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Accenture Social Media PoV - 55m conversations in 55 days

Jan 28, 2015



While it should come as no surprise that many major CPG brands and retailers are among the top 50 most active social media brands, this new point of view finds different brands are at varying levels of maturity in having a two-way dialogue with consumers. According to Accenture research, consumers want to engage more with CPG brands than with retailers. The success of consumer engagement is making sure fans feel part of the overall brand voice.

  • 1. 2Many companies social media efforts are not designed to actuallyincrease sales, or even to facilitate socializing. Fan pages and brandcommunities many times look more like broadcast vehicles thaninteractive social vehicles. The bottom line is that companies mayneed to revisit their social media strategy to refocus investmentsto generate engagement and move from pure social listeningcapability to derive actionable insights across departments.Engagement takes many forms. Co-creation contests and gameson social media engage consumers and give them a vehicle tovoice their opinions. From voting on new product flavors toparticipating in video competitions in support of the brand, tooffline scavenger hunts launched online, social media has adistinctive ability to generate engagement. Ideally companiescould create one-to-one relationships with consumers or one-to-many interactions among consumers over a shared pursuit.Either way, social media can increase the flow of conversationand consumers engagement with the brand and with each other,making it a uniquely cost effective way to generate input andinfluence new products, offers and marketing approaches.

