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April 2011 - · PDF file 2011-04-20 · APRIL 2011 1. . April 2011. Pandemonium is published monthly. Deadline for materials is the 1st of the month for publication in the next...

Feb 24, 2020




  • Featured Members: Dan & Anita Pittman

    Don’t forget - NEW MEMBER MIXER

    April 16!

    April 2011

    In this issue...

    Porsches & Corvettes?

    The Sweet Heart Tour

  • APRIL 2011 1 April 2011

    Pandemonium is published monthly. Deadline for materials is the 1st of the month for publication in the next month’s issue. Subscriptions for PCA members of other regions are $30 per twelve issues. Non-members may subscribe at $35 for twelve issues, payable in advance. Pandemonium is the official publication of Orange Coast Region, Porsche Club of America. Any statement appearing in the Pandemonium is that of the author, and does not constitute an opinion of the Porsche Club of America, the Orange Coast Region, Inc., its Board of Directors, the Pandemonium editors or its staff. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication. Permission is given to chartered regions of PCA to reprint articles in their news- letter if credit is given to the author and the Pandemonium. Publication office: 19401 Sandpebble Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. Bulk Rate class postage paid, Santa Ana, CA. Postmaster: Address change to PCA/OCR Membership,, 5081 Hamer Lane, Placentia, CA 92870.

    Inside this issue

    Get ready for our 50 year anniversary Concours

    The Vette stayed behind

    Editor Garey Cooper [email protected] (714) 264-0530

    Production Director Maryann Marks [email protected] 714-434-0126

    Advertising Director Ken Fredrickson [email protected] (714) 962-3258

    Classified Ads Editor Bob Weber [email protected] 714-960-4981

    Contributing Writers Garey Cooper Dan Pittman Jerry Griffin Steve Eguina Alan Burns Eric Budai Paul Kramer Cole Scrogham Contributing Photographers Bill O’Neill Pamela Horton Lisa Goetsch Jerry Grifin Armand Gastelo Scott Chu

    8 Feature: Remembrances of Cars Past and Present 11 Porsche to Corvette 12 Auto-X Corner 20 Sweet Heart Tour 22 National Parade Concours 25 Breakfast Club/New Members

    Upcoming Events 13 DE Willow Springs 14 Porsches & Pancakes 23 Porsche Parade 25 New Member Mixer 31 Walter’s Driving Events IBC 50 Anniversary Concours

    Departments 2 Calendar of Events 3 Presidsents Message 4 Contacts 5 Editor’s Notes 6 Membership 7 Goodie Store 35 Classifieds 36 List of Advertisers

    On the Cover: Dan & Anita Pittman posing with their 2009 911 Carrera S

    How many AutoX instructors can you fit in a mini?


  • 2

    2011 OCR Calendar of Events*

    Note: Italicized text represents events outside of Orange Coast Region sponsored events. Links to Zone 8 events can be found at

    * Event dates subject to change.


    1 Deadline for the May Pando 2 Breakfast Club / Board Meeting 8/10 Festival of Speed-Fontana 16 New Member Mixer 16 Krispy Kreme 17 OCR AutoX El Toro 23 Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s 23 Concours Prep Tech Session


    1 Deadline for the June Pando 1 Ladies Garden Tour 7 Breakfast Club & Board Meeting 16 AutoX DE - Streets of Willow 21 Krispy Kreme 22 Chuckwalla Valley DE/TT SDR 28 Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s


    1 Deadline for the July Pando 4 Breakfast Club & Board Meeting 11 PCA Club Concours 12 OCR AutoX El Toro 18 Krispy Kreme 25 Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s


    1 Deadline for the August Pando 2 Breakfast Club & Board Meeting 16 Krispy Kreme 17 OCR AutoX El Toro 23 Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s 24 Scrambola Rallye-Larry Moore


    1 Deadline for the September Pando 6 Breakfast Club / Board Meeting 6 PCA National Parade 20 Krispy Kreme 21 OCR AutoX El Toro 27 Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s XX Hearts and Garages Tour (TBD)


    1 Deadline for the October Pando 3 Breakfast Club / Board Meeting 11 OCR AutoX El Toro 17 Krispy Kreme 18 50th Anniversary Brunch-Orange County Mining CO. 24/25 Willow Springs DE/TT SDR 24 Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s


    1 Deadline for the November Pando 1 Breakfast Club and Board Meeting 15 Krispy Kreme 16 OCR AutoX El Toro 21 Auto Club Speedway DE-SDR 22 Porsches and Pancakes 23 Fall Rallye-Larry Moore


    1 Deadline for the December Pando 5 Breakfast Club and Board Meeting 12 Annual Julian Tour (tentative) 12/13 Button Williow DE/TT-SDR 13 OCR AutoX El Toro 19 Krispy Kreme 26 Porsches and Pancakes TBD-Annual Savic Wine Tour

    DECEMBER 1 Deadline for the January Pando 3 Breakfast Club and Board Meeting 4 OCR AutoX El Toro 17 Krispy Kreme

    Save the Date Ladies Garden Tour

    participating in the annual

    Mary Lou Heard Garden Tour Sunday May 1, 2011

    Meeting in the Target Parking lot on Habor Blvd, Costa Mesa.

