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Jan 05, 2017



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  • Apogee 10


  • Organizations of every size and type can benefit from the Apogee Suite

    of workflow management products. With Apogee, Agfa Graphics offers a

    comprehensive and integrated workflow solution, designed by professionals for

    professionals and committed to offering the highest degree of reliability.

    The Apogee workflow software enables commercial printers to manage all

    possible production output from a single user interface. As such, it perfectly aligns

    and fuses different software modules into one streamlined whole. But theres

    more. The latest version of Apogee Apogee 10 brings new tools, an improved

    performance, and a unique cloud-based alternative.

    The Apogee philosophy


    Innovation starts with questioning the status quo. How can I simplify my

    workflow? Improve productivity? Reach new markets? Apogee has the answers.

    With its range of innovative tools, Apogee lets you work both intelligently and

    efficiently, and serve your customers on a higher level than ever before.

    Innovation requires audacity. With its improvements, additions, and state-of-

    the-art cloud solution, that is exactly what Apogee 10 offers.


    The internet has made people accustomed to doing everything online. To having

    everything available immediately, day and night, regardless. Print buyers are no

    exception. Yet how you interact with customers is paramount. With Apogee 10,

    it means allowing them to view, update, and approve their projects from their

    mobile devices, for example. Or offering them products through an intuitive online

    store. In any case, Apogee enables you to interact with your clients and provide

    them with a rich experience that generates loyalty.


    Optimization results in higher profitability, greater efficiency, and less waste. It is the

    driving force behind your entire operation. Apogee optimizes every aspect of your

    production process, from customer collaboration, through prepress workflows, all the

    way to the finished product. Reducing the complexity of workflows and automating

    time-consuming tasks is what Apogee continuously strives for. With Apogee 10,

    optimization means increased performance, added features, and more flexibility.

    Apogee 10

  • Whats new in Apogee 10?

    Optimized quality and performance

    Unwanted and unpredictable output? That is a thing of the past thanks to the significant quality

    improvements of Apogee 10. Unprecedented accuracy for page positioning, optimal layout control,

    and automated scale-to-fit resizing are only a few examples. Without affecting system stability,

    Apogee 10 offers higher performance with increased reliability.

    Rejuvenation of Digital Quick Strip

    Thanks to its improved and integrated Digital Quick Strip (DQS) mechanism, Apogee 10 provides you

    with unparalleled efficiency and user-friendliness. DQS really is the path forward for volume printers

    and cloud-based production.

    Processing each page separately before integrating it into a place holder turns page revision into a

    swift and simple task. As your layout is also rendered as a separate file, updating it only takes a few

    seconds. So increase throughput and optimize the usage of all available output resources by relying

    on DQS.

    First-rate versioning support

    Apogee 10 allows you to set up a versioning job based on spot color input files, which are processed

    automatically to avoid mistakes. Through Apogee WebApproval, you can immediately present

    versioning jobs to print buyers, who then either approve or reject it. In addition, you can now

    organize printing plates and merge different parts of a versioning job on one single plate to optimize

    press efficiency.

    Improved job handling

    Break down large jobs into several smaller ones to reduce complexity and improve ease of use.

    Thanks to the improved job handling of Apogee 10, working with contract printers who produce a

    limited part of a certain job is both simple and efficient. Whether assembly is done in-house or by

    a third party, labeling of the printed signatures is essential to avoid errors. Apogee ensures that all

    job variables including renamed signatures or collation marks will automatically adapt.

    True shape nesting

    Employing Apogees new user interface with dedicated functions for unbound work, you can use the

    true shape nesting feature to optimize press sheets for both regularly and irregularly shaped print

    products. Optimization takes into account the required run length of each product and die cut forms

    are created by outputting the cut information on a CtF or using SelectJet.

    Digital print support

    Apogee users can now split JDF files, which makes them easier to process. Apogee 10 also supports

    new engines (i.e. Canon B4000 and Canon B5000) and links to the new DFE Ricoh TotalFlow, for

    which it ensures the best connection possible with the Ricoh C7100 and C9100 series.

