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“Reconnect Restore” Prepared for: All Saints’ Episcopal Church Prepared by: Chariot PR Date: 2/11/14

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Jul 23, 2015



Reconnect Restore Reconnect RestorePrepared for: All Saints Episcopal ChurchPrepared by: Chariot PRDate: 2/11/14

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Problem Statement 4-5

Work Statement 5

Goals 6Objectives 7

Strategies 8

Tactics 9

Publics 10

Project Management Statement 11Duties & Schedule 11

Budget 12Evaluation 12

Qualifications - 13

Executive Summary

All Saints Episcopal Church in Torresdale was originally established as All Saints Mission Church in 1772. In the past nearly two and a half centuries, All Saints Church has grown to a congregation of about 250 and hosts three services a week, along with supporting a choir, youth group, nursery, preschool, kindergarten, and Cub Scout troop. The church writes on their website that they have evolved to address the needs of our local community, the greater Philadelphia area, and the global community. The strategies and tactics within this plan will help All Saints raise the funds they need to subsidize two restoration projects, which will in turn provide their community with aesthetic beauty, historic tourism appeal, and a restored place of worship and ministry. Our team, Chariot PR, has met with members of All Saints Church to understand their problems and desired outcomes. The church asked us to create an event to address two problems: a lack of funding needed to restore their steeple and cemetery, and a desire for increased community involvement and awareness of their church. We have discussed several options and our research efforts have led to this proposal of the first annual Spring into Something New event which will begin to diagnose both of their problems at once.This event will host several local businesses at the All Saints Church during one Saturday. Essentially a local business expo, each business will offer sessions to teach attendees a skill or craft. The Northeast community already has many small businesses that host their own independent teaching sessions, and the ones who come together for this event will naturally want to advertise it themselves because they are invested in our success. Spring into Something New will attract business owners and community residents of all ages and interests to All Saints Church.

Problem Statement

All Saints Episcopal Church is a unique and historic landmark that has been in the Torresdale community since 1772. The church has a historic cemetery as well as a school, which is celebrating its 100th year this year. Their longevity has brought a positive influence on their neighborhood for over two centuries, but now they are in need of support.

Problem 1: Money

All Saints is looking for a spring event that will raise money. In the past All Saints has only had one fund raising event that took place in the fall. This event was a craft sale. Although it raised a decent amount of money, the ladies of the church insisted that it was getting old, that only their parishners show up, and lately people had been bringing in their own junk to sell. The money is needed to help restore the cemetery so that the church can host walking tours. The steeple needs to be supported and the church would also like an electronic sign instead of the one they have currently, which uses magnetic letters. This sign is problematic because most companies have stopped making magnetic letters, and the church has to think very carefully about what they put on the sign because as we were informed by Maggie, We might not have enough vowels.


All Saints has never had a spring event before so that means our options are wide open. We also wont have to work around anything else the church is trying to do. Because we are hosting a spring event there is a better chance we can hold the event outside and get a higher attendance of people.

Problem 2: Awareness

As mentioned above All Saints is a historical church, but it seems at the moment no one knows that. Outside of parish members there is no knowledge of the renovations that All Saints needs to perform. They are also not part of the Pennsylvania historical society.


Because knowledge of the church is minimal we might be able to gather more attention for our cause because itd be something new. Also because All Saints is relatively unknown there appears to be no negative feelings towards them, therefore making it an open door to tell publics about our cause.

Problem 3: Community Involvement

Currently All Saints has a youth group, a day school, and a Boy Scout troop, but the congregation itself is not made up of many families. All Saints feels very drawn to the community and wants to appeal to everyone. On their website they say: People joining you in the pews come from all around NE Philadelphia. We are men and women and children. We are young and old. Some of us our white and some are black. Some have families and some are single. Some of us are straight and some of us our gay. Some of us our people of means and some of us struggle to make ends meet. Currently the church doesnt have as much diversity and families as it states on its website. Our client wants more families to know about All Saints and for the church to feel like it is a part of the community


Torresdale has a big community that it is very active. Also starting a relationship can be easier than maintaining a relationship and or fixing one. The fact that All Saints is open to everyone is an ideal that can appeal to everyone and gives our team a lot to work with.

