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Ambassador team meeting

Jul 13, 2015



  • eTwinning Ambassador meetingWales and South WestDateThose in attendance

  • Agenda2012 ReviewWorkshops 2012PDWs/ Professional Development Opportunities 2012Ambassador Contracts/Finance 2012Lessons Learnt 2012eTwinning Priorities 2013Next StepsWorkplan 2013PDWs 2013/European conference 2013AOB

  • 2012 ReviewBy the end of October 2012 we had already exceeded the totals for the whole of 2011 for new schools and project registrations!

    South West- Up 85 projects compared with 2011Wales- Up 84 projects compared with 2011

    South West- Up 144 registrations compared with 2011Wales- Up 118 registrations compared with 2011

    Nevertheless, the number of registered projects is still too small a proportion of overall school and teacher registrations, and there is still the issue of the large number of inactive users those who register on the portal but then dont appear to do engage much further with eTwinning.

  • Workshops/Events 2012Stonehouse Twilight (July)- NickyDorset/Torbay Twilight (October)- AngelaPort Talbot Twilight (October)- RuthHelston Twilight (November)- James and CharlottePlymouth Twilight (November)- Charlotte Flintshire Presentation (December)- Shan Owain- Aberdare, Lampeter Twilights- OwainBaglan, Cardiff Lauren

  • Professional Development Opportunities 2012Training EventsEuropean Conference- BerlinFuture Classroom Lab Brussels

  • Ambassador Contracts/Finance 2012

    Activity Proposal FormsAmbassador ContractsNew Ambassador Contracts 2013Follow up Activity

  • Lessons Learnt 2012Feedback and commentsSuggested improvementsPDWsWorkshops

  • eTwinning Priorities 2013To promote eTwinning teams in schoolsTo foster the establishment of projectsMobilising users- making them more active and engaged

  • To increase and maintain participation in eTwinning in the UK: Increase the numbers of UK schools involved in the programme, numbers of partnerships involving UK schools, and numbers of UK teachers involved in eTwinning. Strive to encourage teams of teachers to be formed within individual schools. Widening and deepening participation: Aim to ensure equitable participation across the range of UK school contexts. Monitor participation according to the data available on the eTwinning portal with regards to geographical, age and subject-related information Impact Continue to monitor and encourage the quality of eTwinning involvement of UK teachers with a view to identifying, disseminating and increasing the impact of the programme in areas such as pedagogical practice, professional development, learner engagement and attainment and overall systemic impact at institutional level. Collaboration in a national and global context: cooperation who the Comenius actions and other British Council programmes. Greater synergies between eTwinning ambassadors and ambassadors for other British Council-managed programmes, where appropriate and practical. Emphasise the systemic impact of eTwinning a part of a whole school, global involvement in the international dimension, target school leaders in promoting this message.

  • Next Steps

  • Workplan 2013WorkshopsFollow-up ActivityOne-to-One Visits

  • PDWs 2013/European ConferenceLisbonFuture Classroom LabOther eventsSelection criteria

  • AOB


    **Put some stats about this yearBeen busyI started with the team

    So maybe each ambassador could discuss their workshops etc

    *To discuss any opportunitiesHow they went*Invite the ambassadors to discuss things that went well with workshops/PDWs this year- things that could be changed.

    Workshops-promotionsHow we should be recruiting for events etc

    What is the Ambassadors view on these priorities and how do we go about tackling them this year?Problems we will face and how to overcome these. *

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