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An Introductory Guide To Mobile Marketing

May 09, 2015



Mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the most essential elements of a successful marketing strategy.

Join other forward-thinking businesses and learn how you can effectively use mobile marketing to grow your business.

Topics covered include:

- Mobile social networking
- Location-based marketing
- Creating responsive websites
- Mobile email marketing
- How-to use mobile applications
- And much more!

You do not have to be a genius to make mobile work for your business. This ebook is designed to get you up and running with the basics of mobile marketing and teach you how to use it to create new opportunities for your business.

  • 1.IntroductoryAn Introductory Guide ToMOBILE MARKETINGHow to find, convert and keep mobile customers for your business.

2. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingINTRODUCTORYTHIS EBOOKIntroductory mobile marketing is for anyone who is new to the subject. This is a great place to learn about mobile and how you can use it to add value to your business.INTERMEDIATE Intermediate mobile marketing is for those with some familiarity with the topic. This content will focus more on the details and best practices.ADVANCED Advanced mobile marketing is for those who want to learn indepth tactics on effectively using mobile marketing to grow your business and become an expert.www.pocketyourshop.com2 3. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingAN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO MOBILE MARKETINGThis ebook was created by Brian Downard.!Brian is a Co-Founder and Project Manager for Pocket Your Shop with over 3 years of mobile marketing experience.Connect On LinkedIn >www.pocketyourshop.com3 4. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingCONTENTS 06INTRODUCTION10THE BASICS20SOCIAL NETWORKS37LOCATION-BASED MARKETING42MOBILE WEBSITES54EMAIL MARKETING62MOBILE APPLICATIONS70CONCLUSIONwww.pocketyourshop.com4 5. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingFOREWORD The world of mobile marketing can be intimidating because it is still relatively new but at the same time, growing exponentially.!First, I want you to stop trying to go mobile and simply start thinking mobile.!!I say this because you can start using the tools in this ebook for free and you do not have to drastically alter your marketing or sales strategies.In this ebook you will learn about and discover great tools that will help you reach and engage your mobile audience!!- Brian Downard | Co-Founder, Pocket Your Shopwww.pocketyourshop.com5 6. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingSECTION01 INTRODUCTIONwww.pocketyourshop.com6 7. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingINTRODUCTION Thanks for joining me! In this ebook I am going to help you understand the basics of mobile marketing and how you can use it to nd, convert and keep mobile customers.!Our world has been overtaken by mobile devices. From education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and everything in between. Mobile devices are creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses everywhere.!How does your business successfully take advantage of mobile devices? Where should you even start?!Pocket Your Shop created this ebook to help navigate you through the complexities of mobile marketing and highlight crucial areas your business should focus on. Once you have completed this ebook, you will be able to apply new techniques and youll be thinking mobile in no time.www.pocketyourshop.com7 8. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingProblem Marketing has forever changed with the rapid growth and adoption of mobile technology. Marketers need to stay open minded and keep up with trends or risk getting left behind. Consumers are now in control of the content they consume. After decades of continuous and annoying advertisements, todays consumers do an excellent job of tuning those out.!Through mobile devices, consumers can now view anything they want, anytime, anywhere. You need to start giving customers what they want, or your competitors will.Solution Instead of trying to direct sell and use expensive, outdated methods of advertising that are difficult to measure, instead your business should start providing useful, interesting content and then share that content in the appropriate places and make it accessible. Just because you build it, does not mean they will come. The combination of right content, right place/time will help you compete in the world of mobile marketing and when done correctly, will help you grow your business.!Ready to learn how-to find, convert and keep mobile customers? Lets get started!www.pocketyourshop.com8 9. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing Visualized To better understand the different areas of mobile marketing we created this simple visual to show how a visitor turns into a lead, then into a customer and ultimately a fan that helps you promote your brand. These will be covered in more depth later in this ebook.www.pocketyourshop.com9 10. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingSECTION02 THE BASICSwww.pocketyourshop.com10 11. