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Adult Orthodontics Aligners
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  • 1. Adult Orthodontics Aligners

2. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 3. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 4. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 5. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 6. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 7. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 8. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 9. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 10. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners 11. Adult Orthodontics- Aligners www.orthofree.comBIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Boyd, R.L.; Miller, R.J.; and Vlaskalic, V.: The Invisalign system in adult orthodontics: Mild crowding and space closure cases, J. Clin. Orthod. 34:203-212, 2000. 2. Boyd, R.L. and Vlaskalic, V.: Threedimensional diagnosis and orthodontic treatment of complex malocclusions with the Invisalign appliance, Semin. Orthod. 7:274-293, 2001. 3. Chenin, D.; Trosien, A.H.; Fong, P.F.; Miller, R.; and Lee, R.S.: Orthodontic treatment with a series of removable ap - pliances, J. Am. Dent. Assoc. 134:1232- 1239, 2003. 4. Womack, W.R.; Ahn, J.H.; Ammari, Z.; and Castillo, A.: A new approach to correction of crowding, Am. J. Orthod. 122:310-316, 2002. 5. Bishop, A.; Womack, W.R.; and Derakh - shan, M.: An esthetic and removable orthodontic treatment option for patients: Invisalign, Dent. Assist. 71:14-17, 2002. 6. Miller, R.J.; Duong, T.T.: and Derakh - shan, M.: Lower incisor extraction treatment with the Invisalign system, J. Clin. Orthod. 36:95-102, 2002. 7. Womack, R.: Clinical report, Clin. Rep. Tech. Invisalign 1:6-11, 2005. 8. Turatti, G.; Womack, R.; and Bracco, P.: Incisor intrusion with Invisalign treatment, J. Clin. Orthod. 40:171174, 2006. 12. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 13. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 14. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 15. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 16. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 17. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 18. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 19. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 20. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 21. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces 22. Adult Orthodontics Case report www.orthofree.comJ-Lemay 23. Adult Orthodontics Lingual Braces www.orthofree.comBIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Fujita K. New orthodontic treatment with lingual bracket mushroom arch wire appliance. Am J Orthod 1979; 76: 657-675. 2. Alexander M, Alexander R, Gorman J, Hilgers J, Kurz C, Scholz R, Smith J. Lingual orthodontics, a status report. JCO 1982; 4: 255262. 3. Mulligan T. Common sense mechanics in everyday orthodontics. CSM Publishing, 1040 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ. Molar control. JCO Jan 11-23, Feb 67-78, Mar 147-158, Apr 237-246, May 285-290 2002