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American School Life

Nov 18, 2014



This is a short introduction I did for a Japanese EFL class about American school life. Clearly this does not encompass all possible aspects of American schooling as there is no real "typical" experience.

  • 1. My AmericanSchool Life

2. The School YearSeptember (1st) -June (5th?)Summer VacationJuneJulyAugust 3. School Times Middle School8:00am 3:00pm 4. Going to School Most middle school students go by bus. High school students can drive their car. 5. Classes and Break Time 7 classes 55 minutes Break Time 4 minutes between classes Lunch Time 25 minutes 6. Club Activities 60% participate in some sport Spring: baseball, softball, track, tennis Fall: soccer, volleyball, football, 7. Cleaning the School Students do not clean the school. There are about 3 people at each school who clean everything. 8. Sports Pep Fest Cheer for our sport teams! In the gym Dancing Band

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