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ARBOR ACRES Resident and Founder William F. Womble celebrates his 99th birthday with David Piner (CEO) and Vicki Hunt (Past Board Chair). C e l e b r a t i o n 2015 ANNUAL REPORT

A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort

Jul 29, 2018



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Resident and Founder William F. Womble celebrates his 99th birthday with David Piner (CEO) and Vicki Hunt (Past Board Chair).

CelebrationBoard of Directors

Chair: Dale E. DriscollChair Elect: Susan S. SchwartzVice Chair: Marian M. DouglasSecretary: Nancy S. CannonTreasurer: Paul M. WilesImmediate Past Chair: Victoria P. Hunt

Pamela H. BallDavid B. BlancoArthur L. BloomDr. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.Florence P. CorpeningNicholas A. DavesDr. Charles H. DuckettAmy M. EglestonJames A. GallaherScott J. GerdingCynthia S. GrahamSusan R. Hauser

Rev. Lory Beth T. HuffmanKay B. Johnson-WareJ. William McGuinn, Jr.Rev. Dr. William T. Medlin IIIKathryn A. NelsonAnita H. OgburnSteven L. ReederJames A. Rousseau IIJames M. RuffinDr. William F. SayersRichard C. SpanglerMary Preston Yates

Bishop: Larry M. GoodpasterDistrict Superintendent: Jeffrey S. PattersonPresident: W. David Piner

1240 Arbor Road

Wins ton-Sa lem, NC 27104 -1197

Te lephone 336 .724 .7921

To l l F ree 866 .658 .2724

2015 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Page 2: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort

I first met Bill Womble in 1977. I was working at the Moravian Home, now Salemtowne, and provided a tour for Bill and a small number of lively others. They were fact-finding for the new enterprise they were undertaking that would locate a new United Methodist retirement community on property donated for that purpose by the Children’s Home. I was twenty-five years old. Bill was a towering figure then. He remains so today.

To speak of time’s ever-flowing stream borders on cliché. My mind resorts to it as I contemplate the blink of time since Arbor Acres’ founding to its reaching in 2015 the milestone of its 35th year of service to residents. In the intervening period, Arbor Acres has roared from project to project, negotiated boulders of change, traveled over dips and falls, always in service to the one and only constant that has sustained it over the white water of time. All involved have kept their eyes focused firmly on our irrevocable mission of service to seniors.

This year in which we marked both the 35th anniversary of the opening of Arbor Acres and the 40th anniversary of the corporate founding for which Bill and others labored so heartily in 1975 contained the customary blend of challenges and opportunities. Board member Dek Driscoll, resident Bill Ball, and a dedicated Capital Campaign Committee, pressed forward with solicitation of gifts to support the renovation of facilities that serve Arbor Acres’ frailest residents. Because of the generosity of many, the Campaign exceeded the goal by almost $1million. The renovation of Fitzgerald, named for Ernest Fitzgerald, a beloved founder of Arbor Acres, launched in March 2015. The project continues and by November 2016 will deliver to residents frail of body and mind a home rich with beauty, stimulating to the senses and soothing to the soul.

Like all the years before it, 2015 brought challenges of delivering excellent services at a cost affordable to as many people as possible. We conducted surveys of residents and staff through which we learned specific ways we can

The Challenges and Opportunities at Arbor Acres

David PinerPresident

make Arbor Acres an even better place to live and work. The information generated enabled Arbor Acres to take steps to improve efficiency while preserving the delicate balance between cost and quality. The attention paid this year in particular to making Arbor Acres better in ways both large and small represents an enormous investment of time on the part of residents, staff, and the Board of Directors. We look for dividends from this investment throughout 2016 and beyond.

In 1985, when I first joined the staff of Arbor Acres, Bill Womble was 69 years old and I was 32. In 2015, Bill turned 99. I am now 63. Ours has been a long and complex journey, often a push-and-pull across crevasses of differing opinions and styles. But through the decades we have been bound by the certainty that Arbor Acres exists for a noble purpose worthy of our labor and demanding of the best we have to offer. I don’t believe for a second either of us has yet fallen short in our dedication of our highest selves to advance this great mission. As Bill glides gracefully through his 100th year, as Arbor Acres progresses through its 36th or 41st depending on your method of reckoning it, I am journeying through my 32nd and final year of service to this extraordinary community.

