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Animal Trivia

Jan 17, 2015






20 Questions with 2 Rounds
The First Round Questions are worth 1 Point Each
The Second Round Questions are worth 2 Points
One Halftime Question: Worth 5 Points
One Final Question:
Wager up to 10 Points
Grab some paper and a pen from the bar for your team and turn in your teams answer into the bucket on the bar
Choose a team name. Right your team name on EACH answer you turn in.If theres no team name, you get no points.
I will read the question then play a song.You will have until the end of the song to get your answers into the bucket.If your team doesnt have a response when I collect them, sorry, your team is too slow and you get no points.
Spelling does NOT count
NO cell phones, computers, iTouches, etc.
4. ROUND 1!
5. Question 1
What type of animal is the largest primate in the world?
6. Answer
7. Question 2
What is the food a pig is fed called?
8. Answer
9. Question 3
How many compartments does a cows stomach have?
10. Answer
11. Question 4
What unit of measurement are horses measured in?
12. Answer
13. Question 5
Who was the famous talking pig?
14. Answer
15. Question 6
How many eyelids do camels have (per eye)?
16. Answer
17. Question 7
True or False: Oysters change from male to female gender several times during their lifespan.
18. Answer
19. Question 8
How many rows of whiskers does a cat have?
20. Answer
21. Question 9
What are baby goats called?
22. Answer
Within 30 degrees, how many degrees can an owl turn its head? (Hint: it is NOT 360)
24. Answer
270 degrees
25. ROUND 2!
26. Question 11
What is the slowest fish?
27. Answer
A Sea Horse
28. Question 12
Where are the majority of a cows sweat glands located?
29. Answer
Inside its nose
30. Question 13
What is a group of kangaroos called?
31. Answer
A Mob
32. Question 14
What is the name of the offspring from a female horse and a male donkey?
33. Answer
A Mule
34. Question 15
Within three seconds, what is the longest flight recorded from a chicken? (The answer is in seconds)
35. Answer
13 seconds
36. Question 16
In the movie The Lion King, what type of animals are Timon and Pumbaa?
37. Answer
A Meerkat and a Warthog
38. Question 17
True or False: A sheep, duck, and a hen were the first passengers to fly in a hot-air balloon.
39. Answer
True! The flight took place on September 19, 1783 and lasted about 8 minutes
40. Question 18
What is the only animal that can drown in the rain?
41. Answer
A Turkey
42. Question 19
What is the breed of the Chik-Fil-A cow?
43. Answer
What is a pigs pregnancy length?
45. Answer
3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days (114-115 days)