user according to instructions given through the Keyboard.Working in BASIC language, the user can also typehis own programs into memory from the Keyboard,then store them on tape fo r later use or modifications.

    To set up your ATARI 410 Program Recorder:1. PI ug the data cord (permanently attached toyour recorder) into the jack labeled PERI-PHERAL on the side panel of the ATARI Con-sole. II CARTRIDGE

    ------------- ._ " : . ~ - D- --- - .-ATARI(\) 400


    UNPACKINGThis package contains: An ATARI 410 Program Recorder A recorder power cord A peripheral data cord permanently attached to

    the recorderSAFETY NOTE: When p lugged into a 115 volt walloutlet, the AT ARI 410 Program Recorder containsdangerous vol tage. To prevent shock hazard, itshould never be immersed in water or have l iquidspilled on it. It contains no "user serviceable parts"and should be opened only by a qualified technician. Do no t use the ATARI 410 Program Recorderout-of doors.

    2. Plug your recorder power cord into the jacklabeled AC on the side of the recorder and intoan ordinary wall socket. Some models will have apower cord permanently attached to therecorder.

    To operate your ATARI 410 Program Recorder: PLAY enables the computer to read the cassette.

    Note that the tape wil l n ot move until the computer starts reading from the tape.

    RECORD enables the computer to save programs or data on the cassette. Hold theRECORD key down and push PLAY to enablerecord mode. STOP disengages the play or record modes.Always STOP the ATARI 410 Program Recorderwhen it is no t in use to prevent deformation ofthe tape.

    EJECT opens the cassette door and releases thecassette. NOTE: On some machines, STOP andEJECT are the same key. Press the key once tostop the PLAY/RECORD function; press it againto e ject the cassette. ADVANCE fas t w inds the cassette forward. REWIND fast w inds the cassette backward. Some machines may have a PAUSE key. PAUSEleaves the cassette machine in the PLAY orRECORD mode, but disengages the pinch rollerfrom the tape. Press the PAUSE key once todisengage the tape; press PAUSE again to

  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)


    POSITIONING THE TAPE FORRECORDING OR PLAYBACKThe recommended procedure is to place only oneprogram per side, starting at the beginning of theside.If you want to record more than one program pertape side, start by rewinding the tape. Then resetthe counter to 000 and wind the tape fo rward a tleast 10 counts past the end of the last program onthe tape. Always write down the first and lastcounter numbers so you can f ind wha t you haverecorded.To read back the program, rewind the cassette, setthe counter to 000 and wind it forward to exactlythe same count where you began the recording. Ifthis fails, trying again with a count one or two off ineither direction will probably work.

    Tape counters will vary (sometimes a great dealfrom recorder to recorder. It may therefore be verdiff icult to find a program in the middle of a tapon another machine.

    To read prerecorded ATARI cassettes, simply staat the beginning of the tape. Insert the tape so thathe label of the side you want can be seen.NOTE: Make sure that any tape you intend to use forecording has less than 7 seconds of leader (nonmagnetized tape that is wound on the reel AHEAD othe actual recording tape). On playback, the computer will ignore the first 9 seconds of tape (or leaderbut at the end of 9 seconds, the computer MUST breading the tape. If the leader is too long the computer will be trying to read data where no data existsand an error 143 (checksum Error) or 138 (DevicTimeout) may be displayed on the screen.

    PREVENTION OF ACCIDENTAL ERASINGTo prevent accidental recording or erasing and topreserve previous recordings, break off the twotabs on the back of the cassette. By doing so, yourset's built- in Accidental Erasure Prevention Devicewill function automatically. If side 1 is facing up-ward, then tab NO.1 must be broken off to preventaccidental erasure (see diagram).

    Al l prerecorded tapes are sold with these tabbroken off.