Look, now, at the two of us on the cover of this report. We are warmed by the presence of Vicki Hunt, who served as Chair of the Board in 2015. We both look happy, do we not? It’s because, like Mary in scripture, we both chose “the good part” - the dedication of our lives to the Holy and the compassionate. In life, there is no greater fulfillment than that.

With best wishes and LOVE,

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Arbor Acres might not be here today except for the foresight and passion of William F. “Bill” Womble. If you ask him, with characteristic understatement, he will tell you that he “thought a retirement community in Winston-Salem was a good idea and several others (namely Ralph Stockton, Bishop Ernest Fitzgerald and the Board of the then Methodist Children’s Home) agreed.” Bill also knew time was of the essence. He had recently learned folks in the Asheville area were in the process of obtaining approval for a “home” in that area. He knew if plans were not presented simultaneously to the Western North Carolina Conference, it might be years before another would be approved in the Conference. Bill wrote and presented the successful resolution that led to the creation of the founding Board of Directors of the Triad United Methodist Home (now Arbor Acres). And the rest is history.

Bill already had earned a reputation for getting things done. Over the years he served on the Board of Directors of such organizations as The Children’s Home, High Point University (he is now in his 66th year of service on that Board) and Senior Services. He was a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1953-1958. For many years he provided legal services as Attorney for the City of Winston-Salem. Along with other community leaders, in 1952 he got behind and advanced the notion that physically disabled children needed quality education. Through his efforts and that of such distinguished citizens as Emil Shaffner and Courtland Davis (who presently resides at Arbor Acres), The Children’s Center for the Physically Disabled sprang into being.

At the forefront of Bill’s decision to push for a Methodist retirement community in Winston-Salem lay concern for servants of the United Methodist Church, both lay and clergy, who lived modestly and who wanted to remain close to the communities in which they had spent their lives. Today, Arbor Acres is home to 420 residents - many of them United Methodist - but also including large numbers with varied denominational and religious backgrounds. “And we all live well together.” Bill states.

Bill and Jane, his wife of 68+ years, never intended to make Arbor Acres their home. In 1997, however, a house came available that suited their needs. They lived together there for fourteen years until Jane’s death in 2010. Subsequently, Bill married Allan Hollan, the widow of his closest friend Bill Hollan, and together they now share the Arbor Acres residence that the Hollans built in 1998. As close friends over many decades, Bill and Allan Womble share a bond deepened by long history, rich memories, and lasting appreciation of their long prior marriages to beloved others.

In October of this year Bill will celebrate his 100th birthday. If you stop by Arbor Acres you might catch him checking his mail, delighting in an ice cream cone, or enjoying a wonderful meal with Allan. He still drives, recalls the past in meticulous detail, dresses snappily, and converses with wit and charm.

We treasure Bill for his genius, we honor him for his generative mind and pioneering work that brought Arbor Acres into being, we cherish him for his compassion for people in need, and we celebrate his contribution to countless lives through the ongoing work of Arbor Acres.

A Masterful Centenarian


Bill Womble with his wife, Allan

Groundbreaking ceremony in 1978.Pictured lef t to right: W. F. Womble, Sr., Wayne Corpening, Jule Spach (founding CEO) and Cecil Marcellus (on the far right).

Page 4: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


AnonymousMrs. Sylvia AldersonMrs. Elizabeth W. AlexanderMr. Ross O. AllenMr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Baker, Jr.*Dr. Frederick A. BlountMrs. Kirby BrownMrs. Gordon H. BurgessMr. Jon M. BurkhartDr. and Mrs. Thomas B. CannonMr. Coy C. Carpenter, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cavenaugh, Jr.Mrs. Sara P. ChambersDr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.*Mrs. Sophia S. CodyMr. and Mrs. John S. CramerMr. George W. Crone, Jr.Mrs. Catherine J. DobbsMr. and Mrs. Frank E. DriscollDr. and Mrs. Charles H. DuckettMrs. Mary EmlerMr. and Mrs. Gary G. FlemingMrs. Louise B. FlowersMr. and Mrs. John GehringMrs. Izoria S. GordonMrs. Emma GrahamMrs. Miriam S. HarmonMr. and Mrs. Manford HaxtonMrs. M. Betty HaywoodMr. Nixon HennesseeMrs. Margaret V. HillMrs. Alice HinmanMr. and Mrs. H. Lindsay Holcomb, Jr.*Mrs. Jean L. HoleMs. Gwen Toburen Horn

