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Division 3W - Volume 3, Edition 1: April! Welcome to the fin-tastic Division! Leadership: Letter from the LTG- p. 4 1

April Division 3W Newsletter

Jul 29, 2016




Volume 3, Edition 1- Texas Oklahoma Key Club District's Division 3W
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Page 1: April Division 3W Newsletter

Division 3W- Volume 3, Edition 1: April!

Welcome to

the fin-tastic



Letter from the

LTG- p. 4


Page 2: April Division 3W Newsletter


3| Letter from the LTG

4| Calendar and


6| Sponsor Spotlight-

Mrs. Bradshaw!

7| Taylor Key Club

Shout out!

8| DCON Recap

12| Children’s Miracle


14| Eliminate Week

16| Contact


Key Club Pledge:

I pledge, on my honor, to uphold

the objects of Key Club

International, to build my home,

school, and community, to serve

my nation and God, and combat

all forces which tend to undermine

these institutions!

Have YOU joined the Remind?

Text @division3w to 81010!


Page 3: April Division 3W Newsletter

Letter From LTG-Hello, hello Division 3W! For those who don’t know, my

name is Christina Lee and I am beyond honored to

serve as your Lieutenant Governor for the 2016-2017

school year. Key Club represents a family that I can

always be myself around, and I have had some of my

finest moments in Key Club. To tell you a little more

about myself:o I am the youngest of 3: my older sister is a graduating senior

(and our former Club Secretary), and my older brother lives in

New York

o I am a CAT LOVER

o I will be a graduating senior at CRHS next year

o I am just about the pun-niest and tiniest person you will

probably meet

o But my voice is not very tiny

o I love to talk to people! That said, I usually like it when people

talk with me ;)

o I can’t wait to serve 3W and make memorable connections

and fond memories with all of you!

Please don’t ever hesitate to email me or friend me on Facebook! I

am open to everyone whether you’d like to just learn more about

myself, Key Club, or cats, but I will always be willing to help you in

your moments of need. I have never seen such a dedicated group

of caring individuals and would love to be friends with all of you. I

hope you to see you all at the next DCM!

Yours in service,

Christina Lee


Page 4: April Division 3W Newsletter

Reminders and Calendar for April/May 2016

• Monthly Reports are still due on the 5th. Please send them to our

new District Secretary, Mackenzie Merbach.

• Her address is: 7980 Blue Bonnet Street Beaumont, TX 77713

and her email is:

• Please don’t forget to cc me, Mr. George Crowl, and Ms. Judy

Pomorski on them!

• Task of the Month for April: How has your club raised money to

attend DCON this year? Make a list of fundraisers your club has

hosted, participated in, etc. along with complications of each.

How are you planning on revising these complications for next

year? If your club is not attending DCON this year, write a brief

paragraph explaining how you plan on fundraising to attend next


• Secretaries! You may type this out and send it with your report or

email it to Mackenzie.

• April Tex-O-Key Suggested Article Prompts:

• How was your experience at DCON? What did you learn or

gain from the experience?

• What is a project your club has done of one of our Major

Emphasis Partners? Why is it important to do projects that help

these organizations?

• Did you attend ICON 2015? If so, how was your experience

and what did you gain from it?

• What about ICON 2016 are you looking forward to most?

What do you hope to gain from the experience?


Page 5: April Division 3W Newsletter

Club Editors: Remember that until our District Editor is appointed (see

page (insert page here)), you will need to send all club

newsletters/articles to Mackenzie Merbach as well. Thank you!

May 20161 2 3 4 5*** 6 7

8Mother’s Day

9 10 11 12 13 14

15 16 17 18Applicationsfor District Editor/CL due

19 20 21

22 23 24 25 26 27 28May DCM!1:30 PM at LSC-Cypress Center

29 30Memorial Day


---------------- Eliminate Week: May 2-6 --------------

Are YOU interested in serving on the District Board as a Staff


Check out for the applications for the District

Editor or Convention Liaison position! They should be

completed and send to by



Don’t forget to come out to my May DCM! It’ll be at 1:30 PM at Lone

Star College’s Cypress Center. I’ll be holding officer training, so please attend- especially my Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries,

Treasurers, and Editors! I’ll also have good food~~


Page 6: April Division 3W Newsletter

Sponsor Spotlight-Mrs. Bradshaw, CRHS

This year, I wanted to give special shout-outs to the adults

who make all of the beauty in Key Club possible- our

faculty advisors! I’m starting off my first one featuring Mrs.