    If the opposite surface (side 2) is fac ing upward, tabNo.2 must be broken off. If a tab was previouslybroken off, you may still erase or record by temporarily placing cellophane tape over the missingtab opening. tTAB No.2 ,TAB No.1

  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)


    & RETRIEVINGMPUTER PROGRAMSLift the car tr idge door and insert the COM-PUTING LANGUAGE BASIC cartridge into theATARI 400 or ATARI 800 computer. (Use theLEFT CARTRIDGE slot on the ATARI 800system.)Press the POWER switch on the side of the console ON.Insert a prerecorded cassette tape or your ownprogram cassette tape, into the ATARI 410 Program Recorder. (Label reading toward you).Push REWIND to locate the beginning of thetape, or locate the beginning of the program youwant using the counter number.Using the keyboard, type CLOAD, then press'iijiQ;it1 . You will hear one beep.5.


    6. Push PLAY on the ATARI 410 Program Recorder.Press Ijijii@l again on the keyboard.7. When the tape stops, your program has beentransferred from the cassette tape to the computer. READY will be displayed on the screen.

    Push STOP on the ATARI 410 Program Recorder.Type: RUN or LIST to see your programdisplayed.For a cross-reference, see the recording andtransferr ing instruct ions in sections 8 and 12 ofyour ATARI400 Operator's Manual, or sections 8and 15 of your ATARI 800 Operator's Manual.For further information on loading and savingprograms with your ATARI 410 ProgramRecorder, see the ATARI BASIC ReferenceManual (Chapter 5).




    Lift the car tr idge door and insert the COM-PUTING LANGUAGE BASIC cartridge into theATARI 400 or ATARI 800 computer. (Use theLEFT CARTRIDGE slot on the ATARI 800System.)Press the POWER switch on the side of the console ON.Write your program using the keyboard.Insert a blank cassette tape into the ProgramRecorder.Push REWIND to locate the beginning of thetape, or to locate the end of a preceding programusing the counter number. Note the counternumber if you have more than one programrecorded per side, for future location of the program.Using the keyboard, type CSAVE, then press';!ii"W' . You will hear two beeps.Next push RECORD and PLAY simultaneously onthe ATARI 410 Program Recorder. Press ';!ii"i;V1again on the keyboard. (You will hear a series oftones as your program is copied.)When the tape stops, your program has beenrecorded on the cassette tape. READY will bedisplayed on the screen.Push STOP on the ATARI 410 Program Recorder.It is good programming pract ice to ALWAYSmake a duplicate CSAVE "just in case." If thisprevents losing just one long programming effort,it w ill justify the small investment in extra timemany times over!

  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)


    THE ATARI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM1. Lift the cartridge door and insert the Educa-

    tional System Master Cartr idge into the ATAR I400 or ATARI 800 Computer. (Use the LEFTCARTRIDGE slot on the ATARI 800 System.)

    2. Press the POWER switch on the side of the console ON.

    3. Insert an educational cassette tape into theATARI 410 Program Recorder with the labelreading toward you.

    4. Press REWIND on the Program Recorder, waitfo r the tape to stop, then press STOP.

    5. Push PLAY on the Program Recorder.6. PushED on the computer console.

    Use the tape counter reset button on the Pro-gram Recorder to mark the beg inning and theend of each program. Pressing the button resetsthe counter to 000.Use the ADVANCE button to m ove the tapeforward, i f necessary.

    7. The program will begin playing on the screenwith the audio portion beginning simultaneously.If the program doesn't start, check all connect ions, and retrace the previous steps.

    8. The computer keyboard is used to respond toquestions. For three-option, multiple-choicequestions:Press 1 if the left answer is correct.Press 2 if the middle answer is correct.Press 3 if the right answer is correct.For two-option, multiple-choice questions:Press 1 if the left answer is correct.Press 3 if the r ight answer is correct.


    Some frames in the ATARI Educational System areheld on the screen to allow you time to read them.This is usually indicated by Push or Ptgo (Push toGo) at the bottom of the screen, but sometimes noindication is given. Type 1, 2, or 3 to continue.On rare occasions, the tape may stop when i tshouldn't. To restart it , type 1, 2, or 3 or pressi.t6ii%'ti;liiiii and then pressED .If you wish to review a section of a lesson, you mayrewind the tape. However, when you star t the tapein the middle of a section of data, you may see gibberish characters on the screen. This occursbecause the machine cannot read d ata on the ta peunt il a fter i t comes up to speed. It will recover byitself. If you want to see the information that waslost, rewind the tape a bit more.If you want to start with the second lesson on atape, fast wind to about the middle of the tape. Anextra long blank gap is provided between thelessons to aid you.

