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Altar Server s Training Session #1 Introductory Altar Server’s Training Session #1 Introductory Rites Arrive at church at least 15 minutes before Mass Go to Server’s sacristy and

Feb 24, 2021




  • Altar Server’s Training Session #1

    Introductory Rites

    Arrive at church at least 15 minutes before Mass Go to Server’s sacristy and choose robe that fits, just above the ankles. Choose cincture for appropriate season (hint - color of altar cloth) Go over to priest’s sacristy bowing to the tabernacle as you cross Decide which 2 server’s will carry the candles and who will carry the cross. Carry the bread & wine to the back of the church for offertory (if asked) Light the candles next to the altar and the tabernacle Listen to last minute instructions from the deacon/priest Pray with the deacon and priest before Mass Go to the back of the church and wait for the introduction to be read Let the choir begin the Entrance Song and everyone in procession to be ready Procession: Cross bearer Candle bearers Deacon or Lector with the Book of the Gospels Priest Keep 3 pews between each person in procession – walk slowly!! Go to top step in front of altar – pause – slightly (put cross/candles away) Stand in front of correct chair Greeting: Penitential Act: Gloria: Collect: Fr. says, “Let us pray…” Server brings Roman Missal to priest

  • Altar Servers Training Session #2

    Liturgy of the Word

    Stay seated: First Reading Psalm Response Second Reading Gospel: When the choir begins the Alleluia, the 2 candle bearers go & get the candles from the Credence Table, stand in front of the altar, allowing priest/deacon to come to the center of the altar and pick up the Book of the Gospels. Following the priest’s/deacon’s lead, pause and turn toward the deacon/priest as he holds up the Book of the Gospels for all to see, then proceed to the Ambo, one server on each side of the priest/deacon holding the candles at the same height while the Gospel is read. Place the candles back on the Credence Table at the end of the Gospel and go back to your chairs for the homily. Stand for the Creed Prayers of the Faithful

  • Altar Servers Training Session #3

    Liturgy of the Eucharist

    Offertory: Preparing the Altar The Priest will sit down as the gifts are collected from the people On Sunday only: Server (cross bearer) will take the basket under his/her chair and go down to the first step to collect $$ from the children. The deacon will go to the altar while the servers (candle bearers) bring the Chalice & the Roman Missal to the altar. (If there are any pix with low gluten host make sure they are placed on the altar as well.) Go back to chairs and wait for the Priest to stand and then follow him down to the first step, standing on either side to collect the gifts. Accept whatever the priest gives you and go back to the altar. If you have the basket of $$, place it on the floor in front of the altar. If you have the wine cruet, stand on the side of the altar If you have been given the bread place it on the altar, then go to the Credence Table and get the water cruet, leaving the stopper on the table, and stand next to the server with the wine cruet.

    Cross Bearer may return to their chair

    Both servers go back to the Credence Table – the server with the water pick up the dish for washing hands and the server with the wine cruet, take the towel and open it. Both servers go to the altar for the priest to wash his hands, and then return the items to the Credence Table and return to you chairs

  • Kneel at your chair for the Eucharistic Prayer: At the epiclesis (“sending down your Spirit”) the server will ring to bells. Ring bells when the Body of Christ is raised & again when the Blood of Christ is raised Great Amen The Lord’s Prayer: stand with folded hands Sign of Peace: Lamb of God: move a little if room is needed for Eucharistic Minister who will be joining you behind the altar for Communion. Communion: After receiving Communion and the EM are giving the Body & Blood of Jesus to the people you may sit in your chairs. Following Communion, the deacon or the priest will be at the altar to cleanse the vessels, assist by getting the cruet of water and returning all items set to the side to the Credence Table, then return to your chairs.

  • Altar Servers Training Session #4

    Concluding Rites

    Greeting & Final Blessing: Stand When the priest says: “Let us pray” the server brings the Roman Missal over to the Presider’s chair Dismissal: Closing Song: Cross Bearer go retrieve the Cross and stand in the middle of the front of the altar allow room for the priest/deacon to be closer to the altar Candle Bearers go to the Credence Table and retrieve the candles, standing in front of the altar allowing room for the priest/deacon in between the two servers. After the Priest/Deacon bow and turn, the Cross bearer followed by the candle bears can lead the priest and deacon back down the center aisle. Return all items to the sacristy Extinguish candles at the altar and tabernacle Bring in the items from the Credence Table to be washed. Ask if there is anything else that needs to be done Hang up your robe and cincture up in the closet and you may leave.

    Altar Servers Training 1.pdf Altar Servers Training 2.pdf Altar Servers Training 3.pdf Altar Servers Training 4.pdf