Chariot PR will be working to address fundraising for All Saints while creating awareness and community involvement by hosting a spring event.

Work Statement:Goals

Objective 1

Have 100 people attend Lunch and Bid fundraising eventOur main event, Lunch and Bid is going to be a silent auction held on the church premises. We will request donations for auction items (valued at $30 or more) from church members and local businesses. There will be a variety of items up for auction. The event will have food and music.

Tactics:Light up the NightIn order to draw attention to our event we will be lighting up the cemetery and church with Christmas lights and candles making the whole place glow. Banners will strategically be placed in front of the church advertising our lunch and bid event as well as bringing attention to our campaign. This will happen a few nights before our event. Contact 40 businesses for donations for the silent auctionThe list below is a bunch of businesses that we will contact asking for donations for our silent auctionCreate a sneak preview corner at auctionThis corner will depict the renovations the church needs as well as a sneak preview of their walking tour. This corner will have big pictures as well as descriptions of the plan to restore the church.

Strategies: All Saints Church needs restoration in order to offer tours and remain a relevant historical site.This message is also designed to reach members of the community as well as business owners. This message is necessary because positioning All Saints as a historical site would bring more people into the area, which in turn provides growth for businesses in TorresdaleAs church members this will be a fun event to participate in and to bring your family and friends toThis message will be told to parish members encouraging them to donate as well as come to our auction and bring other people to. Lunch and bidThis is the slogan and name of our major fundraising event. The intent of this slogan is to make people view it as a causal fun event where money will go towards a good cause.

Objective 2

Have 50 people attend free car wash eventOn April 12, the Saturday before our main event, we will host a free car wash at All Saints Church. While we will solicit, but not require, donations, our main cause is to promote the silent auction event the following day. We will use flyers and conversation to promote the event. We will also contact the churchs high school youth group to ask for help running the car wash.

Tactics:Host free car wash to advertise our event and solicit donations.This event will raise donations, help establish a positive reputation for All Saints Church in the community, and advertise our main event by handing out fliers.Place signs on street promoting car wash These signs will be placed right outside of the church pointing to where our event will be held. Create flyers with information about All Saints restoration processes and eventsWe will reach a broad local public and gain more participants at our event through flyers that will be posted in local businesses and organizations. Community members will also learn about All Saints attempts to become a larger part of the community through restoring their historical site.

StrategiesCome to our free car wash and see what were aboutThis message is designed for people to be drawn by the idea of free, but to want to see what All Saints all does. Come back to our big eventAt our car wash we are going to encourage members to come back for our silent auction as well as participate in our 50/50 raffle

Objective 3

Achieve news coverage from at least one media outlet

We will distribute press releases to local media outlets for our car wash and Reconnect Renovate silent auction. We hope to get coverage from at least one local media outlet, in addition to free postings in event calendars.

Tactics:Create two press releases to send to at least five media outlets.By sending out the initial press release, we will inform the media outlets about All Saints Churchs historical significance, needs, and plans. By the second press release, the media outlets will already know about the church and will be more likely to cover the Reconnect Restore event.

Strategies: All Saints Church is Historically SignificantThis message is designed to reach the businesses and residents of Torresdale as well as media outlets that receive our press releases. It is a vital message because it helps establish All Saints as a historical landmark in the Northeast community.

Objective 4

Draft a proposal to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania gives promotion and resources to historic sites in southeastern PA. They have an online application for historic sites to become a member of their organization. Our group will draft a proposal for All Saints Church to become a member.

Tactics:Contact Beth Twiss Houting at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania to inquire about membershipBeth Twiss Houting is the contact person for information regarding membership to the Historical Society. We will reach out to her to identify the necessary steps All Saints Church would need to take to gain membership. We will relay this information to the Church.

