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Aristotle Poetics Dramatic Elements Dramatic Unities

Jan 15, 2016



  • Aristotle PoeticsDramatic ElementsDramatic Unities

  • Let there be LIGHT

  • Six ElementsPlotCharactersThought, motivationVerbal expression, script Song composition music/choralVisual adornment set/costume

  • PlotPlot-a tragedy cannot exist without a plot; can exist without charactersThe basic principle, the heart and soul, the structure of the events

  • CharactersCharacters defined by context; actionImitates the persons primarily for the sake of the action; clearly reveals the bent of mans moral choice

  • Thought

    Motivation of characters; the ability to state the issues and appropriate points pertaining to a given topic; the passages in which they (characters) try to prove something is or is not so, or state some general principle.

  • verbal expression

    How do we get rid of the man?What do you mean?A Script:conveyance of thought through language

  • Song composition

    music/choralthe greatest of the sensuous attractions (through language)

  • visual adornment

    Sets/costumewhich has strong emotional effect (least connected with the poetic art)

  • PLOTSSimple Plots: continuous without reversalComplex plots: reversal-recognition: a shift from ignorance to awareness-peripety what is being undertaken to the oppositePeripeteia- a reversal of fortune, for better or for worse, for the protagonist. Used to describe a characters fall in Greek tragedy.

  • Aristotles Dramatic Unities

    There are two dramatic unities outlined in PoeticsScholars later interpreted Aristotles ideas and as rules and added the third.....

  • Unity of Time- Aristotle noted that a plays action usually occurs in one day (or a little more)

  • Unity of Action- Aristotle argued that the plot should reveal clearly ordered actions and incidents moving towards the plots resolution

  • Unity of Place-

    A plays action should occur in a single locale.

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