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Anthony Garratt, Thackeray Gallery 2013

Mar 21, 2016



'move' - 3rd-18th December 2013

  • move


    anthony garratt3rd 18th December 2013

    Gazing out of the studio window, across the rooftops of Bristol to the hills beyond, I realise again how much informationand movement there is at any one time.

    There is so much information that I become overwhelmed and try to detach myself and prioritise the visual feast. I amreassured by the familiarity of the paint as it tracks an unpredictable route across the painting. All I need to focus on nowis the painting and dig into the memory bank to extract the most powerful parts of the moment I am painting.

    For instance, deep into the Rainforest of Uganda, the Bwindi, there is a fight for light, an unkempt tangle of foliagecompeting for light and space. And then there are the humans, encroaching on the rainforest and competing for the samespace. It is chaos. But then, also, there is the visual beauty of the dense forest, with light shafting through any gaps andhighlighting the bounty on the forest floor. Emotionally there is anger at the human impact and then delight at the naturalbeauty of the place.

    And then to a sail from Plymouth to Portishead, where we are caught in a gale which sends us up the Bristol channel in afrenzy of waves and weather. The weather has control, we are trying our best to tame it and it is utterly spectacular. WhenI try to paint waves and wake, this surge of excitement in memory throws the paint onto the canvas and I try to re-live andcommunicate the movement.

    So; everything moves. Emotionally, literally and continually. The light in the studio has shifted now and the traffic is at astand still; rush hour again.

    Anthony Garratt, 2013

  • 4after

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 6swanpool beach path

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 8rainy season, bwindi

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 10

    king charles ruin in the rain

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 12


    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 14

    isolated tree & terraced farms

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 16


    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 18

    scillonian wake

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 20

    coppice floor

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 22


    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 24

    arnos vale II

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 26


    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 28 29

    savannah study II oil and acrylic on canvas 10x10ins. savannah study III oil and acrylic on canvas 10x10ins.

  • 30

    autumn lake, dordogne

    oil and acrylic on canvas


  • 32


    oil and acrylic on canvas



    Anthony Garratt was born in Sevenoaks, Kent. He studied at Chelsea College of Art and then Falmouth College of Arts fora design degree. Having worked as a designer for a few years in London, he was able to take up painting full time followingtwo successful Solo Shows. He now works from and is a Director of the Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol.

    Anthony is predominantly a painter of the British landscape, his work concerned with the weather, an experience and impactof a landscape. His research time is spent in heavy weather, in remote locations and places that have an emotional impact.Inspiration comes from the British landscape and ever-changing climate.

    Anthony is an artist member of the Royal West of England Academy where he has regularly exhibited. He has also shownwork at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Royal College of Arts Henry Moore Gallery having featured on aBBC2 art series.

    In April 2012, This is Bristol listed Anthony Garratt as the next David Hockney.

    In 2012, Anthony was invited by BBC1 to paint the Diamond Jubilee Pageant from the Millennium Bridge. He painted somesketches on the Day, and worked on a series of paintings to follow. In addition, he was selected to have a Billboard at RegentsPark tube station, during October 2012.

    Since then, Anthony has sailed over to France, with some extra-ordinary paintings resulting from that journey. Africa, too,has been one of his experiences earlier this year, and the vast skies and hot land of his trip are an inspiration to his currentwork.

    He has been exhibiting with Thackeray Gallery since 2011, and we are delighted to be hosting his second solo show with us.

    track oil and acrylic on board 16x16ins.

  • front clearing

    oil and acrylic on canvas