Publics to be targeted

Project Management Statement:


Call BusinessesXXBen & Colleen

Make silent auction sheetsXRachel

Make floor plan of auctionXChas

Determine food for lunch and bidXNick

Create flyersXBen

Write press release 1XRachel

Write Press release 2XChas

Contact Beth Twiss HoutingXRachel

Create signs for car washXChas & Colleen

Purchase car wash suppliesXNick

Host car washXEveryone

Talk to church about silent auctionXBen

Take photos for preview cornerXRachel

Light up night XAll

Banner for in front of church XRachel & Nick

Purchase light up night suppliesXNick


Due to a limited budget, Chariot PR is keeping costs as low as possible. In order to accomplish this, all of the printing for flyers will be done either at All Saints Church, or on campus through our personal printing budgets. The only funding that we are asking from All Saints Church is: Car wash tools = $75 We need to purchase sponges, hoses, nozzles and soap for the car wash Food & refreshments for event = $250 Chariot PR will purchase hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, pretzels and a variety of beverages in bulk, and will have them prepared at the church before and during the event. We will sell these refreshments for a small profit.In addition, we are asking for an extra $75 in case of an underestimation of total costs. In total, Chariot PR is asking for $400 to cover all expenses necessary to successfully conduct this plan.


Businesses pitched and number of businesses at eventWe will pitch our event in person to at least 25 businesses in the Torresdale/ Northeast area on March 8th and 15th. We will meet with our contacts at the church to decide an optimum number of businesses for the event and adjust the number of pitches accordingly. We may need to contact more or less businesses depending on the capacity of the church grounds. The number of businesses at the event will be evaluated based on how close it is to the number the church wants.

News coverage Our goal is to generate at least one local news story from our press releases.

Attendees at carwashWe will count the number of cars we wash and people we advertise to at the car wash. Our goal is to wash 50 cars and leave everyone with a flyer for the event.

Attendees at Spring into Something New eventWe plan to have at least 100 attendees at our event. One member of Chariot PR will be in charge of tallying guests.


Ben Bousquet is a senior psychology major with minors in public relations and philosophy. His most recent focus has been on his public relations work - both at La Salle and his internship with the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Managements External Affairs Division. Ben has worked with several organizations to effectively craft messages and reach target publics. He looks forward to the opportunity to volunteer his time and public relations knowledge to a worthy community organization, All Saints Episcopal Church.

Nick Gentile is a senior, public relations major. Through his work through La Salle University and his internship at Blake Anthony Group, a marketing consulting firm, Nick has been able to gain experience in organizing and conducting special events, marketing to the most important markets, and creating visually appealing publications. Nicks knowledge will help to coordinate and advertise the Spring into Something New event being held for All Saints Church.

Rachel Finkbeiner has well diversified writing skills. As a sports editor of the Collegian she is familiar with writing and editing journalism as well as being proficient in Adobe InDesign. Rachel has also taken two writing courses that involved writing short stories. Her experience as an editor has enabled her to maintain relationships with media personal and use social media such as twitter and Instagram to reach an audience. As a collegiate athlete Rachel has time management skills, as well as leadership experience which she hopes to utilize for this project with All Saints Church.

Charles Berenato for the past twoyears has been on the fundraising committee for Sigma Phi Lambda, which has given him experience approaching businesses and asking for support. The 5K fundraiser Charles helped organize, generated nearly $20,000 collectively for La Salle Academy in two years. Although he has only published two articles for The Collegian, Charles writing experience earned him an internship with isportsweb where currently he is aPhiladelphia 76ers correspondent. Charles will usehis writing and interpersonal skills to help aid Chariot PRs team in their spring event.

Colleen Brand is senior public relations major with a minor in Social Work.Throughout her four years she has strengthened her work ethic and has focused on increasing her personal knowledge through group and individualizedexperience. Colleen recently was hired by a home caregiverorganization to work part time in addition to helping her supervisorcreate various public relations strategies in her hometown. She enjoys volunteering her time at various nonprofit organizations as well as a yearly mission trip with La Salle University UMAS. With her experience in event planning, organizing specific campaigns and advertising, Colleen can help ensure that her team meets all of their goals for their client, All Saints Episcopal Church.

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