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Agricultural Biotechnology in Mongolia Dr.Altankhuyag – Institute of Animal Husbandry Dr.Batsukh - Institute of Veterinary Medicine

Agricultural Biotechnology in Mongolia Dr.Altankhuyag – Institute of Animal Husbandry Dr.Batsukh - Institute of Veterinary Medicine.

Mar 27, 2015



Lily McKenzie
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Agricultural Biotechnology in Mongolia Dr.Altankhuyag Institute of Animal Husbandry Dr.Batsukh - Institute of Veterinary Medicine Slide 2 What we understand Biotechnology Biotechnology is a science includes various aspects of the management and manipulation of biological systems Biotechnology is an integrated use of: Biochemistry Microbiology Chemical engineering and others Slide 3 INSTITUTE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE 1961 - Institute of agriculture 1965 Institute of animal husbandry: veterinary medicine animal husbandry 1987 - Institute of veterinary medicine with 4 regional veterinary research laboratories 1994 Veterinary training and research institute 1997 Institute of veterinary medicine 4 regional laboratories Slide 4 Institute of Animal Husbandry 1944 Agricultural sector of MAS 1961 Institute of Agriculture MAS 1963 Institute of Animal Husbandry 1987 Research Institute of Animal Husbandry Branch in Gobi region Branch in High mountain region Slide 5 School of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology 1944 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mongolian State University 1953 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mon.State.Univ. Agriculture 2001 School of Vet Med and Biotechnology, MSUA Slide 6 Biocombinat Established in 1923 Renewed by technical support of Republic of Hungary 1966-1973 Production of bacterial, viral and mycoplasma vaccine Production of diagnostic kits Production of serum products Slide 7 Vaccine development About inactivated live mutant vaccines Against; Bacterial Viral Mycoplasma infection Most of technologies for the production of above vaccines are developed by Mongolian researchers Slide 8 Diagnostic kits About .. different diagnostic kits including Brucellosis, Salmonellosis, Leucosis, Q-fever, Sarcocystosis Gastrophilosis Hypodermatosis Toxoplasmosis . used for below diagnostic tests CFT AGID IHAT IFAT ELISAs Slide 9 Veterinary drugs Animal and plant raw materials are the main resource for the production of veterinary products. Preparation such as Acritract complies with not only veterinary also medical requirements. Wide spectrum antiparasitics based on avermectin albendazole and cypermethrine homologues being developed and used in veterinary practice. Animal tissue derived drugs (Neohystol I, II,III, Neovarilizat and etc.) are efficiently used in field of animal reproduction Slide 10 Hormones and enzymes PMSG /pregnant mares serum gonadotrophin/ CG /chorionic gonadotrophin/ inhibin prolactin - purified from different animal tissues: Pepsin - horse and pig stomach Slide 11 Mongolian dairy products are divided into: Fatty food Proteinaceous food Fermented food Nowadays Mongolians more than 40 kinds of traditional dairy products, produced by 3 basic procedures such as Boiling with foam Curdling Souring (fermentation) Slide 12 E.coli 0111 E.coli 041 E.coli 026 E.coli 078 Sal. Typi Murium045 Sal. Typi Murium077 Staph.aureus 055 Micrococc Luteus017 By prof. Sh.Demberel Lactobacillus Plantarum LBO 7 Effect of diarrheas in young animals: lambs - 90.0% Calves- 88.0% Therapeutic effect is 88.0 to 90.0% Application of STH probiotics during diarrheas in children: 97.1% Slide 13 EMA-1 Bam HI SmaI GST pGEX - 4T - 2 BC/48 Eco RI GST pGEX - 4T - 3 P tac KK Development of recombinant diagnostic kit E.coli and Baculovirus expression systems are used for development of recombinant pGEX/EMA-1, pGEX/BC48 antigens Slide 14 MaB production Sarcocystis tenella bradyzoite surface antigen Brucella abortus Outer Membrane Protein Horse, sheep, goat, cattle, camel and yak IgG development of conjugates for ELISA, IFAT Slide 15 BalB/C mouse breeding Introduced from CLEA JAPAN INK Filtrated air system environment and CE 2 food Inbred breeding Use in Mab production Slide 16 Embryo transfer of Mongolian cashmere goat Slide 17 Embryo transfer adult cashmere goat (elite flock) Slide 18 Embryo transfer of sheep 8 months old embryotransfer lambs 2 weeks old lambs 3 months old lambs New born lambs Slide 19 Laparoscopic AI of sheep New born lambs 1 year old ram Slide 20 Embryo transfer cattle AI of cattle Slide 21 Thank you for your attention