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ASPR Leadership and Affiliate Leadership Meeting · PDF file ASPR Leadership and Affiliate Leadership Meeting Sunday, April 7, 2019 Loews Sapphire Resort, Grand Caribbean 8-10 Welcome

May 29, 2020




  • 4/22/19


    ASPR Leadership and Affiliate Leadership Meeting Sunday, April 7, 2019 Loews Sapphire Resort, Grand Caribbean 8-10

    Welcome and Introductions by Courtney Kammer & Sharee Selah

  • 4/22/19


    Celebrating our work Frank Gallagher, President

    Recruitment Redefined Jim Schnurbusch OrgStory

  • 4/22/19


    Drivers for Exploring a New Brand Name

    • Members most clearly want assistance in validating their credibility as a profession; increase their visibility; position them as leaders and influencers in health care physician staffing; • Become recognized as the expert in their organizations; • The positioning of the Association needs to include advocating for

    its members, particularly with the C-Suite, physician candidates and those in the community seeking care; become the voice for the industry

    Customer Focus

    • Health care decision-makers who influence provider recruitment and are committed to quality health care in their communities.

  • 4/22/19


    Value Proposition

    • To provide accessible, high-quality education and unique research integral to effective recruitment decision-making.

    A Brand is More than a Name

    • It’s the promise that conveys who an organization is, what it does and why that matters; • It’s the organization’s identity on the outside; its heart on the

    inside; • It’s the story about the organization – what it has become and what

    it is becoming; • It’s an experience that goes well beyond a name, logo or physical


  • 4/22/19


    Questions We Considered

    • How to create an Association identity that has better association? • What function do members provide? Talent Acquisition, Recruiter,

    On-boarding, Retention, Sourcing, Contracting, Credentialing? All the above? • How can the members who perform these functions be elevated? • How can the programs, resources and visibility be advanced?


  • 4/22/19


    Introducing AAPPR

    • The new identity speaks to the future, not the past • The new brand name includes a reason for being – Advancing; it’s

    not just about function and role, it’s about members having a bigger voice on behalf of the health care communities they represent • The new brand name is inclusive – Physician and Provider • The new brand identity is professional; both words and visual • The new brand name acronym is alliterative: A-A-P-P-R

  • 4/22/19


    The new look of AAPPR

    • The new brand identity adds credibility to Association and its members • The type font has been updated to be less casual • The color palette has been refined to be more professional • The “rod” or “caduceus” is contemporary visually • The new identity is cohesive and balanced; work as a unit • The new brand structure provides a scalable foundation

    AAPPR Brand Identity

    • Elements of the AAPPR Masterbrand: ICON (crest or badge), Acronym, Name and Tag Line • Brand identity must accommodate alignment with affiliates • Brand identity must accommodate alignment with strategic


  • 4/22/19


    Tag Line Considerations

    • Must support/extend the brand name • Help position the Association and its members’ focus, meaningful

    difference • Be inspirational to members, prospective members • Be defining to others in the health care community

    Redefining recruitment to retention

  • 4/22/19


  • 4/22/19


  • 4/22/19


    R E C R U I T M E N T , O N B O A R D I N G A N D R E T E N T I O N

    The State of the Healthcare Workforce Featured Articles:

    Introducing the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (Page 8)

    Meeting Recruitment Targets During the Provider Shortage (Page 12)

    Utilization of the IMG Workforce in U.S. Physician Recruitment (Page 19)

  • 4/22/19



    The Big Reveal

  • 4/22/19


    The Big Reveal

    • 9:00 AM Monday Morning • Confidential until then • AAPPR exhibit booth opens

    Advancing the AAPPR Brand and AAPPR Members • At this Conference, help spread the news: • Visit the AAPPR exhibit to learn more, sign the banner, take a photo • Post your photos from Conference on your social media channels – and

    keep it up! • Find ways to use the tool kit at your organization

  • 4/22/19


    Brand Alignment with Affiliates

  • 4/22/19


    CAPS Logo Examples

  • 4/22/19


    NWSPR Logo Examples

  • 4/22/19


  • 4/22/19


    TexASPR Logo Examples

  • 4/22/19


    SEPRA Logo Examples

  • 4/22/19


  • 4/22/19


    Affiliate Websites

    • Providing the content and logos to update your website • Authorizing staff to make changes on your behalf for those who use

    the PracticeLink platform • OAR and AIR to transfer to the new AAPPR website

    Advancing the AAPPR Brand and AAPPR Members • Member Tool Kit: Key talking points and customizable press

    release • At direction of membership, board initiated a thorough, 18-month

    strategic process that audited programs, resources, identity • Focus was on positioning, credibility, visibility • Members guided how roles were being ‘redefined’ • After evaluating hundreds of possible brand names, the Association for

    Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment reflects an Association and members advancing to lead the way in redefining the recruitment to retention continuum

  • 4/22/19


    Advancing the AAPPR Brand and AAPPR Members • Creating greater visibility for its members; for the Association: • Ongoing Public Relations, Social Media • Exhibiting at key peer Conferences • Development of AAPPR Speaker’s Bureau • New AAPPR website with new features and resources; updated

    communications tools including ‘What makes AAPPR members different’ • Fellowship program transformation underway

    Affiliate Leadership Council Chair

  • 4/22/19




    1. Websites and Tech (Feddersen) 2. Onboarding new volunteers/board members (Albach and

    Hollingsworth) 3. Membership growth (McConnell and Hutchens) 4. Leveraging new brand (Schnurbusch)

    We’ll switch topics after 15 minutes. Notes will be shared with all.

  • 4/22/19


    And finally….

    • Affiliate Officer Training is now available on request • Next Leadership Summit is Sat, Sept 28th in Minneapolis, MN • Submit leadership changes • Submit your events • Coordinate your webinars with us • But best of all ---

    A Toast!

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