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Antenatal Checklist

Feb 14, 2016




Antenatal Checklist. Nagercoil ob-society. Antenatal Care. Preventive medicine in pregnancy. Clinical examination Investigations Counselling. Antenatal Care. Investigations in Pregnancy. Rifle vs Shotgun approach . Rifle – hit bull’s eye Specific test based on - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • NAGERCOIL OB-SOCIETYAntenatal Checklist

  • Antenatal CarePreventive medicine in pregnancy

  • Clinical examination Investigations CounsellingAntenatal Care

  • Investigations in Pregnancy

  • Rifle vs Shotgun approach Rifle hit bulls eyeSpecific test based onClinical judgmentDiagnostic accuracyPredictive valueShotgun spray shotsMany testsDiagnostic accuracy + /-Predictive value + /-May not hit the bulls eye!!

  • A test should be done only if the result is likely to make a difference to the managementWhat is a necessary test?

  • Any test the results of which arenotlikely to be make a difference in the appropriate management of the patientWhat is an unnecessary test?

  • Questions to ask before ordering a testWhy is the test being ordered?What are the consequences of not ordering the test?How good is the test? How are the test results interpreted?How will the test results influence patient management and outcome?

  • Reasons for ordering a testDiagnosis (eg, Pregnancy / no pregnancy)Screening (eg, for Downs syndrome)Monitoring (eg, serial ultrasound scan)Research (to understand the pathophysiology of a particular disease process)

  • Reasons for unnecessarily ordering a testFinancial gainsDefensive medicineInstitutional pressuresPatient demands

  • The flip side.Generates anxietyInvolves time, costRisks & complications existResults may be shocking!Leads to unnecessary/inappropriate interventions

  • Pre test CounselingWhat test?Why is it done?How is it done?What is the likely expense?What are the risks & likely outcomes?What is the plan of management?What are the fall outs if it is not done?

  • Investigations in Pregnancy

    Which and when???

    Developed by Abbott National Advisory Boardfor Duphaston

  • Members of the Advisory BoardDr Ameet Patki, Chairman, MumbaiDr Mala Arora, DelhiDr Ritu Joshi, JaipurDr Bhasker Pal, KolkataDr Parul Kotdawala, AhmedabadDr Susheela Rani, BangaloreDr Suchitra Pandit, MumbaiDr Anita Singh, Patna

  • Investigations in Antenatal CareMandatoryPreferable

  • MandatoryThese tests are mandatory in the provision of standard antenatal care

  • PreferableThese tests have been shown to be of clinical value, but are not into evidence based recommendations as of now

  • ANC was released in FOGSI Varanasi, Jan 27th 2012

  • Acknowledgements

    A special thanks to Dr Susheela Rani, Bangalore and Dr Bhasker Pal, Kolkata for providing material for this presentation.

    *Antenatal care is the closest one can come to preventative medicine during pregnancy**Antenatal care is the closest one can come to preventative medicine during pregnancy**Antenatal care is the closest one can come to preventative medicine during pregnancy***********************

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