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Activity 1.3.1a Solar Hydrogen Automobile Assembly Guide

Feb 23, 2016




Activity 1.3.1a Solar Hydrogen Automobile Assembly Guide. VEX Platform. POE VEX Kit Hydrogen fuel cell Distilled water Solar module 120 Watt PAR30 bulb Bulb holder Wires Hookup wires (red and black). 269 Motor. 2 in coupler. 1 in couplers. Shaft Coupler. Collar. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Activity 1.3.1a Solar Hydrogen Automobile Construction

Activity 1.3.1a Solar Hydrogen Automobile Assembly Guide

VEX PlatformPOE VEX KitHydrogen fuel cellDistilled waterSolar module120 Watt PAR30 bulbBulb holderWiresHookup wires (red and black)

Step 1: Build Chassis 3 in shaftAllow small gap soaxel spins freely269 Motor2 in coupler1 in couplersCollarShaft CouplerPresentation NameCourse NameUnit # Lesson #.# Lesson Name3

Step 2: Attach Wheels

X2 wheels

Allow small gaps sowheels spin freely3 in shaft3 in shaftStep 3: Attach Solar Module

Step 4: Attach Fuel Cell and BreadboardNo wheel tobreadboard contactTie allow freeMovement of axel

Step 4a: Alternate Breadboard ConfigurationAdapt your vehicle foravailable breadboardas neededStep 5a: Electrically Connect Motor and Hook Up WiresNote: Next slides will show steps to create this circuit

Step 5b: Physical Circuit

Step 5c: Physical Wiring RecommendationsRoute and secure wires to allowfree vehicle movementWires must reachsolar cell and fuel cellStop

Use Next Steps to CompleteActivity 1.2.6 Solar Hydrogen System

Step 7: Power Using Solar Cell

Connect wires to solar cell75 W PAR (Parabolic) bulb in holder

Step 8: Power Using Fuel CellConnect wires to fuel cell

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