Bradshaw, who will be starting off her second term as

advisor this upcoming school year. She’s a Chemistry

PAP/GT teacher at Cinco Ranch High School and

undoubtedly the brightest light in the room, no matter

who’s with her.

Thank you so much for being a flexible yet determined

powerhouse, Mrs. Bradshaw! Without you, we’d have

struggled so much. We love you!

If you’d like to give a dedicate a Sponsor Spotlight to a faculty advisor, please email me a picture (or two) of them as well as a little blurb that I can

feature! My email is and you’ll get to see your dedicated faculty advisor here.


Page 7: April Division 3W Newsletter

Paws & Relax- Taylor Key Club!

Thank you to Ankita

Ajith (President of

Taylor Key Club) for

inviting me to the Paws & Relax social!

They raised money by

allowing people to

socialize and relax

with pets for $2 each.

This was an extremely

successful social and I

was so impressed by

their great teamwork!

Great going, Taylor

Key Club!

Please don’t forget to

invite me to your club events! I’d love to

hang out- and more

importantly, serve the

community, alongside

each and everyone in

our division.


Page 8: April Division 3W Newsletter


Page 9: April Division 3W Newsletter

DCON 2016 Recap

DCON 2016 was an

amazing experience

and I was so excited

to meet all the

wonderful Key

Clubbers from our

Division! I am so

amazed at the many

accomplishments of

you guys and wanted

to give a special

shout-out to Cypress

Ranch High School

and Cinco Ranch

High School for having

stellar attendance at


Remember that for

DCON 2017, you can

always work with your

sponsoring Kiwanis or

nearby Key Clubs to

attend! I’d love to see

all of you guys for this

awesome celebration

of service.

Congratulations to the following

schools for reppin’ Division 3W in ways

that makes me proud beyond words:

• Cinco Ranch- Top 3 District Websites,

Tom Duncan Outstanding Secretary

Award (Sophia Lee and Jessica

Leung), 1st place Oratory, 2nd place

Non-Digital Poster

• Cypress Ranch- ranked 9th out of

300+ clubs in Texas-Oklahoma, 1st

place Super Smash Brothers Brawl, 1st

place Service Fair, 2nd place Spy

Briefcase, 2nd place Major Emphasis


• James Taylor- ranked 23rd out of

300+ clubs in Texas-Oklahoma, Top 3

District Websites, 1st place Digital

Poster, 2nd place Non-Traditional



Page 10: April Division 3W Newsletter

Welcoming 2016-2017’s District Staff

Dianna Cardenas

Serving as District Governor


Leia George

Serving as District Treasurer


Mackenzie Merbach

Serving as District Secretary



Page 11: April Division 3W Newsletter

Interested in joining the District Staff??

Applications for District Editor and Convention Liaison are on! Go check it out if you’re interested in

serving our District on higher levels. The due date is

Wednesday, May 18th and completed applications should

be emailed to

Saying Goodbye to 2015-2016’s District Staff

Thank you for your unending support of Texas-Oklahoma

and your service. We will miss you so much! Best of luck

wherever you go, and we hope that you will remember this

year as one of the best ones of your high school career.


Page 12: April Division 3W Newsletter


Page 13: April Division 3W Newsletter


Page 14: April Division 3W Newsletter


Page 15: April Division 3W Newsletter


Page 16: April Division 3W Newsletter

Contact Information

T-O District Governor: Dianna Cardenas


Division 3W Lieutenant Governor:

Christina Lee


T-O District Treasurer: Leia George


T-O District Secretary: Mackenzie




Page 17: April Division 3W Newsletter

Contact Information (cont.)

Region 12 Advisor: Judy Pomorski


Houston Kiwanian: Bonita Ramirez


Cy-Fair Kiwanian: George Crowl


Greater North Houston Kiwanian: Steve Peters



Page 18: April Division 3W Newsletter


Proudly Representing

Division 3W

Cinco Ranch | Cypress

Lakes | Cypress Ranch |

Cypress Springs | James

Taylor | Lee | Mayde

Creek | Obra Tompkins

| Second Baptist |

Spring Woods|