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Archer web 2.0 presentation

Aug 17, 2014




Diving into Web 2.0

  • Diving into Web 2.0 Tools How technology applications can benefit every classroom
  • A Little Bit About Me Magazine cover created with
  • What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 refers to a new generation of websites that allow people to collaborate and share information online in ways that were not possible before. Created with Wordle
  • Video Tools: Powtoon and Animoto Users create animated videos and presentations. Users upload pictures to create video presentations.
  • Powtoon Educational Applications Students create video presentations on a particular topic, such as reading strategies or explaining a plant cell part and its function. SOL: 5.5a Teachers introduce a unit of study with a Powtoon presentation.
  • Animoto Educational Applications Students create a movie trailer for a book they recently read, using photos/music that relate to the plot/setting, etc. SOL 3.5i;3.5j Teachers can create videos to introduce the new school year, a new unit of study, or unit review.
  • Presentation Tool: Prezi Prezi is a web-based presentation and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides.
  • Prezi in the Classroom Students create a virtual book report or research project outlining specific criteria. SOL 4.2c;4.5 The Prezi timeline feature can be used when discussing important historical events. The timeline can be shown as a whole and when a specific date is discussed, the Prezi will zoom in to focus on additional text, images, videos, etc. for that particular date.
  • Prezi in the Classroom Using a Venn Diagram template, key ideas and photos can be arranged into the appropriate section to compare and contract concepts. Prezi will zoom in to each idea/photo while presenting to provide emphasis. Upload a document (PDF) or photograph and zoom in to areas that need a closer look, such as literature, rubrics, etc. background.html
  • Image Editing Tool: Big Huge Labs Create posters, trading cards, magazine covers, ID cards, etc. using your own images or those found on the web. This website offers an array of different editing features.
  • Teaching & Learning with Students create a trading card for a famous explorer. SOL 3.3a Students explore new vocabulary by creating a poster to illustrate and use the word correctly in a sentence. _the_Classroom.pdf
  • Teaching & Learning with Teacher and students create and share an ID card or Press Pass to get to know teacher and classmates. Students create a movie poster or magazine cover on a particular book or topic. Example : Greek Mythology
  • Layered Reality Tool: QR Code Monkey A free QR code generator that makes codes with or without color and images. pin/329185053984764310/
  • QR Codes in the Classroom/Library Create a feature wall of QR codes in the library that link students to book trailers. Include a QR code on a worksheet that links students with a tutorial for completing the objectives, such as applying order of operations or the answers to given problems. SOL 8.4 Worksheet-Adding-Three-3-Numbers-936179
  • QR Codes in the Classroom/Library hunt.html Students travel to various QR codes placed throughout the space and use the information provided by the code to respond to questions/tasks on the assignment sheet. Post a QR code outside the classroom door that connects to an updated classroom newsletter. Also send a copy of the QR code home with students, to ensure parents have access to the online newsletter. newsletter-freebie.html
  • Limited features in Free versions of Powtoon, Animoto (30 sec), and Prezi Availability of technology (internet access, computers, tablets, etc,) Learning curve How can work be displayed throughout the building?
  • Noteworthy Technology Websites My email:
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