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A Self-guide to Invisalign advanced approach to teeth straightening

All About Invisalign Treatment - Invisalign London

Jan 14, 2017



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A Self-guidetoInvisalignAn advanced approach to teeth straightening

Customized aligners especially designed for youMore comfortable trays for its invisible appearanceShifts your teeth gradually to the new positionNo metal braces and brackets to be attachedSwitch to new set of aligners every few weeks

Will My Teeth Shift Back ???Once the treatment is over, you need to wear retainers. Often, clear plastic retainers are preferred by adults over the regular set of retainers. They prevent the teeth to shift back to their previous position.People ask why do they need to wear retainers after invisalign. Your teeth are likely to move back and to protect them from shifting back under pressure of biting and chewing, retainers are used.

Generally, invisalign takes 9-24 months for completion to have straighter teeth and improved smile. You may also notice healthier gums and easy cleaning.

How Long You Need to Wear The Clear Aligners??

am i a right candidate ?If You Have The Following Oral Conditions, You Need to Have Invisalign Treatment:

Gap between teethOverbiteUnderbidCross bite

Open biteCrowded teeth

Who can undergo invisalign?If you are a teenager or adult, invisalign is the most suitable teeth straightening option for you. It will be an enjoyable experience of having those clear and transparent braces, without anyone knowing about them.

bringing you embarrassment and irritation in the gums. Invisalign are Cstum-made aligners, whereas braces come in a regular size.

Invisalign is invisible, comfortable, and smoother way of straightening teeth. To the contrary, traditional braces are metal brackets that are fit for yearsHow is it Different from Braces?

Invisalign Vs. Braces Almost invisible RemovableNo food restrictionsComfortable

VisibleFixedFood restrictionsuncomfortable

Additional Reasons to consider InvisalignComfortableSupports Oral HealthierBoosts Confidence

Fort more information, visit and speak to our experienced orthodontists about the effective treatment.