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingTHE BASICS Mobile marketing is marketing on or through a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. These devices have opened many new channels for businesses to connect with their customers anytime, anywhere.!Before we dive into the individual areas of mobile marketing, it is important that you understand what mobile marketing is, what your customers needs are and what that means for mobile users expectations.!These devices have grown tremendously in a very short amount of time. Theyve gone from simple voice and text phones the size of a brick, to highly engaging, social, connected devices that people can carry in their pockets.By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people.Source: Cisco, 2013So what areas of mobile marketing should you focus on and how can they be used to grow your business?www.pocketyourshop.com11 12. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingTypes Of Mobile Marketing Social Networks The features and potential of social networks has expanded greatly in the past few years. Facebook is considered by most to be a standard social network while others like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest have put their own spin on the concept of social networking and what businesses can accomplish by using them.!Pros: Completely free to share and interact Hundreds of millions of people use social media daily Ability to create hyper-targeted ads Find strangers and turn them into leads and customers Get people from these networks to your website Promote and share content youve created Turn loyal customers into brand promoters!Cons: Very crowded with information Can be difficult to stand out There are no secrets, be careful what you share Can become very time consuming Measuring ROI in dollars can be difficultwww.pocketyourshop.com12 13. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingTypes Of Mobile Marketing Cont. Location-Based Marketing Many forms of mobile marketing are closely connected and location-based marketing is no exception. However, it relies on other channels of mobile marketing to function properly. Signing up for services like Google, Yelp and using keywords (ex: Los Angeles Sushi, Manhattan Suit Shop) on your website and social networks will help people find your business in local searches. Location-based marketing can even send targeted ads or messages to customers when they enter a certain area with their mobile device.!Pros: There are some great, free tools you can use Local customers can find you when they search online Give people incentives for coming into your business Many businesses are not taking advantage of this yet!Cons: Some services are expensive and confusing Not every customer has fully adopted location-based marketing Can become time consuming to managewww.pocketyourshop.com13 14. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingTypes Of Mobile Marketing Cont. Mobile Websites Surprisingly, half of all American businesses still do not have a website! That being said, they might be in luck because when they finally create their first website, they will likely add mobile functionality as it has become a standard.!If you already have a website, it is time that you start asking how mobile visitors are viewing and interacting with your website?!Pros: Help people discover your business Extends reach and online visibility Enhances your online search rankings Opportunities to convert your audience into customers A place where its okay to sell your brand Use analytics to learn more about your audience Take advantage of blogging and create traffic! !Cons: Can sometimes be expensive Usually need to hire outside help to build and maintain A poorly built site can be worse than not having one Most people expect mobile functionality todaywww.pocketyourshop.com14 15. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingTypes Of Mobile Marketing Cont. Email Marketing Email is one of the oldest and still most popular forms of online communication. A few years ago, having a smartphone meant that you could do some form of email and web browsing. While smartphones abilities have grown, email remains a crucial function of these devices.!As weve become more dependent on these devices, more people will use them to quickly manage their email. The emails you send should not only grab peoples attention, they need to be viewable on mobile devices to ensure you are not loosing potential leads and customers.!Pros: You can build a database of qualified leads Segment leads based off their demographic, interests, etc. Nurturing leads can create new and repeat customers Bring customer back to your business Keeps customers in all stages of the buying process thinking about your business!Cons: Learning curve to nurture leads effectively Requires some creativity and content to capture leads Can be time consuming to managewww.pocketyourshop.com15 16. An Introductory Guide To Mobile MarketingTypes Of Mobile Marketing Cont. Mobile Applications Mobile apps are bite-sized pieces of software that are downloaded and used on mobile devices which run independent of your website.!Businesses use these to do everything from sell merchandise to share useful content. But, at their core, businesses use apps to build brand loyalty and keep customers coming back.!Pros: Help customer make buying decisions Share your content anytime, anywhere Reward your most valuable customers Use analytics for insights on your mobile audience Creates lasting value for your customers!Cons: Can sometimes be expensive Usually need professional to build and maintain Is managed