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Analysis of pitches

Apr 16, 2017




Jay FranksAnalysis of pitchesJacobs Pitch

Kierans Pitch

Tafis Pitch

Sophies PitchConnors Pitch

Megans Pitch

Adams Pitch

Paiges Pitch

Alfies Pitch

Hannah Duncans Pitch

Hannah Goodmans Pitch

Marakeshs Pitch

Libbys PitchSahils PitchMaxs Pitch

Jasmines Pitch

Emilys Pitch

Jesss Pitch

These screenshots show me analysing the rest of my classmates pitches by posting a comment on their blog. I have given them good feedback as I have explained in detail what I think was good about their pitch for their magazine, as well as mentioning negative criticism on their idea so they can make amendments to their idea when it comes to designing it.

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