  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)


    CARING FOR TAPE CASSETTESTo protect your valuable data, please take care to: Keep cassettes in their protective boxes when

    no t in use. Keep cassettes dry. Avoid extreme heat or cold. Avoid touching the tape in the cassette. Avoid pulling the tape ou t of the cassette.(The tape may be wound back into the cassette

    if necessary by carefully turning the tape hubwith a six-sided pen.) Keep cassettes away from magnets, electricalor electronic equipment, telephones, etc.

    New cassettes should be fast wound and rewoundto " loosen the stack" and eliminate static electricity from the manufacturing process. C a ~ s e t t e s keptin storage fo r a long time should also be fast woundand rewound periodically.Even high quality cassettes may stick o r b ind a fterextensive use. In some cases this can be cured byfirmly striking each side of the cassette f lat againsta table.

    CARE OF YOUR ATARI 410 RECORDERPeriodic cleaning of the tape path is very importantfo r rel ib le operation of your AlARI 410 ProgramRecorder. Any good tape-head cleaner (available atmost record or HI-FI stores), or 95% denaturedalcohol may be used. Wet a quality wood-handledcotten swab with the cleaner and wipe the tapeheads, capstan and pinch rol ler, being careful notto leave bits of cotton behind. The capstan andpinch rol ler are most easily cleaned while turning.To do this, i nser t the COMPUTING LANGUAGEBASIC cartridge into the AlARI 400 or AlARI 800computer and t urn the POWER on. Press PLAY onthe Program Recorder, then type CLOAD, and thenpress ';!iiii@i. When the computer beeps, press'i!iiii@1 on the computer conso le . The capstanshould now turn for about twenty seconds.To clean the exter ior of your AlARI 410 ProgramRecorder, disconnect it from the computer and thewall socket,. then wipe with a damp c lo th . Mild




  • 8/8/2019 Atari 410 Program Recorder Operator's Manual (Atari)


    POSITIONING THE TAPE FORRECORDING OR PLAYBACKNOTE: For some versions of the Operating SystemSoftware supplied with the ATARI 400 or ATARI800, a special procedure is required to posi tion thetape fo r recording or playback. To determine ifyour machine is one of these, insert the ATARIBASIC (COMPUTING LANGUAGE) Cartr idge, andtype the following BASIC command:

    PRINT PEEK (65528) 'dil@1If the computer responds 255, use the instructions onthis sheet. It is recommended that you place this pagein your ATARI 410 Program Recorder Operator 'sManual. If the computer responds with any othernumber than 255, use the instructions preprinted inyour ATARI 410 Program Recorder Operator'sManual.To record programs or data with your ATARI 410Program Recorder, the recommended procedure isto place only one program per side, starting at thesplice at the beginning of the side. Place the tape inthe Program Recorder and REWIND to the beginning of the appropriate side. Then remove the cassette and, by turning a six-sided pen in the take-uphub, wind the tape forward unt il the splice betweenthe plastic leader and the oxide-coated tape is visible in the center hole of the cassette shell. Then reinsert the cassette and set the tape counter on theATARI 410 Program Recorder to 000.If you want to record more than one program pertape side, pos it ion the tape at the splice (as above).Then reset the counter to 000 and wind the tapeforward at least 10 counts past the end of the lastprogram on the tape. Always write down the f irstand last counter numbers so you can find what youhave recorded.

    To read back the program, position the cassette atthe splice (as above), set the counter to 000, andwind it forward to exactly the same count whereyou began the recording. If this fai ls, trying againwith a count one or two off in either direction willprobably work.

    Tape counters will vary (sometimes a great deal! )from recorder to recorder. It may therefore be verydifficult to find a program in the middle of a tapeon another machine.To read prerecorded ATARI cassettes, start at theleader-tape spl ice (as described above). Insert thetape so that the label of the side you want can beseen. When reading ATARI Educational Systemtapes, it is no t necessary to start at the spl ice-s imply rewind the tape to the beginning of theside you want to play.

    4810 REV. 2

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