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American Wilderness Leadership School

Jul 12, 2015




Ive Had the Time of My Life

Ive Had the Time of My Life

My experience at AWLSWyoming

The Drive In : seven miles of stone road

The Lodge

Inside the Lodge

Inside the lodge there were many cool things to see. They also listed WHO the main sponsors of AWLS were. There is NW Ohio!5Dinner Time!

6Views from the Classroom


Survival SkillsWe learned how to make fire! Who knew that a battery and steel wool was so handy?

Other Survival SkillsWe learned about filtering water, and after all of the bugs found in the stream ecology, I GET it!

We also learned the basics of shelter.

Stream Ecology

We learned about all of the critters that live in our streams. I never realized that there were so MANY and that so many other streams do NOT have has many bugs as this stream did. The amount of bugs was staggering. I believe that we were told that there is something like 1000 scuds of bugs in one yard of stream. Scuds are young bugs that are segmented and have weird little antennae and gills and little hairy things sticking out all over. One of the more rare ones was the stonefly nymphs. They are kind of like a mayfly, but can only live in very pristine waters.

Fly Fishing

There are four types of cutthroat trout native to Wyoming: the Colorado River cutthroat, the Yellowstone cutthroat, the Bonneville cutthroat, and the Snake River cutthroat. These are desirable and there is a limit on catching them. There is also lake trout that was introduced in the 1930s for anglers. They are considered an endangered species.

Fittingly Dinner was

NASP ArcheryWe learned the basics of archery

Both on target and 3-D target

Now for the real fun!!!We started with air pistols and video games

Things that go BOOM22 with a scope

Air pistol

The Shotgun; I used the .20 gauge

Ecology classes were interspersed

We even had FUN while learning

Yellowstone ecologyField TripsWe studied the fracking fields in Pinedale

Wild life while drivingPronghorn, Horned Toad, Osprey, oh my!

We've been talkin' 'bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out. I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around..

Elk Refuge, and Mormon Row

Elk, its whats for dinner.

The most awesome view ever.

Amazing things, big and small

Rafting the Snake River.


Examples of Uses in the Classroom ALREADY!I have shown my kids photos and we have had great discussions.We have been studying rocks and how rocks are made. Oil Shale came up and we have had conversations about fracking.We have a terrarium set up and we have been talking about ecology and clean water.As a final thought, I need to publicly thank the following for making my fabulous experience possible:

The North West Ohio Safari ClubRyan Bronson, Federal Cartridge Co.Bill Brossard, National Shooting Sports FoundationRC Lopez, Bureau of Land ManagementDean Claus and Scot SmithClaudia Olsen, National Youth Program Coordinator, National Rifle AssociationHarlem Kredit, Yellowstone National ParkBen Maki, Mossy OakCraig Kaufman, President of Safari Club InternationalSandra Sadler, President, SCI Education SablesJoe Hosmer, President, Safari Club International Foundation

And ALL of the wonderful instructors at AWLS.

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