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Jun 26, 2020






    Bank of the Netherlands Antilles June, 24 2010

  • Introduction - CORE

    � Multi – purpose datacenter

    � Track record: more than 40 years

    � Flexible, reliable and secure infrastructures

  • Overview

    � CORE Services

    � CORE Business Continuity Services

  • CORE ServicesServices

  • CORE Business Concept

  • CORE Services

    � Managed Operations

    � Consulting

  • CORE Services – Managed Operations

    Application Hosting � Multiple application technologies

    • Web, client/server, thin-client � Multiple database technologies

    • Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, MS Access

    � Multiple e-mail systems • POP3/IMAP, MS Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino

    � Server Based Computing • MS Terminal Server, Citrix

  • CORE Services – Managed Operations

    Server Management: � Multiple platforms

    � Windows 2000/2003/2008, AIX (p-Series), OS/400 (i-Series)

    � User management, monitoring, backup & restore, � Virtualization � On-site & CORE Datacenter

  • CORE Services – Managed Operations

    Network Management: The best in routing, switching and security technology � Local Area Networks

    � Quick scan � Preventive management, Security, Back up � Remote management

    � Wide Area Networks � 60+ locations, managed IP / VPN; � DAPS services (Firewall/VPN; Antivirus; Web


  • CORE Services – Consulting

    Consulting � Project management, Information planning, Feasibility

    studies, Risk assessment, Business continuity & disaster recovery planning

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • CORE Business Continuity Business Continuity

    Services (BCS)Services (BCS)

  • CORE – Business Continuity

    � Business Continuity is the enterprise-wide proactive BUSINESS process by which we manage the risks we operate within.

    � It addresses all aspects of the business: People, Processes, Resources and Technology (PPRT)

    � The goal is: preventing or mitigating the risks we can and preparing for recovery from those we cannot, or choose not to prevent.

    � Preparation is the key: You fight like you train

  • The Cost Of Downtime

    REVENUE �Direct Loss

    �Deferred Losses �Compensatory Payments �Lost Future Revenue

    �Billing Losses �Investment Losses


    �Lost Market Share �Revenue Recognition

    �Cash Flow �Lost Discounts

    �Payment Guarantees �Stock Price �Credit Rating

    REPUTATION �Customers �Suppliers

    �Financial Markets �Banks

    �Business Partners �Etc.

    PRODUCTIVITY �Loss Of Productivity

    �Employees Impacted @ X Burdened Hourly Rate

    LEGAL/REGULATORY �Contractual Requirements

    �SLAs �Regulatory Requirements

    Why Business Continuity?

  • CORE – Business Continuity Disaster Recovery: � Development of a plan to appropriately address each

    category of Risk/Threat � Including:

    � Establishment of the Recovery Team(s) � Development of Recovery Procedures � Training of the Recovery Team(s) � Change Management to keep plan current

    � Provision of Necessary Resources � Arrangement for alternate technology platform, and

    retrieval of backup data

  • CORE – Business Continuity

    In Summary

    � Real BC/DR is a methodical process for identifying and managing risks and threats to your organization

    � It is primarily a business question, not a technical one � Your BC/DR Plan must address People, Process,

    Resources, then Technology – what good is it to have a system and no one to use it?

    � Your Plan should be based on a rational assessment of risks and impacts – and you may choose skip some risks

  • CORE – Business Continuity

    In Summary - continuation

    � Test, Drill, and then Test again – it builds confidence that your plan might work and helps people learn their role

    � Build your plan iteratively – don’t wait until you have boiled the ocean before you make that first cup of tea

    � And last, but certainly not least: Your business does not stand still – so neither can your BC/DR Plan – Review and Revise, and integrate with your Change Management organization if you have one.

  • CORE - BCS

    The most important question:

    Does the nature of your business require a real-time (or interval) replication of your data to your redundant system(s) at CORE or a periodic restore of your data (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis)?

  • CORE - BCS Failover:

    This setup enables the “automatic” transfer from the production system(s) to the redundant system(s) or infrastructure. The failover solution is designed to keep the most critical business functions up and running with a minimum of downtime.

  • CORE - BCS Standby:

    This setup does not have the “automatic” transfer feature but is designed for customers who not only are looking for a cheaper solution but also can afford a little downtime. With the standby solution the redundant systems or infrastructure are put in place (in the off-site location) where the necessary software and last available data can be reinstalled and restored in case of a disaster.

  • CORE – BCS - Solutions � Failover:

    Zero downtime, zero dataloss, automatic failover

    � Standby: Some downtime, minimal dataloss, manual action required

  • CORE – BCS - Failover Scenario Requirements: • Two sites are interconnected • Synchronization software (3r party or built-in) • Automatic failover / failback mechanism

    Platform Possibilities: • Shared VMware server • Collocation • Dedicated Servers

  • CORE – BCS – Failover Scenario

  • CORE – BCS - Standby Scenario

    Requirements: � Data must be brought to CORE physically or by data

    communication line � Restore of data on the BCS infrastructure � Manual activities required to switch over

  • CORE – BCS - Standby Scenario

  • CORE – BCS – Platform Choices

    � Vmware ESX Server Shared infrastructure

    � Collocated servers The client places their own server in the CORE datacenter

    � Dedicated servers CORE leases the client dedicated servers for their BCS infrastructure

  • CORE – BCS – Supported Applications

    � Mail systems (Exchange, Lotus Domino, POP3) � (Web) Applications � Database systems (SQL, Oracle) � Server based computing (Citrix, MS Terminal Service)



    � Regentesselaan 7 � Tel: 734 – 2888 � Fax: 734 – 1045

    Email: [email protected] Website:

  • CORE Thanks for your attentionThanks for your attention

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