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Advanced Topics on the Mirth Connect Interface Engine

Feb 07, 2017



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Advanced Topics on the Mirth Connect Interface EngineJuly 6, 2016

Good afternoonTITLE2nd webcast on mirth connect, last one was aboutTodays webcast is more technical and a result of what weve learned over the past two years working 1

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Nate BessaTechnical Consultant

Based in Boston, MASpecializing in custom programming projects, HIE connectivity, data migrations, and HL7 interface development2+ years experience with Mirth Connect5+ years in healthcare IT

[email protected]


Poll #1

Which interface engine does you organization currently use?4

Performance tweaksSecurity improvementsProgramming suggestionsMaintenance strategiesQ & A


Performance tweaks = tricks you can use to speed up Mirth and minimize disk space wasteSecurity improvements = encrypting messages stored on your server, protecting access to Mirth itself, and a little bit on importing certificates for SSLProgramming suggestions = snippets of Javascript code that can improve your processes such as channel deployment between different development and production environments, abstracting to a central location common channel settings, using Javascript libraries in Mirth, and moreMaintenance strategies = database back ends, making XML variables and logs easier to read in Mirth, and a little bit more on disk space usage5

Performance Tweaks

Channel MetadataPerformance Tweaks

Add clarity to your message logs and minimize data storage needs

An essential element to configure in Mirth. Add information to the channel messages screen.

Channel summary screen shows the Custom Metadata settings.

Add clarity to message logs but all minimize storage needs.7

Channel MetadataPerformance Tweaks

But most of all, speed up your message searches big time.


Increasing Heap MemoryPerformance Tweaks

The Heap Size is the amount of memory made available for your Mirth Connect front end application. This plays a role especially when searching for messages in channels with lots of traffic.The Server Memory setting dictates the amount of memory that Mirth Connect as an engine will be able to use in the background. This allows Mirth to process large messages and handle heavy traffic.

What are recommended settings? 9

Security Improvements

Security Improvements

Encrypt Plain-Text Config PasswordsAdd this to your file and restart the Mirth Connect service.


Security Improvements

Encrypt Message StorageIf you choose to use this feature, add these settings to your file and restart the Mirth service.For added security, you can encrypt message content stored in the database.


Security ImprovementsImporting a Self-Signed SSL Certificate




If you want to send data securely via an HTTP POST, you can do so by sending data to an HTTPS address. In the event that this address has a self-signed SSL certificate, youll want to import it into the Java Truststore on your computer. This Truststore is a file located in the /lib/security/ folder of the Java Program Files folder on the server where Mirth is installed.

To edit your Truststore, there is a free application called Portecle that you can download from This is actually a Java Virtual Application, so you dont need to install anything. Just unzip the folder that it comes in, and run the portecle.jar file as Administrator to give the application the permissions it needs to change the Truststore. On this slide you can see some screenshots showing how to import the certificate you need.

Note that the little red X on the lock icon will still appear next to your HTTP Sender URL even after you have successfully imported the certificate, which can be misleading, because your data will be encrypted outgoing. Mirth Corp recommends you install their SSL Manager extension to have better certificate management on your machine. This, however, requires a paid support license with Mirth.13

Programming Suggestions

Poll #2

Before we dive into some more technical aspects of Mirth, I wanted to get an idea of how much experience do you have with the Mirth Connect Interface Engine?15

Move Functions to Code TemplatesProgramming Suggestions

Allows you to edit a function in one location instead of having to make changes in every channel where you are using.

Also lets you keep your channels simple by moving long and complicated code out of them and into the code templates screen.


Modify an HL7 Message with Database DataProgramming Suggestions

Incoming Hl7 Message (note PID 4 is blank)Transformed Hl7 Message (PID 4 now has the PatientMrn)Source Transformer Javascript WriterThe row in our table we want to queryUsing a code template for database connections


Common Channel SettingsProgramming Suggestions


Environment StrategiesProgramming Suggestions

Programmatically dictate desired behavior based on server names rather than manually making changes to channels between development and production environments.This eliminates potential for human error when exporting channels from development environment to production.


Routing A Message to Other ChannelsProgramming Suggestions


Know the Reason for FilteringProgramming Suggestions

If you use a lot of filters, Mirth Connect currently does not tell you which filter was triggered. If that information is useful, here is a custom way of showing that.


Using a JavaScript Library To Encrypt FilesProgramming Suggestions


Maintenance Strategies

Message Storage ImpactMaintenance Strategies

Uses the most disk space which also slows processing time.Preserves essential troubleshooting data. Pair with pruning options to keep disk usage in check.Stores just the original source message. No mapped variables. Reprocess a message when you need to troubleshoot one. Deletes everything except what you see on the channel message log. Cannot reprocess a message.




Development:Content: all -- raw, transformed, encoded, sent, response, response transformed, processed response, maps24

Database BackendMaintenance Strategies

Default SettingPreferred ConfigurationThe default Apache Derby option is for quick deployment and testing.Mirth Corp recommends PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server.These offer better performance, disk space efficiency, backup options, security, etc.


PrettyPrintXMLMaintenance Strategies



Poll #3

Is your organization currently evaluating migrating to a different interface engine?27

Wrapping Up

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Any other questions I didnt answer today I will try to follow up with individually28

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