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Around the World in 80 Days Year 5/6– Spring Term ... around the world and use Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne as our inspiration. Global Citizens In this ever changing

Feb 19, 2021




  • Year 5/6– Spring Term

    Pupils are going to have a geographical based curriculum this term. We are going to look at travel around the world and use Around the World in 80

    Days by Jules Verne as our inspiration.

    Global Citizens

    In this ever changing society, and at a time of real world flux, it is even more important to ensure

    that our pupils have an understanding of their

    responsibilities to their fellow human beings.

    We will look at the plight of citizens from around the world

    who are less fortunate and more vulnerable than ourselves.

    Creativity and Love of Learning

    Whilst this year is a fundamentally important year of

    assessment and the ever present pressure of SATS we will

    endeavour to ensure that all pupils will have a wide range of

    opportunities to explore and enjoy their wider topic based learning.

    The whole child – Spiritual, Moral and Personal

    As the pupils are now in Year 6, they have embraced their roles setting high standards for the

    rest of the school. All the pupils are taking their responsibilities seriously. They are working

    hard on a new PSHCE curriculum and learning about

    how with rights comes responsibilities.

    Skills for Life

    In Year 6 we will be focusing on the essential skills for life. We will

    focus on writing, grammar and mathematics, which will all be

    tested weekly. There will regular assessments of their writing and

    all pupils will be encouraged to do their best and to become

    successful learners.  

    Around the World in 80 Days Year 5/6 Spring Term

    Mr Haws and Mr Exley

  • Communication, Language & Literacy Through pupils’ writing we will explore how the choices they make affects the meaning of their writing. We are

    going to focus particularly on various grammatical constructs which can be used to improve and enhance

    their writing. Pupils will complete written tasks in science and RE as well as topic based work..

    Religious Education During this term, as always, RE will shape many of the things we do each day, with Christ being at the centre

    of our school. Using the Diocesan resource, Come and See, we will study: Sources (Local Church), Unity (Eucharist) and Death and New Life (Lent/Easter)

    Mathematics This term pupils learning will include the following:

    ü Number, Place Value and sequencing ü All 4 operations + - x ÷ using both written and mental

    methodologies ü Reasoning / explanations / Justifications and

    interpretation of how to carry out a mathematical calculation

    ü Fractions including decimals & percentages ü Solving multiple step word problems using a wide

    variety of different units of measurement ü Mental calculations including speed tests, times

    tables and calculations without calculators ü Geometry: position, direction and motion

    ü Data handling - interpreting of different types of pictorial representations of data

    ü Shape and space including angles, symmetry and nets

    ü Algebra and numeric equations

    Using ICT & I-pads Pupils will use the computers to write up their stories and carry out independent research. They will also complete some computer programming tasks using


    PSHCE, Thinking & Social Skills

    We are continuing with the regular brain teasers and

    puzzles to help develop problem solving, resilience and


    Weekly homework

    Every pupil needs to complete a weekly reading task, read a minimum of 3 times, revise times tables, complete the

    weekly homework task and a hand in any further topic based


    Scientific Understanding

    Pupils will use their topic work to support their scientific learning on electricity and the water cycle..

    We will work on a number of practical activities illustrating the importance of fair testing techniques

    and critical thinking skills.    

    French, Art & Music

    Pupils will be participating in a creative arts afternoon every Wednesday involving musical

    composition and artistic skills. Pupils will also have a choir session on a Tuesday morning.

    Our pupils are fortunate to be taught by a language specialist who comes in every week to work with all

    KS2 pupils.

    Physical Education

    This term PE will normally be on a Monday and Wednesday. Pupils will be often be outside so

    please ensure your son/daughter has trainers and a jumper. We will rotate activities between games,

    gymnastics and dance.


    This term we will be learning about Mayan society and their place in history – AD900. We will also be comparing the UK with North and South America, through our topic of travelling around the world.