Mrs. Jacqueline HuntDr. and Mrs. Thomas H. HuntMr. and Mrs. Greg HunterMrs. Ann C. JohnstonMr. and Mrs. Douglas JonesMrs. Martha J. KeigerMr. and Mrs. Truman T. KigerMrs. Martha KirbyMr. and Mrs. William A. KnottMrs. Gail A. LakeMrs. Emily F. Lambeth*Mrs. Mary Lois H. LeithMiss Nancy LideMr. Joseph P. Logan*Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Long, Jr.Mrs. Sara S. LongMr. and Mrs. James E. MartinMr. John M. MartinDr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough*Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Merritt*Mr. Thomas A. MiskimenDr. William G. Montgomery*Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Moore, Jr.Mr. Gordon D. MuirMrs. Margaret NicholsonMr. Ellis PardueMs. Denni H. PeeblesMr. L. Gordon Pfefferkorn, Jr.Mr. W. David PinerMrs. Margaret PittardMr. and Mrs. Harry ReavisMr. Michael Robinson and Ms. Wynn TannerDr. and Mrs.William M. Satterwhite, Jr.Dr. and Mrs. William F. SayersMr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Schafer*

Ms. Camille S. Smith*Dr. and Mrs. Jule C. SpachMrs. Ann Lewallen SpencerMr. and Mrs. W. David Stedman*Mr. Christopher G. StocktonMr. Richard StocktonBishop and Mrs. Thomas B. StocktonMr. and Mrs. Robert L. StricklandMr. and Mrs. George E. Stubbins*Mrs. Margaret P. TaylorMrs. Norma S. TurnhamMs. Mary S. UnderwoodMr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vaughn, Jr.Ms. Frances VazquezMrs. Nita P. WagonerDr. and Mrs. William G. Ware*Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. WegwartMrs. Doris P. Whitt*Mr. Fillmore E. WilliamsMrs. Lucy WillinghamMr. and Mrs. William F. WombleMr. and Mrs. Vann YorkMr. Samuel J. Zachary

*Indicates new members as of January 1, 2015

We remember with great fondness members who have died this past year:

Betty Holmes (d. June 3, 2015)Elizabeth C. Lewis (d. June 26, 2015)E. Norwood Robinson (d. July 18, 2015)Suzanne M. Danilowicz (d. Sept. 22, 2015)Aleta G. Ellison (d. December 12, 2015)

THE HERITAGE SOCIETY At the heart of Arbor Acres’ mission lies a commitment to serve those living here with care, kindness, and love. Ensuring the continuation of a place where each resident has the opportunity for an enhanced quality of life rests upon the support of many people. The Heritage Society, created by the Board of Directors almost two decades ago, represents 130 individuals and families who have made a commitment to Arbor Acres in one of three ways:

~ Through their estate plans. Gifts (purposefully of $15,000 or more) can be made through wills, charitable trusts, annuities or life insurance.

~ Through the creation of a Named Fund ($15,000 or more) within the Financial Assistance Endowment Fund.

~ Through lifetime giving of $100,000 or more.

Page 5: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


The Eben Alexander, Jr. FundThe R. Worth and Atha Johnson Allen FundThe W. Guy & Pauline C. Angell FundThe Arbor Acres Resident Council FundThe Clyde G. and Sue F. Barber FundThe C. Marvin and Pauline K. Boggs FundThe Ruth Peters Braun FundThe Dorothy F. Buddine FundThe Richard W. Bunn FundThe Gertrude Gilliam Cahoon FundThe Ruth C. and Jack H. Campbell, Sr. FundThe Sam N. and Pauline H. Carter FundThe James A. Cavenaugh, Jr. FundThe Jack Allan Cheek, Sr. FundThe Reverend George B. Clemmer FundThe Nancy A. and J. Scott Cramer FundThe Dorothy A. and George W. Crone, Jr. FundThe Felix Gray and Lena R. Crutchfield FundThe Robert H. Cundiff FundThe George W. and Mary H. Dalton FundThe Matthew, Andrew, Hedy Danilowicz FundThe Glenn W. and Catherine J. Dobbs FundThe Lucy Gray Smither and Harvey Drake FundThe Charles H. and Carolyn G. Duckett FundThe R. Harold and Aleta Griffin Ellison FundThe Paul W. and Mary M. Emler FundThe William H. Entwistle, Jr. FundThe Robert J. and Marjorie H. Froeber FundThe Bishop W. Kenneth and Martha O. Goodson FundThe I. Bryce and Izoria S. Gordon FundThe William D. and Emma B. Graham Fund

