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Ad Analysis - Idea Cellular

Nov 13, 2014




The presentation consists of detailed analysis of 2 Idea cellular commercials viz. Honey Bunny Ad and Telephone exchange ad.

  • 1. !dea Ad Analysis {A presentation by: Rahul Wane

2. Ideas Hello honey bunny Ad Idea Cellular launched its new communication campaign, Idea Rings All India in December 2012. The essence of this ad is a catchy jingle which immediately went viral when it was launched. This new advertisement from Idea, depicts the diversity, footprint, and seamlessness of our country, and how Ideas customers benefit from its pan-India network.This is the first time they have moved on from What an Idea, Sirji series. 3. Target Audience The ad does not specifically target a particular range or type of consumers (Niche market). It is basically aimed at the entire population i.e. kids, youth, and even elderly people. 4. Message communicated In new age India, people are moving and relocating to towns and cities for education, career and family commitments, leading to more travel and communication requirements. Mobile telephony has effectively bridged distances, and Ideas strong pan-India network offers seamless connectivity across the length and breadth of the country, connecting people with their Honey Bunnys. Here Honey Bunnys include not only couples but also your loved ones like brothers, sisters, Mother, father, cousins etc. 5. How is this message communicated through moving images and sound? 6. How is this message communicated through moving images & sound?(contd) 7. SummaryThe beautifully created and executed film, with a hummable jingle shows people from various parts of the country humming Honey Bunny, which was picked by them when it was played on a phone, which belongs to a backpacker who has travelled across the country introducing people he has met to the ringtone and thereby popularising it. This means that the Ideas signal is so strong that it will follow you in the remotest if the remote place and you will never miss single call due to congestion or unavailability of the network coverage. 8. Ideas telephone exchange Ad Idea Cellular has always highlighted the role of simple telephony answers in solving large social problems. An Idea can change your life has been the fundamental plank on which the brand has been built. In its latest campaign, the brand addresses not so much a societal issue but an endearingly closer to my life story that impacts a very large part of society. The latest campaign(Launched in February 2013) is based on the insight of Ek doosre ko samajhne ke liye telephone exchange, what an Idea! The widely appreciated commercial has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas & Partners. (one of India's best known communication groups) 9. Target audience The Target audience for this advert is clearly aimed at a typical suburban nuclear family or elementary family. 10. Message communicated If we look around, we all are leading extremely stressful lives that impact and strain our personal and professional relationships. It is becoming increasingly difficult to appreciate, empathise and respond to relationship demands that seem to snap at the smallest provocation. In todays context, our mobile phone is a true reflection of us and whats going on in our life. The story(in the ad) plays off the age-old pearl of wisdom, that the best way to appreciate/understand others life is to live it yourself. This leads to empathy. 11. How is this message communicated through moving images & sound? The story is about a husband and wife in a normal household having a heated argument in a typical busy-morning situation. Their young son who is witnessing this argument gets an idea to exchange his parents mobile phones. 12. How is this message communicated through moving images & sound?(contd)What follows next is that both the husband and the wife receive a string of calls during the course of the day which were actually meant for the other person. 13. How is this message communicated through moving images & sound?(contd)By end of the day both the husband and wife acknowledge and appreciate the fact that her husband / his wife has an equally stressful daily routine and empathise with one another. 14. SummaryThe TVC has been conceptualised extremely well and comes with a great idea which happens in every home. Couples will know exactly how this happens and the concept is something people can relate to. It is a bang on commercial as it is not an artificial situation but a real scenario of situations in every household. Additionally, they have shown the child caught up between the fight and used him as an instrument when the exchange happens, which is very interesting to watch. 15. Thank you!