    Gather between Henry’s and Starbucks @ 9 a.m. Leave at 9:15

    RSVP [email protected]

  • APRIL 2011 3

    President’s Message Story by Nicole Boggs

    Ideas galore have been flooding the OCR towers as they relate to our charity. From the military to helping the disabled to providing resources for our local youth, we have heard about many worthwhile organizations. I hope you’ll take a minute to nominate your favorite local charity.

    The OCR membership was very generous in 2010; at the March Breakfast Club we presented $7,000 to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation, subsequently helping Orange County’s foster youth. We have also partnered with them in several activities throughout their term where many of you became personally involved. Thank you for supporting our charitable events such as the Hearts and Cars Garage Tour, Silent Auction and Raffles. And for the time you so generously gave to those in less fortunate circumstances.

    Charity is a very rewarding experience. As a professional fundraiser I like to say my job is kind of like sales, we’re selling a good feeling. I am looking forward to watching OCR’s impact in 2011.

    See page for the charity nomination form.

    Got a suggestion? Need a question answered?

    Just want to vent?

    This email will go straight to the board of directors:

    [email protected]

    Let us know what’s on your mind and we will share it

    at the next board meeting.

  • 4

    Contact Information

    OCR Board Appointments

    Advertising Director Ken Fredrickson [email protected]

    Advertising Coordinator Grace Fredrickson [email protected]

    Autocross Co-Chairs Greg Lush [email protected]

    Christine Newcomer [email protected]

    OCR Board Meetings

    All members are welcome to OCR Board Meetings, held after the breakfast meeting at Original Mike’s

    We thank them for their support.

    OCR Executive Board

    Chuck Bartolon [email protected]

    Autocross Registration Bev Chodos [email protected]

    Charity Director Peggy Huddleston [email protected]

    Concours Director Norm Follis [email protected]

    Goodie Store Manager Monica Asbury

    [email protected]

    Historian Judy Lech [email protected]

    Ladies Committee Liaison Maryann Marks [email protected]

    Pando Production Editor Maryann Marks [email protected]

    President - Nicole Forrest Boggs 714-633-2978 - [email protected]

    Vice President - Gordon Williams [email protected]

    Secretary - Bonnie Delgado [email protected]

    Treasurer - David Piper [email protected]

    Membership Director - CL Jarusek [email protected]

    Member at Large - Ken Fredrickson [email protected]

    Pando Classified Ads Editor Bob Weber 714-960-4981 [email protected]

    Pando Distribution Directors Norm & Linda Hollinger [email protected]

    Rally Director Larry Moore [email protected]

    Sponsorship Director Bob Scheussler [email protected]

    Tech Activities Director Cooper Boggs [email protected]

    Tech Writer Lee Rice [email protected]

    Web Coordinator Bob Scheussler [email protected]

    Member at Large - Pando Editor Garey Cooper - [email protected] com

    OCR Board Appointments contd.

    OCR Board Appointments contd.

    Zone 8 Representative Michael Dolphin [email protected]

    Zone 8 Autocross Chair Neil Heimburge [email protected]

    Zone 8 Concours Chair Joe Nedza [email protected]

    Zone 8 Club Race Coordinator Vince Knauf [email protected]

    Zone 8 Driving Instructor, Time Trial & Drivers Ed Chair

    Paul Young [email protected]

    Zone 8 Rally Chair Tom Gould [email protected]

    Zone 8 Chairs

    (Continued on Page 5)

  • APRIL 2011 55

    Editor’s Notes Story by Garey Cooper, Editor

    (Continued on Page 24)

    High atop the Orange Coast Region office tower, secure in the luxurious suites that office the higher levels of club management, we see the coming of warmer weather as a harbinger of Porsche events to come. Harried staff wanders quickly but silently through, on errands great and small, but always

    GLC and Chevron at Willow Springs

    Zone 8 Region Coordinator Gary Peterson [email protected]

    Zone 8 Rules Coordinator Tom Brown [email protected]

    Zone 8 Treasurer Linda Cobarrubias [email protected]

    Zone 8 Webm

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