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A.Complete the chart of countries and nationalities below using the words from the box. Add other countries and nationalities 1.German 2.Indian 3.Mexican

Dec 25, 2015



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  • A.Complete the chart of countries and nationalities below using the words from the box. Add other countries and nationalities 1.German 2.Indian 3.Mexican 4.Italian 5.Russian 6.Korean 7.Japanese 8.Chinese 9.Kuwaiti 10.Omani 11.Polish 12.Spanish 13.Swendish 14.Turkish 15.French 16.Greek 17.British 18.American 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Page 7
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  • A. Put the days of the week in order. Which days are the weekend 1.Monday 2.Tuesday 3.Wednesday 4.Thursday 5.Friday 6.Saturday (Weekend) 7.Sunday (Weekend) B. Write the months of the year under the correct seasons Summer August - September June - July Spring April - May Autumn October - November Winter December - January February - March Page 15
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  • C. Complete these time phrases with in, at or on. Then write the phrases under the correct preposition in the table below 1.At night 2.In the autumn 3.On 15th february 4.On Thursday 5.In the afternoon 6.On Tuesday evening 7.In june 8.At new year 9.At the weekend Complete these sentences with in, at or on 1.The office closes for three days at new year 2.There is an important meeting on 15th June 3.The CEO visits our branch in the summer 4.We deliver large goods on monday afternoons
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  • F. Work in pairs. When are you busy during the day, week and year ?. What are the quiet times? A: When are you busy during the day? B: I am very busy in the afternoon. A: When are the quiet times for you ? B: I have quiet times at night. A: Which days are you busy during the week ? B: Frequently I am busy on Monday. G. Write about yourself, your company or your school Usually I am very busy in the morning. My quiet times are on the afternoons. I enjoy very much my weekends because I like to play and go out with my daugther.
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  • A. Complete the leisure activities below using words from the box. sometimes more than one answer is possible Page 18 1.Playing golf 2.Watching TV 3.Going to restaurants 4.Listening to music 5.Playing tennis 6.Going to the cinema 7.Playing football 8.Going to the gym 9.Going to concerts 10.Playing the guitar 11.Watching to DVDs 12.Playing computer games
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  • I love play with mi daugther at the weekend. I like go to the cinema with my girlfriend on Saturday night. I dont like go out in the winter. I love the snow in December. I dont like get up early at the weekend. I quite like go to the pool in the summer. I quite like eat hamburguer for my dinner. B. Talk about your leisure activities. Use the verbs in box 1 and the time phrases in box 2. Page 18 Love Like Quite like Dont like At the weekend On Friday/ Saturday night In the summer / Winter In August / December In the morning / afternoon / evening
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  • Page 22 1.Our employees enjoy having flexible hours 2.The new sales assistant got a fast promotion 3.We want a clean and well-furnished apartment 4.Their old printer is broken, so they want a new one 5.The instructions are not clear. They are very confusing 6.When the machinery in the factory starts, it is very noisy A. Complete the sentences below using adjectives from the box
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  • 1. The report doesnt give much information. Its too short./ It isnt long enough. 2. I cant carry these suitcases. Its too heavy. 3. I cant meet you at six oclock in the morning. Its too early. 4. I dont want this car. Its top speed is only 100 kilometres per hour. Its too slow. / It isnt fast enough. 5. Dont take any visitors to those areas late at night. Its too dangerous./ It isnt safe enough. 6. That camera doesnt fit in my pocket. Its too big./ It isnt small enough. 7. The hotel room is $1000 dollars a night. Its too expensive./ It isnt cheap enough. 8. I cant sleep because of the music from the party. Its too noisy./ It isnt quiet enough. C. Look at these sentences: The bed is too hard. It isnt soft enough. The seats arent wide enough. Theyre too narrow. Write sentences using too or enough and adjectives from exercise B relating to the underlined words Page 23
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  • Gramatica Page 10 My names Maristella. Im Brazilian and Im from Sao Paulo. Im a research analyst for an investment bank in New York. Im married with two children, a boy and a girl. Theyre at high school in Scarsdale. My husbands American and hes a doctor. My sisters in New York, too. Shes a student at Columbia University. Were all interested in sports and movies. My sons a good tennis player A. Complete this information about Maristella with short forms of the verb to be. C. Complete this chart about yourself. Then introduce yourself to a partner. Name: Job: City: Nationality: Interests: Favourite sports My name's Sebastin Bedoya Im working in Lavanser I'm from Cali Im Colombian Student of Production Engineering Soccer
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  • D. Now write a paragraph about your partner. Use the text in exercise A as a model My partners name is Andrea Durn. Shes Colombian and she lives in Zipaquira. She works in Alquera. She have a boyfriend and he is Industrial Designer. She's Russian, but she isn't from Moscow. They're Japanese, but they aren't from Tokyo. He's German, but he isn't from Munich. I'm in sales, but I'm not the manager. The office is in Paris, but it isnt in the centre. Her name is Sophia, but she isn't Italian. E. Complete these sentences with negative forms of to be.
