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AR Regular AR verbs to rent a video to ride a bike

Mar 26, 2015



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Slide 2 Slide 3 AR Regular AR verbs Slide 4 to rent a video Slide 5 to ride a bike Slide 6 to skateboard Slide 7 to dance Slide 8 to help Slide 9 to look for, to search Slide 10 to walk the dog Slide 11 to sing Slide 12 to eat dinner Slide 13 to buy Slide 14 to answer Slide 15 to take care of Slide 16 to rest Slide 17 to show, teach Slide 18 to enter Slide 19 to listen Slide 20 to wait for, to expect Slide 21 to study Slide 22 Blah, Blah, Blah to talk Slide 23 to arrive Slide 24 to wear Slide 25 to send a letter Slide 26 to send email Slide 27 to look at, to watch Slide 28 to swim Slide 29 to need Slide 30 to pass, pass by, happen Slide 31 to spend time with friends Slide 32 to go for a walk Slide 33 to skate Slide 34 to paint Slide 35 to practice sports Slide 36 to prepare dinner; food Slide 37 to get a good grade Slide 38 to get a bad grade Slide 39 to finish Slide 40 to play the guitar Slide 41 to play the piano Slide 42 to take, drink Slide 43 to type Slide 44 to work Slide 45 to visit Slide 46 ER Regular ER verbs Slide 47 to learn Slide 48 to drink Slide 49 to eat Slide 50 to understand Slide 51 to run Slide 52 to read a novel Slide 53 to read a newspaper Slide 54 to read a magazine Slide 55 to sell Slide 56 to see Slide 57 to see a movie Slide 58 IR Regular IR verbs Slide 59 to open Slide 60 to share Slide 61 to write Slide 62 to receive Slide 63 to live Slide 64 Irregular verbs Slide 65 to know (a place/someone) Slide 66 to do, make Slide 67 to exercise Slide 68 to go to the movie theater Slide 69 to go shopping Slide 70 Juanes en concierto 7:00 PM 12/20/07 The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI to go to a concert Slide 71 to go to the supermarket Slide 72 to hear