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How many faces do you see?


Get to know us. Reputation is fundamental.

We understand that confidence is earned through being able to demonstrate our success.

We have been in business since June of 2004. We have six fortune 500 companies as clients that use our technology. We hold an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.And we partner in your success.


Get to know us.Accomplishment is testimony.

We understand that we are measured by our accomplishments.

We are a full hosting solution.We have Successfully completed over 1700 projects.We have created and published over 8 million lines of code.We have extensive experience in custom design and development work. And we provide continued development and support of our core platform.


Get to know us.Company Philosophy

ApogeeINVENTs success is dependant on the success that our technology provides our clients. We are not successful unless you are successful!

We clearly understand Search Engine Placement, and the viral spread of content through social media. We are able to offer our clients many advantages through our evolved tool base. We have a very comprehensive marketing platform, that makes it easy to focus your marketing efforts online. We recognize the evolving nature of web technology, which demands that we constantly research and develop in our technology. In this modern marketplace, our Dynamic Marketing Web 2.0 gives your company the virtual traction it needs to be effective, and the constant development that is required to be successful.

Get to know ApogeeINVENTsOur technology makes it easy to create new pages through our easy to use page inventor. Our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Editor employs comprehensive, intuitive, and familiar tools.(Click To Proceed)

Our System makes it easy for you to create Search Engine Optimized pages. Enjoy the benefits of our automated platform that simplifies the SEO process. The #2 highest qualifier for page ranking is the Page Name. (Click To Proceed)

Our system works to both simplify and promote your website rankings. Take note of the URL name currently. The #1 qualifier for page ranking is the URL.(Click To Proceed)

Notice the URL name now. Our intelligent technology simplified the SEO process through automated actions like placing the Page Name in the URL field. Through the WYSIWYG Editor we have continued to promote SEO. The #3 qualifier for page ranking is the Page Title. Our word based editor shows your changes in real time.(Click To Proceed)

Our automated SEO feature is a proprietary software tool that auto populates Meta Data, and provides valuable traffic awareness tools. This exclusive apogee creation helps you maintain your meta information (keywords) effortlessly, while providing the ability to enhance it. Our Analytics tools show real time results related to your website traffic. The #4 qualifier for page ranking is Page Description Through Keywords. (Click To Proceed)

Observe the results generated through our Auto SEO and analytics feature. Through our research we have created a black list of words that are not recognized by search engines. These are common words that waste precious space in your meta data field, and have an adverse effect on your rankings. These words occupy real estate that can be populated with relevant meta data. By selecting manual, you can edit the meta data that was auto populated. This feature allows you to enhance your meta information using your own additional data. (Click To Proceed)The frequency analysis tool is powerful. With it you can analyze every page you create. Our graphs and raw data gives you insight into how to impact your search engine rankings. With these tools you can focus the pages keywords and phrases. The #5 qualifier for page ranking is Keyword and Key Phrase density within the body of your page content. (Click To Proceed)

Our proprietary Auto SEO feature has many tools that help you understand your traffic. The referrers tab provides you information that gives you an understanding of how your traffic is being referred to your website. Your Search Engines tab shows you the search strings, and the search engines, that are being used to find your website. We offer a whole host of analysis tools that you can employ to give you superior traction in your online marketing efforts. (Click To Proceed)

Search engine optimization is currently only half of the solution for generating relevant and organic traffic. New avenues through online marketing are creating great opportunities for the prepared business. Our system allows you to easily manage and capitalize on these new forms of online marketing. Through social media networking, you are able to create a greater visibility of your online presence. With our fully integrated share tools, visitors can easily syndicate your content online. Through controlled distribution of your syndicated content, you retain control over your online image. Our evolving tools help you stay prepared.(Click To Proceed)

Our Dynamic Marketing Web 2.0 comes standard with a blog. You can create and post content that effectively communicates your companies offerings. Using our WYSiWYG Editor, each blog you create is its own page. Easily defined share tabs allow your visitors to share your content with ease, increasing your activity and visibility. Our Blog allows you to set permissions, controlling privileges for those who want to add new content. Search Engines look for activity and new content originating from a website for page ranking. The #6 qualifier for page ranking is original content and new page creation. (Click To Proceed)

Our Video Aggregator is an application enhancement module created for the DMW. Whether creating your own YouTube channel, or using the Video Aggregator to embed video on your website, it allows you to take advantage of one of the most popular communication forums on the internet. Our Video aggregator allows you to use YouTube as your video file server, and creates a new page with every video you upload. Every new video you upload is automatically skinned and embedded for you, and is considered by search engines to be original and new content. The #6 qualifier for page ranking is original content and new page creation. (Click To Proceed)

Our RSS Syndication tool is a application enhancement module that acts as a feed blog. This tool continually feeds information into your website automatically. With this tool, you have the ability to turn your website into a synergizing hub of new content. Generating content is a lot of work, and our automated system helps save you time and money buy pulling in new content. It pulls in industry specific information creating a post and a page every time. The #6 qualifier for page ranking is original content and new page creation. (Click To Proceed)

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation.Our DMW platform environment offers innovative and effective solutions for online marketing. Our platform provides sophisticated tools and uses an intuitive real-time editor. Even complicated analytics, that provide valuable marketing data, is made simple by our platform. We are focused on providing the best of current and future website technologies.Ask about our design services and enhancement modules.$5,000 licensing fee and $99 a month.