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  • Are you Spanish? No, I'm Italian. Are you a sales manager? No, I'm a marketing manager. Are you married? Yes, I am. That's a picture of my wife. Is your wife a manager? No, she's a lawyer. Is she italian? No, she's Mexican. F. Match the questions and answers about Sergio Page11 An accountant An architect An artist A cashier A consultant A director A doctor An engineer An executive A journalist A lawyer A. Write the correct article ( a / an ) for each job A manager An office worker An optician A personal assistant A pilot A receptionist A research analyst A sales assistant A technician A telephone operator A trainee
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  • I'm HSEQ Director in Lavanser. My mother is a housewife. My father is a merchant. My girlfriend is Chemical Engineer. My best friend is Materials Engineer. B. Work in pairs. Talk about your job and the jobs of your family and friends C. Listen to three people talking about their jobs and complete this chart PierreGustavoSilvia what is his / her job?An EngineerA LawyerAn Architect where is he/ she from?SwitzerlandArgentineanSicily where is his/ her office?SingaporeNew YorkRome what does his / her partner do?A consultantA JournalistA househusband
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  • Darren Throop gets up at 6 a.m and does some exercise in the gym in his house. At about 6:30, He makes breakfast for his two daughters. Then he checks his e-mails in his home office. He drives to work. At lunch time, He has a salad at his desk. At work, He spends a lot of time in meetings and on conference calls. He finishes his office day at about 5 p.m. He travels on business a lot, so he likes to spend all his free time with his family. A. Darren Throop works for Entertainment One, a media company in Toronto, Canada. Complete the article below about his working day using the verbs from the box Page 17
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  • Im Masami Kimura and I'm married with two childen, Aiko and Katsuki. They go to an international school. My husband's name is Seito. He works for a shipping company, and I work for an international securities company. We live in Tokyo, near Shinjuku. I travel to work by subway, but Seito drives to work. We both like sports and travelling. At the weekend, we play golf or we go camping. B. Complete this information about Masami Kimura. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets
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  • Usually she gets up early. (Usually) They always start their first meeting at nine o'clock. (Always) We are never late for meetings. (Never) I am often busy in the afternoon. (Often) Sometimes the office closes at 3 p.m. (Sometimes) Page 19 A. Write the words in brackets in the correct place in these sentences a. He reads the papers every day. b. He always reads the papers. a. We eat in the company cafeteria four times a week. b. We usually eat in the company cafeteria. a. I work late once a month. b. I sometimes work late. a. The managers don't go to business dinners at the weekend b. The managers never go to business dinners at the weekend. a. The company director travels on business twice a week. b. The company director often travels on business. B. Read these pairs of sentences. cross out the incorrect word in sentence b) of each pair
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  • C. An interviewer asks three people about their typical day. listen and complete this table markIsabelleDan what do you do when you get to work? say hello to colleagues, check e-mail check my e-mail and my diary and drink coffee with the colleagues have a meeting with my team and reply to important e- mails where do you have lunch? I sometimes go home for lunch, and other days. lunch in a restaurant with the colleagues I usually have a sandwich at my desk I usually have lunch in the company restaurant how often do you travel on business? I always go to the fashion shows I never travel for workI'm away a lot, I visit the sales office in South Africa three times a year and I'm in Europe once a month for a week what do you do at the weekend? I meet friends for a meal and go dancing depends if we can get a babysitter to go out with friends to dinner or a movie I like quiet weekends, reading, listening to music and playing golf
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