    Job list

    Raster Preview

    Automated merging

    Merged versions

    True shape nesting

  • Apogee Cloud

    What if we offered you the efficiency and innovations of Apogee 10 in the form of a cloud-based

    solution? Although workflow management in the cloud is a relatively new phenomenon,

    Agfa Graphics has proven that it can be done in a perfectly secure way. Now, you can count on the

    same cloud-based Agfa technology for the use of the Apogee Suite of workflow management products.

    Take the chance of making a change

    Apogee Cloud is all about using the existing Apogee 10 products, yet relying on the infrastructure,

    know-how, and hardware security offered by Agfa Graphics. This means you run your workflow

    off-site, on the same private and secure cloud that the Agfa Group also uses for the Arkitex workflow

    software for newspapers, as well as for its HealthCare business unit.

    The runtime license is aligned with your production and includes hardware, software, support,

    and ICT-managed services. Apogee Cloud minimizes your investments, yet maximizes flexibility.

    Need more production capacity? This cloud-based solution is perfectly adaptable to your changing

    needs. In any case, your software is always up to date.

    Apogee Cloud benefits:

    Enables you to run your workflow off-site, without the necessity

    of local configuration, software installations or hardware expertise.

    Allows you to use professional infrastructure that offers database security,

    redundancy, and protection against data center crises.

    Provides you with an easy way to network and interact with print buyers,

    different production plants, and employees.

    Offers a fast and efficient user experience, with quick access to data,

    assignments, tools, flipbooks, etc.

    Centralizes the control over different print sites and production facilities,

    which results in a more efficient production process.

    Guarantees system stability and business continuity,

    as it eliminates the risk of system failures and downtime.

    Offers both flexibility and reliability, as cloud equipment can be scaled

    to your particular business and is available 24/7.

    Hosted by Agfa

    No one knows Apogee better than we do. With Apogee Cloud, Agfa experts not only relieve in-house

    IT personnel of day-to-day tasks, thus affording them more time to focus on strategy and innovation.

    They also ensure system stability. By constantly and proactively monitoring processes, they foresee and

    prevent system failures or downtime.

    Apogee Cloud relies on the same hosting technology as Agfa Healthcare, which means that your data

    is 100% secure. Agfas hosting service is located in two physically separate data centers in Mortsel

    (Belgium), which are monitored 24/7 and accessible by authorized personnel only. The infrastructure

    also guarantees protection against fire and water damage. The data centers are ISO 9001 and ISO

    27001 certified.

  • Apogee WebApproval 10

    Expanding your Apogee workflow system with a web portal for online collaboration,

    Apogee WebApproval enables both your clients and your colleagues to access jobs from

    their desktop computer or mobile device. They can cooperate with each other, upload files,

    review pages, and approve jobs. Thanks to WebApproval, you can facilitate file exchange

    and shorten approval cycles, which results in fewer errors and more satisfied customers.

    24/7 portal for reliable soft proofing

    As has always been the case with Apogee WebApproval, the tool is available 24/7 and

    from any place that offers internet access. Users can access the secure, password-protected

    portal from any HTML5-based browser to view their own jobs, exchange data, and soft

    proof files. Customers, approvers, and managers can view and approve print-ready pages

    that show the exact print output, thus minimizing the risk of mistakes or costly reprints.

    WebApproval 10: even better than before

    Preflight integration is one of the main new features of Apogee WebApproval 10. Users and

    customer service representatives can swiftly check preflight information to avoid any printing

    mistakes. While regular users only get a limited number of checks to review, for example,

    page bleed, image resolution, font embedding, and more, customer service representatives

    can view the full preflight report.

    WebApproval now also integrates the feature of bleed or page box visualization in its flipbook.

    In addition, it displays both the uploaded and expected page size of a job. These extra features

    have been added to offer you an even more detailed view on print jobs. And for expert users

    that need highly advanced options, we have WebApproval Pro. Its exclusive features include

    versioning and separation viewing.

    1. Create a web-enabled job in Apogee Prepress.

    2. Users automatically receive an email to access the job.

    3. The job layout is uploaded to WebApproval.

    4. The rendered pages can be reviewed and approved online.

    5. Apogee Prepress automatically processes the approved pages.

  • StoreFront

    StoreFront is a cloud-based, web-to-print solution that enables printers and print service

    providers to efficiently market their services. It helps you generate revenue by creating online

    storesboth public or private (B2B)from which you can offer print and non-print products.


