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Nov 23, 2014




NISHAT GROUP Nishat is playing a significant role in the private sector by adding value to cotton and the cotton based economy, Nishat Group ranks among the top five business houses in Pakistan in terms of sales and assts Nishat has grown from a cotton export house into the premier business group of Pakistan with 5 listed companies, concentrating on 4 core businesses; Textiles, Cement, Banking and Power Generation. Today, Nishat is considered to be at par with .multinationals operating locally in terms of its quality products and management skills Annual turnover 17 billion Rupees Billion from textiles 14 Earn foreign exchange US $ 236 million Taxes and levi of 2,080 million Rupees annually NISHAT MILLS LIMITED Nishat Mills Limited, (NML), commenced business in 1951 as a partnership concern, which was converted into private Limited company in 1959. In 1961, the company went .public and was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange Flagship Company established in 1951 Most Modern, Biggest Composite unit of Pakistan Professional and Client Oriented Marketing Green Company Employees 9000 ISO 9001 and IKO-TEX100 Certified .SA 8000 Certification currently in process NML started out as a weaving unit with 500 semi-automatic looms. Later on 10,000 spindles were added, laying the foundation of nation's biggest textile composite project. NML today, has 177,000 spindles, 284 Sulzer shuttle-less looms and 244 TSUDAKOMA

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air jet looms. The company's production facilities comprise of spinning weaving, .processing, stitching and power generation All together NML has 17 Manufacturing units, each specializing in a specific product rang. The spinning Division produces 120 Tons of yarn per day in a product range from .Ne 3 to Ne 120 using different cotton sources like Supima, Egyptian Giza and Australian Mission Statement "To provide quality products to customers and explore new markets to promote/expand sales of the company through good governance and foster a sound and dynamic team, so as to achieve optimum prices of products of the company for sustainable and equitable growth and prosperity of the company." Vision Statement "To transform the company into a modern and dynamic yarn, cloth and processed cloth and finished product manufacturing company with highly professionals and fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan." "To Transform the company into a modern and dynamic power generating company with highly professionals and fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan."

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Organizational Structure

Nishat Sectors Textile-1 Cement-2 Banking-3 Power Generation-4

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NISHAT TEXTILESProcessingAn ISO 9001 certified unit, which is one of the largest and most modern processing facilities of Pakistan. With an array of custom-made machinery, it has the capacity to produce 3 million meters of fabric /month. To ensure that our customers get the very best we use more than 75% dyes and chemicals that are of European origin. To maintain quality and international standards, an on-line Quality department has been setup. The QC department has the backing of a fully equipped Laboratory, which scrutinizes .the fabric process flow at all levels

SpinningNML spinning is operationally organized into eight spinning units, each with a distinctive product range and capacity to keep a check on the quality standards. Every cone undergoes inspection before packing to ensure that .our buyer gets only the best out of the lot Spinning production capacity for both Cotton and Blended Yarns in 130 Tons / Day

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Weaving:Operationally divided into :NML Faisalabad Machinery: Capacity: 188 Sulzer Ruti Looms Approximate 2.1 Million Meters per Month.

This Unit has been producing top quality fabrics for export as well as for the consumption of our own processing unit. Awarded with ISO-9002 Certification, the .facility is highly regarded for the production standards and quality controls :NML Sheikhupura NML Sheikhupura is one of the most advanced units in the country equipped with stateof-the-art machinery and it is also awarded with ISO 9002 Certification. Future Programs for the Unit include the purchase of Jacquard Looms, which will add to the .variety of product range that Nishat is offering to its customers

StitchingWith an array of 500 modern new generation machines, the stitching department has an average capacity to process up to 1.3 million meters of fabric per month. The product line is customized to manufacture products of various styles and sizes according to the requirements of our customers, .wholesalers, retailers and contract textile business

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IntroductionThe policies and practices involved in carrying out the People or Human Resource aspects of a management position, including "recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising

HUMAN RESOURCE department exist to help people and organizations reach their goals. Along the way, they face many challenges arising from the demands of the employees, the organization, and society. The domestic and international environments are particularly turbulent because of the growing diversity of the workforce and the globalization of businesses. Challenges also result from ever changing laws, especially laws that address the need for equal employment opportunity. Within these constraints, the human resource department must contribute to the organization's "bottom line" in ways that are .both ethical and socially responsible

PurposeThe purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically, and socially responsible. This purpose guides the study and practice of HR management, which is also commonly called personnel management. The study of HR management describes the HR-related efforts of operating managers and shows how personnel professionals .contribute to those efforts

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Objectives of HRMManagers and HR departments achieve their purpose by meeting objectives. Objectives are benchmarks against which actions are evaluated. Sometimes they are carefully thought out and expressed in writing. More often objectives are not formally though out and expressed in writing. More often objectives are not formally stated. Either way, they .guide Hr function in practice

Organizational ObjectiveTo recognize that HR management exists to contribute to organizational effectiveness. Even when a formal HR department is created to help managers, the managers remain responsible for employee performance. The HR department exists to help managers achieve the objectives of the organization. HR management is not an end in itself; it is only a means of assisting managers with their human resource issues. For example, NISHAT HR department found that it could enhance it contribution to the organization through sophisticated information systems that allowed the department to cut #35 million a year from its budget. Simply stated, an HR department exists to serve .the rest of the organization

Functional ObjectiveTo maintain the department's contribution at a level appropriate to the organization's needs. Resources are wasted when HR management is more or less sophisticated than the organization demands. Realizing that the HR department had grown too large, NISHAT changed its ratio of HR staff members to employees from 1 per 53 down to 1 per 75 without violating the company's long-standing "no-layoffs" ."policy

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Role of HR DepartmentHuman Resource department play a very important role in Nishat Mills LTD. New talent has a thirst for opportunity and that they are seeking such jobs which enhance there capabilities and to gain some experience. Due to these facts the HR department Of Nishat is looking for these kinds of people who want to excel in life and are highly motivated to achieve some goals. The HR department of Nishat is working day and night to make this Organization a better organization by hiring people who are self motivated .and there main aim is to make the company more profitable

JOBS OF HRM Conducting job analysis Planning needs and recruiting job candidates Selecting job candidates Orienting and training new employees Appraising performance

HRM in Nishat Mills Employing over 9000 people. Lowest Employee Turnover. Seeks to fulfill the highest practical degree in administering its welfare and compensation program. Apprenticeship and other training schemes at all levels. To obtain, manage, develop, motivate and gain the

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commitment of company's key resource- the people who work in and for it. To develop a positive corporate culture to promote commitment to excellence and quality through out the company.

To identify training needs and provide required training to all categories of employees. To make best use of the skills and abilities of all those employed in the organization. To ensure that the company meets its social and legal responsibilities towards its employees, with particular regard to the conditions of employment, quality of working life provided for them and the need to promote environment, occupational health and safety. To ensure industrial peace and harmony through excellent employee relations to achieve optimum level of employee, productivity and to contribute towards companys aimed quality standards.

Classification of HR Department in NISHATHuman Resource Department


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