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Keeping animals for food and raw materials.
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Animal Forming In Pakistan

Animal Farming In PakistanKeeping animals for food and raw materials.

Role of Animal Farming30-40% of income of rural population comes from livestock production activities.The animal farming sector contributed 49% of the agriculture.Eight percent of total exports derived from animal farming and their products.Fifth largest milk producing country.Finest Dairy BreedsNili-Ravi weight:- 600-750 kgLactation:- 6-7 kg/dayLactation period:-325 days

Finest Dairy BreedsKundi buffaloes600kgLactation period:-325 days6.8L/day

Finest Dairy BreedsRed Sindhi400-500 kg lactation period:-265 days7.5 kg/day

Balkhi SheepDomesticatedbreed of sheep.Found in Afghanistan and north western Pakistan.Fat tailed mutton type.Weight: 70 kg(both male and female).Lactation period:105 days and produce 60 kg milk during this period.

Baluchi SheepDomesticated breed of sheep.Found in southwest Pakistan, Iran and southern Afghanistan. Member of fat tailed breed.Raised primarily for wool.Black and white having black mark on head and legs.Weight: 35kg.Lactation period: 120 days and gives 35 kg milk during this period.

Dhatti CamelMean weight: 578kg.Lactation length:530daysMilk yield:2850 litersAverage age: 3.8 yearsLoad carrying capacity: 450 kg

Bactrian Camel

Mean weight: 800kgLactation period: 250daysMilk yield: 1150 litersAverage age: 4.5 yearsLoad carrying capacity: 490 kg

LIVESTOCK PRODUCTSMilk 33.230 million tonsBeef 1.237 million tonsMutton 0.827 million tonsPoultry meat 0.514 million tonsEggs 9.618 billionsWool 41.2 thousand tonsHair 25.0 thousand tonsEconomic Survey(2006-07)Population In Provinces(Million Heads)PROVINCE Cattle Buffalo Sheep Goats

NWFP 21.5 6.3 13.3 17.5 Punjab 43.2 60.8 24.3 37.1Sindh 28.9 31.8 18.2 23.8 Baluchistan 6.4 1.1 44.2 21.6 Challenges Facing LivestockPoor genetic & reproductive efficiencyEpidemics of infectious diseases Lack of organized marketing Small holders production system Shortage (by 30%) of feed resources inquantity & qualityUnavailability of credit to the livestockfarmers (11% of agricultural credit)Research Priorities for BetterFuture of LivestockBreeding & GeneticsImproving Feed Resources andTechnologiesAnimal HealthAnimal ReproductionFisheries and AquacultureControlling Livestock Disease