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Production and Distribution ‘The Unknown’ film

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Apr 13, 2017



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Production and Distribution

Production and Distribution The Unknown film

Production Co. In our teen film opening The Unknown, we created our Production ident using motion. The first photo above is a screenshot of the animated motion that comes at the start of the ident (with music on top). The second screenshot is our Production name: AMP. This is made up of our initials.

Production Co. continuedAs our film would be a low budget film, we took inspiration from other low budget independent companies, we had come across in the past. This may include companies such as Big talk Productions who produced films such as In Fear, Hot Fuzz and Paul. We also took inspiration from companies such as Blumhouse Productions who produced a low budget film which is similar to our own: Paranormal Activity.

AMP Productions positivesWith a low budget Production company, there are some negative aspects, such as not being able to afford no/few big name stars. There is also less availability for a range of technology for CGI, which would have resulted in a better quality film. However there are also some positive aspects regarding a low budget production company

Positives There is more room for creative freedom. It allows inexperienced and up and coming crew/stars get a chance.It is a cheaper option when marketing the film trailer for example, online.

Distribution Co.In our teen film opening we also created our own distribution ident using motion. We chose to have the ident count up in numbers, as I feel it created a suspense feeling of when it would reach the target and display our film.The first photo shows a screenshot of the count up and the second is our final ident shot. We chose to call is 500 because we feel it seems quite original and seem to sound like an independent company.

Distribution Co. continuedSimilarly to our production company, our distribution company is a smaller independent company. With a lower budget there are pros and cons to the distribution and consumption of the film. By comparing our company to a big major company, it is interesting to see the difference. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures were the main distribution company for Thor 2. As they are a major company, they were able to have a big premiere, a big audience, festivals, and a big release.

500 Distribution Co. In comparison to Distribution Companies such as Walt Disney, our own distribution company will be less effective in the ultimate task of having as big a audience as possible. 500 Distributions, will overall have less marketing and advertising as the main way the film will be distributed is online, as it is cheaper. This will result in a smaller release. The film The Unknown will most likely have no premier due to the budget, and ultimately a smaller audience, due to the limited release.