2. 6In the CPG industry, the traditional approach of relying heavily onretailer data or surveys to understand consumers expectations isnot the only or most effective option anymore. CPG companiesshould add social media insights to that point-of-sale (POS) data fora more complete view of target consumers. Social media enablesCPG companies to not only learn more about consumers, butalso engage directly with them and have an ongoing dialogue.It should come as no surprise that our study found CPG brands likeadidas, Coca-Cola, Ferrero, Kit Kat, Nike, Oreo, Pringles and RedBull to be among the 50 most active social media brands in theworld during the holidays. Retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart,Target and Macys, also made it on this top 50 list. But our studyfound that the different brands are at varying levels of maturity interms of having a two-way dialogue with consumers. The specificsocial media tactics the brands implemented to engage withconsumers remains the key factor driving their engagement scores.The Research FindingsFinding #1Consumers engaged more actively withsocial media tactics focused on one CPGbrand versus retailer posts focused onmultiple CPG brands offered in their stores.Finding #2Campaigns focused on social and charitablecauses created more conversation aroundthe holidays compared to posts offeringa discount, requesting a survey responseor making a general statement.Finding #3Working the holiday theme into brand postsproved effective. Holiday- or Santa-themedposts, such as those implemented by Macys,received a higher response than posts onother topics during the holiday season.Finding #4Campaigns including multimedia content such as high-quality video, or clearproduct images like those posted byDove hair oil advertisements were moreeffective than simple text or photo posts.Finding #5An effective way to engage consumers isto make them a part of the social mediacampaign, such as idea-or story-sharing andinnovation sourcing. For example, birthdaycelebration ads from Oreo, Christmastree sharing by Monster Energy fans,and a call to design the future Heinekenbottle were effective campaigns.Finding #6Do not implement a discount campaignwithout being 100 percent ready to deliveron the promise. Address supply chainfulfillment issues up front and describe indetail the process for redeeming vouchers.For example, a few CPG companies offereddiscounts without confirming voucherfulfillment processes in all local participatingstores. And some did not clearly articulatewhich stores were participating in theprogram. This resulted in a lot of noisethroughout the social communities whereconsumers complained about stores refusingthe vouchers, and therefore, doubtedthe credibility of the brands offer.Finding #7If you run a social media campaign thatcould go viral, ensure you have a SocialMedia Management System in place todeal with the amount of conversations thatcould occur. For example, several consumerscomplained on brand pages, stating thattheir queries were going unanswered despiterepeated attempts. These queries rangedfrom campaign questions to dissatisfactionwith in-store services during the holidays.Finding #8For CPG brands, ensure you have a digitalstrategy that includes ideas for capitalizingon earned media resulting from your retailpartners social media campaigns. TraditionallyCPG brands make significant investmentsin trade promotions to influence goodproduct positioning in retail stores. But in amulti-channel world, that approach shouldevolve to also include tactics focused onhow retail partners promote your productson their websites and social media pages.Finding #9Incomplete campaigns or unplanned tacticsare not effective. Engage with people whenyou have a clear strategy, message and goals.In our study, irrelevant messages from a fewbrands resulted in zero likes or shared posts,therefore, wasting that opportunity to turna social media post reader into a customeror fan. Throughout the study, all brands wemonitored saw an uplift in their social mediafan base . A few brands saw some existingfans being replaced with new fans. Thisposes a question for brands to answer whenthey formulate their social media campaignstrategy. Do you spend time on new customeracquisition, or focus on retaining a loyal base?Finding #10Be simple, genuine and relevant with socialmedia posts. A concise, simple post, such asWhats your snow day song? by Smirnoff had2,064 replies and generated more engagementthan a discount or coupon post, which is onlyapplicable for some products and in somestores. Discounts and coupons could be moreeffective through more targeted channelslike email or direct mail, where you candeliver them to target audience segments forparticular products in particular regions. Useof the advanced personalized offers engineon social media fanbook/Twitter pages isanother option to drive targeted campaignsto different audience segments. Social mediaposts potentially reach a very broad audience,so brands should use messages and tacticsthat are effective for one-to-many marketing. 3. 14This Research Was Conducted By...Shaping the Future of High Performancein Consumer Goods Our Consumer Goodsindustry professionals around the worldwork with companies in the food, beverages,agribusiness, home and personal care,consumer health, fashion and luxury,and tobacco segments. With decades ofexperience working with the worlds mostsuccessful companies, we help clientsmanage scale and complexity, transformglobal operating models to effectively serveemerging and mature markets, and drivegrowth through evolving market conditions.We provide services as well as individualconsulting, technology and outsourcingprojects in the areas of Sales and Marketing,Supply Chain, ERP Global Operations andIntegrated Business Services. To read ourproprietary industry research and insights,visit Interactive offers a comprehensivesuite of contemporary marketingservices, software and assets to CMOsand brand leaders to drive up marketingperformance, drive down the cost perinteraction and create relevant consumerexperiences on a massive scale.Thanks to over 1,500 professionals andglobal reach, Accenture Interactive deliversresults at scale using the right blend oflocal, offshore and near shore capabilities.Our Centers of Excellence located in India(Gurgaon and Hyderabad); Athens, Greece;Shanghai and the Philippines offer over500 dedicated professionals who provide:Enhanced offshore delivery capabilitiesDedicated asset developmentProduct innovationRapid deployment of global digital platformsAmong the most representative results,Accenture Interactive helped clientscapture over $70 billion in annual mediaand marketing spend, often optimizingover $1 billion for individual clients.The Accenture Customer Innovation Network(ACIN) is an interconnected global systemof centers, labs and specialists. The heart ofthe ACIN is three unique facilities located inChicago, Milan and Sao Paulo, that is bolsteredby partners and centers of excellence spanningthe globe. The goal of the ACIN is to assistCPG and retail clients in discovering the mosteffective and innovative solutions to propelbusiness to the forefront of the industry,through an interactive workshop experiencewith access to research, demonstrations,global insights and industry expertise.Every year, the ACIN runs over 250 C-levelworkshops with CPG and retail clients.The Social Media India Delivery Center Lab isan offshore lab providing advanced services insocial products evaluation for social listening,text analytics and collaboration. The labprovides action-oriented insights based onthe social image of the clients brand versusits competition. Reports are segmentedin multiple dimensions like demographics,sentiments, volume or languages in order todevelop the appropriate engagement model.The majority of the top leaders and nicheplayers in the social media products landscapeare Accentures premium partners. To date,the lab has served more than 75 social mediaclients in the automotive, banking, telecom,insurance, energy, CPG and retail industries.The Accenture Technology Labs is guidedby Accentures Annual Technology Vision.The Labs professionals work across our fivecenters (Silicon Valley, Washington D.C.,Sophia Antipolis, Bangalore and Beijing),within our eight R&D groups, and with leadingtechnology partners to form a network ofdynamic innovation for Accenture and ourclients. We are ambitiously working to extendour 20-year track record of envisioning thefuture, inventing, and then delivering thenext wave of cutting-edge business solutions.We have more than $230 million directsales and $300 million influenced sales.The Tech Labs hosted more than 390 clientworkshops across industries globally in 2012.Pro