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ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Your Partner for Valves and Valves Technology No. 1

Mar 29, 2015



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ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Your Partner for Valves and Valves Technology No. 1 Slide 2 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Armaturen Wolff Company Foundation in 1945 Family ownership in third generation Trading and manufacturing Project-oriented business Single and spare parts delivery Development, design and realization of specific solutions International orientation, authorized for simplified customs procedures Product development, CAD engineering No. 2 Fields of activity Slide 3 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Armaturen Wolff Business Areas No. 3 Industries Shipbuilding Slide 4 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Armaturen Wolff Quality Our philosophy Customers are first Partnership and reliability in conjunction with best quality Provide the best for the money Certificates and company recognitions (shipbuilding) Individual inspections by practically all international classification societies No. 4 Slide 5 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Shipyard References (Extract) Abeking & Rasmussen Fr. Fassmer Lindenau GmbH Lloyd Werft Fr. Lrssen Werft Meyerwerft J.J. Sietas KG Thyssen Krupp Marine Volkswerft Stralsund Wadan Yards Germany No. 5 Duzgit SY Gemak / Tuzla Shipbuilding RMK Marine TVK Gemi Yapim Yardimci SY Yilyak Yakit Guangzhou SY Hudong- Zhonghua SY Jingjiang SY Jinling SY New Times / New Century Shipbuilding Qingshan SY Wenchong SY Jiangzhou Union A.P. Mller Odense Steel SY Bollinger SY VT Halter Marine Rousse Shipyard STX Finland Slide 6 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Worldwide Partners No. 6 Slide 7 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Quick-Closing Valve Systems Bellows-Sealed Quick-Closing/ Opening Valves Filtration Technology No. 7 Expansion Joints Scope of Supply Valve Chests Flexible Reach Rods Special Solutions Valve Packages Service Slide 8 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Quick Closing Valve Systems All kinds of actuation: Manual Hydraulic/pneumatic Electric Wide range of base types: Nodular cast iron, cast steel, bronze Straight pattern, angle pattern Options available: Limit switches for optical indication Firesafe design acc. to LRS EMEA No. 8 No compromise to quality for safety on board ! Electric Slide 9 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Bellows-Sealed Quick-Action Valves Quick-closing or quick-opening function Suitable for thermal oil up to 350C Same type variety and kinds of actuation as standard quick-closing valves Options available: Limit switches for optical indication Firesafe design acc. to LRS EMEA No. 9 Slide 10 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Filtration Technology Seawater, fresh water, HFO, MDO, lub oil Various materials Body out of cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel, bronze, aluminium Filter element out of stainless steel (choice of grades), copper-nickel Lining and coating Rubber, epoxy thermoplastic resin, enamel Optimum arrangement of ICCP electrodes No. 10 Slide 11 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Expansion Joints The right choice for every requirement chemical resistance kinds of mechanical stress, pressure geometry demands Series production and individual design For axial and lateral compensation Short delivery times No. 11 Slide 12 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Valve Chests Large variety of basic patterns and sizes Suction/combination suction valve chest Pressure/combination pressure valve chest Various materials for different fluids Body out of cast iron, nodular cast iron, bronze; trim out of bronze or stainless steel Different kinds of actuation Manual Pneumatic Hydraulic Electric No. 12 (single acting/ double acting) Slide 13 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Flexible Reach Rods No. 13 Manual remote operation of valves Places difficult to access Dangerous areas High torque transmission All kinds of valves Easy planning, simple installation Long-lasting corrosion protection Maintenance free Multitude of accessories available for specific applications Slide 14 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Innovations and Solutions Customer-specific requirements: Discussion Cost-efficient layout and design Professional, quality product realization Joint development of technical solutions Cooperation with a large number of specialized partners Delivery complete with all required documentation No. 14 Slide 15 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Valve Packages Combination of long-time expertise and economic production sources Quality Management essential Technical advice, documentation Reliability of products and project schedule Economical stability of production partner Contractual safety Security for Long-term availability of spare parts Cooperation with a network of international production partners and suppliers Special coating or treatment possible Completion with addtl. components No. 15 Slide 16 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Service Delivery of various valve-related spare parts and replacements Manufacture of strainer elements and machined parts according to specification On-Board installation of supplied equipment Global express expedition Repair of valves Maintenance of equipment in service No. 16 Slide 17 ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 Thank you very much for Your time as well as for Your kind attention ! Questions, Remarks, Enquiries always welcome: +49 (040) 532873-0 [email protected] No. 17