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Are bricks and mortar stores closing because of you

Nov 17, 2014



The big talk today is that bricks and mortar stores are closing because of the rapid growth in online stores. Is it real.

  • 1. IS IT TRUE ? Has online shopping really taken over? Have you noticed a surge in sales for your online store?

2. WHAT WE KNOW.12% 50.3% $23.22 Billion Growth in users in the past year for online salesOf Australians have shopped online this yearWas spent online by AustraliansRoy Morgan Research State of the Nation Report, June 2013 3. AND WE KNOW THIS The average weekly online expenditure was $285 per Australian 4. BUT HOW MUCH OF THAT IS COMING TO YOUR ONLINE STORE ? 5. SO CAN YOU GET A BIGGER SHARE OF THE ONLINE SPEND BY AUSTRALIANS ? Well lets open up the rule book for retail sellingRULE 101 : Location Location Location 6. A BRICKS AND MORTAR STORE OR AN ONLINE STORE IS ALL ABOUT LOCATION Google knows this, that is why they make you fight it out with your competition spending thousand of dollars to get your online business on page one. Google advertising revenue 2012| $49,686,000,000 7. THEY SAY THE BEST PLACE TO BURY A DEAD BODY TODAY IS ON PAGE 3 OF GOOGLE Because nobody goes there. Google result Impressions Percentage94%First Page Results6%Second Page Results0.27%Third Page Results 8. 2628 ONLINE FASHION STORES IN AUSTRALIA And they all want one of the 17 FREE spaces on page one of GoogleThat means that 2611 is missing out. 9. SO DOES THE BRICKS AND MORTAR BUSINESSES HAVE THE SAME ISSUES?YES THEY DO 10. SHOPPING CENTRES Shopping centres are to the bricks and mortar stores what Google is to the online stores. 11. WESTFIELDS HAVE MARKET SHARE Westfields have built major shopping centres across Australia They then add the large brands into their centres to bring in the buying public. 12. WHAT HOPE DOES A STREET SIDE VENDOR HAVE ? The corner store today is dying, having a shop on the open street is like having an online store sitting on page 3, 4 or more on Google.It is just to hard 13. SO IS THERE A WAY TO HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Can we mix the good features of Google with the good features of Westfields 14. YES YOU CAN AND YES WE HAVE We have blended Google and Westfields and come up with . . . 15. OGGLERS MALL IS A SHOPPING CENTRE ONLINE One place, one location and one heck of a solutionEverything bad is gone and only the good has been kept 16. WE DESIGNED AN ONLINE SHOPPING CENTRE WHERE THE 50.3% OF AUSTRALIANS CAN NOW COME AND SHOP IN A MANOR THAT HAS ALL THE BENEFITS OF A BRICKS AND MORTAR SHOPPING CENTRE. 17. THE RULES FOR THE MALL No typing ever Every business is ontouchNo pop up advertspage 1Find anything in 2 clickseasy easy easy to useOnly Australian storescompatible screenOver 1000 stores before launch 18. OVER 1000 ONLINE STORES AT LAUNCH Now buyers can shop and shop some more at Ogglers Mall 19. OPEN YOUR DOORS IN OGGLERS MALL More and more businesses are opening stores online, it is only going to get harder to be noticed.You have done all of the hard work in getting your store online and filling it with stock. Now lets sell that stock. 20. OPEN YOUR DOORS TO THE BUYERS WALKING AROUND OGGLERS MALL. LET THEM WALK OUT OF MYERS, TARGET, DAVID JONES AND STRAIGHT INTO YOUR STORE.