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Oct 26, 2014




ASAP 7 Business Add On for Agile Implementations Agile Business Blueprint

IntroductionAgile Business Blueprint ApproachAfter this session, you will

Understand the context of implementation acceleration Understand how the lean blueprint approach enables an accelerated agile implementation

Be able to identify the key deliverables of the lean blueprint approachUnderstand how Solution Manager is being used for a lean implementation approach

SAP 2010 / Page 2


1. Implementation Acceleration

Market Demand Conceptual View on Implementation Acceleration

2. Agile Business Blueprint

Blueprint Components Key Deliverables

3. Solution Manager and the Lean Blueprint Approach

SAP 2010 / Page 3


1. Implementation Acceleration

Market Demand Conceptual View on Implementation Acceleration

2. Agile Business Blueprint

Blueprint Components Key Deliverables

3. Solution Manager and the Lean Blueprint Approach

SAP 2010 / Page 4

Our Customer Expectations are ChangingThese Trends are Impacting Services SignificantlyKey TRENDS from Services point of view Deliver Fast, packaged, low TCI offerings Need to respond as buying power shifts from IT to business Holistic, quality implementations focused on quick time to value Insight optimization for fast access to information on a suite of devices Organizations have short attention spans, therefore early and frequent delivery of benefits is needed

Enhanced visibility and measurable results

SAP customers are looking to receive early and frequent confirmation that their requirements can be met cost effectively, in order to minimize risk and build confidence in the solution. There is a need to demonstrate capability to solve customer pain points early in or at the beginning of a project, through Proofs of concept, Proofs of vision, and Solution Demos SAP 2010 / Page 5

Business Blueprint Approach

SAPs Blueprint Approach is based on the following proven methodologies Value Management, which creates the method for scope and delivery of expected benefits Business Process Management (BPM), which provides the framework for process decomposition Agile Acceleration Techniques at SAP, that support the speed to market; they incorporate visualizations, iterative feedback loops and frequent control points

Business Process Management / SOA BPM Field Service Modeling Handbook

Acceleration Techniques Solution Demo & Visualization Best Practices and Preconfigured Solutions Sprints Value Prototyping Visualization Techniques

Value Management Value based scope management Value maps and enablers Industry Benchmarks Value Audits

Blueprint Quality Review

SAP 2010 / Page 6

Implementation AccelerationBroader than Agile

Acceleration is based on the re-usable content, tools, and supporting technologies Acceleration means visibility to the progress Acceleration means getting it right the first time Acceleration is time compression - parallelization of services Acceleration is lean and has minimum redundancy in deliverables Acceleration means organizational readinessSmallest possible increments (projects) along a value based roadmap (strategy)

IP Re-Use Acceleration = [Processes & Industry Solutions]

Reduction of Friction [Organizational Readiness]

xParallelization [Productized Services]


Elimination of Re-Work [Process Blueprint, PoC, Solution Demo, Iterations]

Managing the speed of value becomes a competitive advantage for SAP

Legend: IP Intellectual Property POC Proof of Concept SAP 2010 / Page 7

Major Acceleration TechniquesSupported through ASAP 7IP Re-Use Business scoping and Blueprinting Best Practices / Preconfigured solutions / RDP Business Add Ons - Jump Start for Content & Solutions Project Launch Services / IP Environment Solution Demo Approach

Early visualization of solution and development objects Iterative solution design process (workshop approach)

Iterative Build

Value Based Roadmap and Product Strategy [Program]Incremental build and test cycles [Project] Frequent Q-Gates - Time boxed and inspected increments [Project]

Parallelization of Services

Integrated Service Delivery Value Prototyping Rapid Deployment Solution

SAP 2010 / Page 8

Complementary Techniques


1. Implementation Acceleration

Market Demand Conceptual View on Implementation Acceleration

2. Agile Business Blueprint

Blueprint Components Key Deliverables

3. Solution Manager and the Lean Blueprint Approach

SAP 2010 / Page 9

Agile Business Blueprint


SAP 2010 / Page 10

Hybrid AgileASAP 7 Acceleration Add-OnPrep Working Software Release 2 Business Blueprint Project BacklogRank Eff.