    Tired of exchanging data through a variety of tools? Meet PrintSphere, a cloud-based service

    that makes it easy to store and access data online. It provides a standardized way for print

    service providers to share files, automate their workflows, and facilitate data exchange with

    other Agfa service solutions.

    Click on the QR code to get

    more information on StoreFront

    Click on the QR code to get more

    information on PrintSphere

  • Apogee StoreFront 1.0 Web-to-print or e-commerce solution

    May 2012

    Apogee Prepress 7.0 Automatic reviewing of the suitability of color profiles

    using Smart Input Space Recognition.

    Apogee Impose: automated imposition based on real

    product and production information

    Press validation and calibration according to ISO12647/2 and 3

    October 2010

    Apogee WebApproval 7.0 User self-service for creating new users and initiating orders

    October 2010


    Apogee Prepress v10 Integration Image enhancement

    Dedicated output TPs for Ricoh TotalFlow and Xerox FreeFlow

    Extended versioning support including merging, WebApproval

    New application for true shape media optimization

    Apogee Prepress 9.0 Driving wide-format devices directly

    Dedicated output TPs for Konica Minolta and Oc PRISMAsync

    Support for ISO 12647-2:2013 and ISO 15655

    New Apogee WebApproval client based on HTML5 technologyApogee StoreFront 2.3

    Sell digital goods such as e-books or PDF versions of print documents

    A new payment gateway: PayPal Express Checkout

    Apogee StoreFront 2.1 Track visitors using Google Analytics

    Easier reordering for shoppers

    Apogee StoreFront 1.3 Microstores make the creation of small stores or

    stores for a specific group of users easier

    Support for UPS live shipping quote

    Apogee WebApproval 8.0 CSR Dashboard: overview of customers and orders

    for the printers customer service department

    Apogee StoreFront 2.0 Support for variable data processing

    Apogee Prepress 8.0 Support for web production schemes

    Merging of several orders into a single production run

    True 64-bit support for Apogee Prepress servers and satellites

    Regularization of color profiles (patented technology)

    User rights can be set individually

    Apogee StoreFront 1.2 Support for PayPal as a payment gateway

    HTML5 flip book

    Shipping costs can be based on the packaging

    and weight of orders

    Elaborate product pricing options

    June 2016

    January 2015

    December 2014

    February 2014

    March 2013

    November 2012

    September 2013

    November 2012

    October 2012

  • Copyright 2016 by Agfa Graphics N.V. all rights reserved. AGFA and the Agfa rhombus are trademarks of Agfa-Gevaert NV, Belgium or its affiliates. Apogee is a trademark of Agfa Graphics N.V.. Adobe is trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.. All other brand and product names may be service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their own respective owners. All product specifications are subject to change without notice.GB 2016 05

    Apogee Prepress 6.0 Multi-part jobs: easy handling of complex production requirements

    Apogee PreFlight: checking and correction of incoming PDF files based

    on production requirements

    Virtualization and blade support

    Apogee Prepress 5.0 PlateMaker client: dedicated user interface for CtP operators

    JCF certified (Layout Creator to Imposition ICS)

    Digital Print Link: hybrid workflow for digital printing and offset printing

    ApogeeX 2.0 Support for JDF version 1.2

    Scalable architecture with support for fault tolerance

    PDF 1.5, PDF/X

    Delano 1.0 Web-based communication and collaboration portal

    Apogee WebApproval 6.0 New intuitive user interface

    Flip book browser

    ApogeeX4.0 Adobe PDF Print Engine

    InkSave: integrated and in-render GCR

    Versioning: for the production of print order with more than

    one version (e.g. change of language, changing pages, etc.)

    ApogeeX 3.0 Condition TP: event-based control

    JDF version 1.3, JMF support

    Split for Proof: output of cutting out pairs of pages on proofer

    ApogeeX 1.0 Integrated workflow solution

    Modular system

    May 2009

    May 2008

    August 2005

    May 2004

    May 2009

    August 2007

    March 2006

    April 2003