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A Revolutionary Treatment for Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel ... in Gasoline Direct Injection engines. The EasyGDI service can be performed in a little over an hour using basic tools,

Dec 28, 2020




  • A Revolutionary Treatment for Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel and Intake Systems

  • Enter Valvoline™ EasyGDI™ with

    Power Dispersal Technology™, a

    groundbreaking fuel system service

    that removes carbon deposits from

    hard-to-reach intake valves, piston

    tops, cylinder heads and fuel injectors

    in Gasoline Direct Injection engines.

    The EasyGDI service can be

    performed in a little over an hour

    using basic tools, a simple canister

    apparatus and shop air, marking

    a major breakthrough in how

    GDI fuel systems can be treated

    and restored.

    Up until now, treating and restoring Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) fuel

    systems required an invasive engine dismantle and up to 8 hours of

    manual cleaning and reassembly. The prevailing thought in the auto

    industry has been that a simple treatment similar to current Port Fuel

    Injection service just wasn’t possible with GDI systems.


  • With a projected 71% of new vehicles built with

    GDI fuel systems by 2021*, it’s as important as ever

    to invest in performing GDI fuel system services

    efficiently and profitably.

    The buildup of deposits in GDI fuel systems is

    prevalent and inevitable, and can quickly cause

    loss of power and fuel economy. With an EasyGDI

    service, your customers can expect to restore fuel

    economy, emissions and power in their vehicle

    while helping to eliminate symptoms such as rough

    idling, hesitation and engine knocking. The fact that

    the symptoms of fuel system deposits are easily

    recognized makes this a service that’s easy to

    diagnose and recommend.

    *Source: IHS Autoinsight & Worldwide Polk Analysis 10/2015



    The true magic of the EasyGDI Service is Power Dispersal

    Technology, a revolutionary chemistry formulation that allows

    delivery of powerful detergents to previously hard-to-reach

    areas of the fuel system, most notably intake valves.

    Engineered to atomize detergent molecules in a way that

    prevents the product from sticking, puddling or becoming

    compromised by temperature fluctuations and metal surfaces,

    Power Dispersal Technology is carried through the fuel system

    through pressurized air, melting away carbon deposits with

    incredible efficiency.

    Simply put, this technology allows 10 powerful detergents to

    circulate to the toughest places to clean in a GDI fuel system,

    without painstaking labor or an invasive dismantle of the

    engine and fuel system.

  • With a straightforward procedure for

    application, the EasyGDI service can

    be performed by technicians of varied

    skill and experience levels. The ease

    and efficiency of the EasyGDI service

    means more time and labor that can

    be applied to other services, while also

    saving customers the inconvenience

    of leaving their vehicle overnight.

    Altogether, EasyGDI is a sensible

    investment for both installers and

    consumers, providing a win-win

    situation in vehicle service.


  • EasyGDI has been extensively tested and

    validated by third parties, and proven on a

    wide variety of current market vehicles.

    Tests have shown a consistent removal of

    30-50% of deposits, and in many cases, engine

    components are restored back to bare metal.

    The visual results speak for themselves.




    Intake Valve, Fuel Injector and Piston Head at 39,035 miles

  • Everything you need to perform the

    EasyGDI™ Service:

    - EasyGDI Product

    - VPS Complete Intake/Fuel Rail Device

    - VPS Adapter Set

    - Shop Air

    - A Little Over an Hour of Service Time

    PROCESSTHE BACKED BY A VALVOLINE™ LIFETIME GUARANTEE See complete terms & limitations on this Limited Lifetime Guarantee at

    UP TO $4,000 PARTS AND LABOR COVERAGE* *Vehicle coverage varies based on mileage at time of 1st service. Coverage takes effect after 500 miles. Taxes, miscellaneous fees, core charges, & diagnostics not covered.


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