Realization Release 1

Final Prep



Realization Release 2

Release 1 Should Checkpoint Checkpoint Business Process Agility Workshop Checkpoint

Setting the scene



Accelerators Project Prep. Process WS & Sol.Archit. Evaluation & Release Planing Baseline Build Sign-Off

Getting the organization ready

16 15 14 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01

4 5 1 8 2 7 3 4 2 2 4 3 3 6 4 5


Sprint Sprint Prep. Sprint Sprint IT Final Prep. Sprint

Business Priority









Go Live


Data Management Run Organizational Change Mangement Enablement SAP 2010 / Page 11


Agile Business Blueprint

Scoping based on process reference content e.g. SolMan Process Hierarchy

Business Process Workshops

Solution Architectur e

Baseline Build

Solution Demo

Evaluation and Release Planning

Purpose To create a body of work, know as Business Blueprint that Aligns business requirements to the SAP business model Documents the TO-BE process models

Deliverables Process and Solution Design Business Process Hierarchy and Design Value Association on Process Level Solution Design

Milestones & Key Decisions Completed and signed off Process Design Completed and signed off Solution Design Delta List Phase Quality Assessment

Describes the solution design Identifies function Gaps Obtains business sign-off the design Provide early confidence for the SAP solution Plan for releases and sprints

Gap Identification and Resolution Solution Landscape and Architecture Scoping - Plan for Sprint cycles Baseline Build Project Backlog

Communication Plan Final Backlog prioritized Sprint Definition

SAP 2010 / Page 12

Agile Business BlueprintGuiding Principles and Concepts

The Agile Blueprint Approach follows two Guiding Principles: Lean Documentation: While maintaining the characteristics of ASAP7 key deliverables of Blueprinting, documents are lean and reduced to a minimum set of information needed for the Business Process and Solution Design Baseline Build for the Solution Demonstration: During Blueprinting a Baseline system is build that serves as the system for the solution demo approach as well as the system for further configuration and development during Realization (Sprints). As applicable, the Baseline system is build with preconfigured solutions such as Best Practices or Rapid Deployment Solution. Blueprint Deliverables All Blueprinting deliverables need to be agreed upon prior to Blueprinting and have to be formally included into the Blueprint Q-gate process A lean Blueprint contains the minimum set of information needed to define or verify Business Processes and the Solution The minimum set is defined as the Lean Blueprint deliverables template Lean Blueprint deliverables may be augmented with ASAP 7 Core Blueprint deliverables If not specifically indicated, core blueprint deliverables remain in place Process are captured based on the lean Blueprint templates, optionally flows are modeled according to the SAP Modeling Standards Usage of Solution Manager It is recommended to leverage Solution Manager as an enabling tool for the implementation Solution Manager offers optional modeling capabilities in the graphical representation of the process hierarchy

SAP 2010 / Page 13

Agile Business BlueprintProcess Workshop and Solution Architecture

Scoping based on process reference content

Business Process Workshops

Solution Architecture

Baseline Build

Solution Demo

Evaluation and Release Planning



Execute Business Process Agility Workshop Illustrate SAP Standard Functionality leveraging the Solution Demo Approach Define Solution Architecture


Templates: Business Process Design Documents (lean) Project Backlog Cross functional requirement slide Security Requirement slide Issue list Customer deliverable list Sign off document Base line scope

Process and Solution Design Documents (lean) Business Process Requirements Role Concept and Authorization Requirements Solution Gaps per process (initial Project Backlog) Issue list Customer deliverable list Customer feedback on solution fit gap Signed off Baseline scope

Main Objectives

Demonstrate Standard SAP (Solution Demo Approach) Verify SAP Standard processes Define and agree on baseline scope Prepare the baseline system Identify Business requirements Identify Solution Gaps Refine Process Scope and Solution Architecture