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Dec 09, 2021



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Inquiry 1992: Vol 35 Table of ContentsFounder
EDITOR Alastair Hannay FOUNDED BY Arne Naess
EDITORIAL BOARD Paul M. Churchland, University of California, San Diego; Stephen R. L. Clark, University of Liverpool; G. A. Cohen, All Souls College, Oxford; Hubert L. Dreyfus, University of California, Berkeley; Jon Elster, University of Chicago; Dagfinn Fgllesdal, Stanford University and University of Oslo; Helge Hgibraaten, University of Trondheim; Anthony O’Hear, University of
Bradford; Charles Taylor, McGill University
EDITORIAL POLICY Practice and theory in all areas depend on basic assumptions in the background of discussion. /nquiry gives precedence to articles and discussions which bring these assumptions into focus and which place questions of policy or theory in the wider context of traditional philosophical concerns. Preference is also given to papers composed in a style that renders their content accessible to non-specialists. Times will as a rule be published within one year of receipt. / Reviews are confined to extended discussions of books selected for their special interest. Books sent for review are listed in each issue. / Instructions for authors are given on the inside back-cover.
TYPESCRIPTS for consideration and books for review should be addressed to:
The Editor, Inquiry, Department of Philosophy, P.O. Box 1024 Blindern, N-0315 Oslo 3, Norway
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Published quarterly by Scandinavian University Press, Oslo, Norway. Annual subscription USD 106.00/50.00. Second Class Postage is paid at Jamaica, NY 11431. U.S. Postmasters: Send address changes to Inquiry, Publications Expediting Inc., 200 Meacham Ave., Elmont, NY 11003. Air freight mailing in the U.S. by Publications Expediting Inc., 200 Meacham Ave., Elmont, NY 11003.
Typeset and printed in Great Britain by ——— Page Bros, Norwich
ALLISON, HENRY E.: Spinoza and the Philosophy of Immanence: Reflections on Yovel’s The Adventures of Immanence
AMERIKS, KARL: Kant and Hegel on Freedom: Two New Interpretations
BORGMANN, ALBERT: The Moral Significance of the Material Culture
CALLICOTT, J. BAIRD: Can a Theory of Moral Sentiments Support a Genuinely Normative ST ins nk irnduiidstevhsnaesalahienmiersesbencivnnes
COLLIER, CHARLES W-.: Intellectual Authority and Institutional Authority
DUMOUCHEL, PAUL: Gilbert Simondon’s Plea for a Philosophy of Technology
EZRAHI, YARON: Technology and the Civil
Epistemology of Democracy FALK, BARRIE: Wittgenstein on What One Meant and
What One Would Have Said FEENBERG, ANDREW: Subversive Rationalization:
Technology, Power, and Democracy
FELDMAN, SEYMOUR: Spinoza: A Marrano of IIIT si blichAdninitibecrendicdbebiihaeh ide dslinsbiteasonntpberencetene
IHDE, DON: Image Technologies and Traditional Culture KLEIN, DANIEL B.: Go Ahead and Let Him Try: A
Plea for Egonomic Laissez-faire LONGINO, HELEN E.: Knowledge, Bodies, and Values:
Reproductive Technologies and their Scientific Context .. POOLE, ROSS: Living with Reason SCHACHT, RICHARD: Adventures of Immanence
Revisited TIJMES, PIETER: The Archimedean Point and
Eccentricity: Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy of Science and Technology
WINNER, LANGDON: Citizen Virtues in a
Technological Order YOVEL, YIRMIYAHU: Spinoza and Other Heretics:
Reply to Critics
Sharpe, Making the Human Mind)
COOPER, DAVID E.: Inverting the Image: Dreyfus’s Commentary on Heidegger (Hubert L. Dreyfus, Being-
in-the-World: A Commentary on Heidegger’s Being and
Time, Division 1) GILLETT, GRANT: Unpacking the Black Box of
Cognition (D. W. Hamlyn, Jn and Out of the Black Box:
On the Philosophy of Cognition)
GRANT, ROBERT: The Politics of Equilibrium
(Torbjérn Tannsj6, Conservatism for Our Time) LUNTLEY, MICHAEL: Practice Makes Knowledge?
(Pierre Bourdieu, The Logic of Practice) PERSSON, INGMAR: The Indeterminacy and
Insignificance of Personal Identity (Peter Unger,
Identity, Consciousness and Value) SANFORD, DAVID H.: The Anastylosis of Reason:
Fitting Together Stich’s Fragments (Stephen P. Stich, The Fragmentation of Reason: Preface to a Pragmatic Theory of Cognitive Evaluation)
Books Received