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Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May

Jun 03, 2018



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  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May


    INSIDE... Diar Da es Spring Case Eas er Rec mmenda ns Heavenl Hungarians Pick he Bunch L ve Sauvign n Blanc? Special Sherr

    Newsle er | V lume 17Issue 2 | April - May 2014

    Keep up to date with the latest from Amps Fine Wines

    SPRING CASE 6 B o t t L E

    C A S E f o R

    4 4

  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May


    2 O ers available un l 31s Ma 2014 , whilst stocks last only


    The AnnualSpring TastiDa e: Friday 9th MayVenue: St. Peters Church, Oundletime: 5pm - 9pmC s : FREE but you must book in advance

    We are delighted to invite you to join usat our annual spring tas ng whereyoull be sure to nd somethingto ckle your taste buds !

    The tas ng sheet will be burs ng at theseams with an a en on-grabbing rangeof around 70 wines from all over theworld, perfect for springing into summer!Weve extended the mings too so its

    even more relaxed.


  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May


    3Order wines online at www.amps newines.c .uk or by phone 01832 273502


    Unoaked so burs ngwith juicy tropical fruit

    Chard nnaEmiliana,


    Easy drinking,

    so , sweet and juicy number!

    6 B o t t L E

    C A S E f o R

    4 4

    Weve put together a selec on of bright, easy drinking wines perfect forspringing into summer! One bo le of each wine is included within the

    case, plus youll save as the case already has a discount applied!

    Deliciously light,so and fruity

    Pr seccCavi NV,

    I al

    Bright, fresh andsoaked in delicatecitrus avours

    S ave I PrandiMarca , I al

    Delicately spiced withlots of summer fruits

    R se falseBa , S u h

    A rica


    Zin andel,Cali rnia

    Merl /M urvedreLes oliviers,


    Lusciously fruitywith a dus ngof pepper

  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May


    4 O ers available un l 31s Ma 2014 , whilst stocks last only

    EAStER RECoMMENDAtIoNSDanielle rec mmends hree wines enj

    ver he Eas er break

    El sium Black Musca Quad Winer 2011, USA (375ml)

    Made by a couple that used to make reworks, but its o en said that theymake a bigger bang with their wines than their reworks ever did! A rich berryavour and lovely aroma of rose petals with a lusciously rich palate.

    This will be perfect withyour choccy eggs!


    Riesling Inviv 2012, New ZealandA lush, medium sweet Riesling that has spring slurping wri en all over it.Pure and fragrant with clean lime aromas. The palate is zippy and soaked in lemonand lime avours with a parma violet nish. Dangerously drinkable because of itsmountain of sweet fruit, but its got ghtrope balance too! And at just 11% its theideal lunch me pple.

    Yummy on its own!fooD


    Pin N ir Calusari 2012, R maniaA brilliant example of the good quality wines now being made in this corner ofEurope. Vibrant strawberry and cranberry aromas balanced by characteris callyearthy Pinot Noir tones. Stunning value this kind of quality would cost a wholelot more elsewhere in the world!

    Scrummy with lamb!fooD



    NoW 10.99


    SAVE 4

  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May

    5/85Order wines online at www.amps newines.c .uk or by phone 01832 273502


    I visited Hungary late last year and came back incredibly enthused aboutthe wines. As a country, Hungary has a reputa on when it comes tosweet wines, but the dry wines are simply fabulous! I believe they willbecome as famous if not more so than their sweet wines! You simplyhave to taste these wines to discover what the fuss is all about.

    - Philip

    White MeatsfooD




    Mad Drfurmin2012, Hungar Move overChablis!

    Percze MadSzen tamas2011, Hungar Gorgeous richstone fruitwrapped in vanillawith fab minerality.Think of this asa top ight whiteBurgundy!

    t kaji Kiral Mad2011, Hungar(375ml)Simply nectarin a glass!

    Something sweetand naughty!Roast Pork

    Dr furminPuklusPincesze2012, HungarClean andcreamy withpineapple, pear,minerality anda oral touch.

    Egri Bikaver2009, HungarDark chocolateand avours offorest fruits!

    Wan as ehese wines?

    Sa urda 12 h AprilAmps fine Wines10am 2pmfree En rTaste the en re rangecomplemented byHungarian style sausages.

    No need to book, justturn up and taste away!


    PoultryRed Meat


    10.99 11.50

    13.99 31.99 18.99

  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May


    6 O ers available un l 31s Ma 2014 , whilst stocks last only


    Blooming marvellous new wines and new vintages!

    4. Chard nna L urens rd2012, S u h A rica Rounded and peachy with cleanripe fruit

    5. Vi gnier Winemakers Selec nL urens rd 2012, S u h A rica Caressing creamy texture mixed withwhite stone fruit avours so elegant!

    6 . S rah Winemakers Selec nL urens rd 2011, S u h A rica Seduc ve, voluptuous and velvetywith gorgeous blackberry fruit.

    1. Gewrz raminer ReservaM rande 2013, Chile Wonderfully oral with deliciousTurkish delight aromas. Fresh,clean and pure.

    2. Pin N ir Reserva

    M rande 2011, Chile Savoury in style with a meaty nose

    and oodles of mushroom and wildstrawberries avours

    3. Carmenere ReservaM rande 2010, Chile Elegant and wonderfully supplerich plump fruit and withupfront spice


    MAtCHSpicy Foods






    ChickenCaesar salad


    Spicy FoodsfooD


    Red MeatsfooD



    Save 3.51 Save 2Save 3.51

    - Lesley

    NoW 9.99 NoW 9.99 NoW 7.99


  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May

    7/87Order wines online at www.amps newines.c .uk or by phone 01832 273502

    I like me u l ve Sauvign n Blanc,hen ull l ve his bunch wines ! - Rebecca

    Oily FishfooD


    K Naia B degasNaia 2012, Spain

    Fresh and racywith pineapple,hints of mangoand lime zest


    Ri ja BlancMar nez Lacues a

    2012, SpainClean, fresh andlively appealingfruit modern

    white Rioja!

    Roast ChickenfooD



    Picp ul dePine Duc de

    M rn Cave de

    Lormarine2013, france



    fresh!Seafood, oystersor mussels





    Verdelh oldWiner

    t rrells 2012,Aus ralia

    Rich tropicalfruit avoursand a lemony

    crisp nish

    Cold CutsfooD



  • 8/12/2019 Amps Fine Wines Newsletter April/May


    Amps fine Wines, 6 Marke Place, oundle, Pe erb r ugh PE8 4BQ tel: 01832 273502 | web: www.amps newines.c .uk | email: in @amps newines.c .uk

    wi er.c m/@amps newines aceb k.c m/amps newinesfREE PARKING foR CUStoMERS


    the bes sherr in he w rld? Sure, i sa b ld s a emen bu ti Pepe En Ramais alwa s a mas erpiece! this will be he

    5 h b ling his unique and exclusiveb ling, presen ed in an un l ered andunclari ed guise which all cap ures

    he unique charac er sherr .

    B ling da e: 21s April

    The sherry will arrive in the UK the following week,and will be like gold dust as there is only a smallamount made! Please call or email us to add yourname to the alloca on list so you dont miss out.

    14.99 per b le

    - Alan

    LIMItED RELEASE:En Rama b ti

    Pepe 75cl, Spain