The Wanda W. Hackbarth FundThe Charles W. and Jean L. Hole FundThe Glenn H. Hollingsworth FundThe James E., Jr. and Betty J. Holmes FundThe Ruby P. Johnston FundThe Glenn Adkins Jones FundThe Elizabeth Bynum Kapp FundThe Truman T. and Hilda C. Kiger FundThe Ruth I. and Emil Kohut FundThe Hattie B. Lakey FundThe Julian and Elizabeth G. Lake FundThe Frederic H. Lassiter FundThe Mary Lois H. Leith FundThe David W. and Elizabeth C. Lewis FundThe Ralph E. and Lois L. Logan FundThe Gwen Lentz (Mrs. Clyde A.) Long FundThe Harold R. and Helen S. Longfellow FundThe Peggy B. and John M. McCoy Memorial FundThe Margaret Ione McIntyre FundThe William H. and Georgia M. Millett FundThe Mary, Burt and Tom Miskimen FundThe J. Frank and Mary S. Mock FundThe William G. and Mary E. Montgomery Fund*The Walter M. Moore, Jr. FundThe Gwen S. Morris FundThe Robert S. Northington, Sr. FundThe Dorothy B. Peacock FundThe L. Gordon and June D. Pfefferkorn FundThe William E. & Flossie B. Phibbs FundThe W. David Piner FundThe Ruth M. and Clifton E. Pleasants Fund

The Richard B. and Nancy B. Port FundThe Shirley Marie Rogers FundThe Harry D. Sasher FundThe Phoebe Barnhardt and William Madison Satterwhite, Jr. FundThe Herbert C. and Virginia J. Schafer Fund*The William S., Jr. and Dorothy C. Smith FundThe Harry R. and Verna L. Sorensen FundThe Aldonia W. Spivey FundThe Jean Aleen Steelman Fund*The Norman V., Jr. and Frances K. Stockton FundThe Peggy W. & Ralph M. Stockton, Jr. FundThe Thomas B. and Jean S. Stockton FundThe Elizabeth M. and Robert L. Strickland FundThe W. Mills and Margaret P. Taylor FundThe George E. and Phyllis M. Stubbins Fund*The Ella Joyner Brame and Lawrence R. Toburen FundThe Charles Byrd Wade, Jr. and Margaret P. Wade FundThe Louise Yarbrough Wagoner FundThe Reverend and Mrs. R. Gilmer Wagoner FundThe Evelyn S. Watlington FundThe Janie Davenport Weaver FundThe Elizabeth Welch FundThe William G. White, Jr. FundThe Doris P. and James O. Whitt Fund*The William F. and Jane G. Womble FundThe W. Vann & Ann York Fund

*Newly established funds during 2015

As of December 31, 2015, the Assistance Endowment Fund, within which there are eighty-eight named funds, totaled $13,219,173. The total raised in 2015 was $429,652. The Fund is overseen by the Finance Committee of the Arbor Acres Board of Directors to assure a balance between growth and income, and to generate a steady stream of revenue for financial assistance needs. In 2015,

$566,705 was withdrawn to help residents who have acute financial needs.

We appreciate our donors for their philanthropic spirit and compassion for Arbor Acres’ residents.


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What Unites Us is a Spirit of Generosity, and a Need to Give Something Back

Arbor Acres cares about community – both on campus and in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. The residents, staff and Board of Directors believe outreach is critical to good living. It serves our mission well. It makes our lives complete.

In 2015, items donated to Goodwill Industries were valued at $7,100. Among the donations were household items, books, clothing, shoes and small appliances. Arbor Acres also sent used furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen shelving, doors and windows to Habitat for Humanity. Large quantities of books were sent to the Shepherd Center for resale.

Arbor Acres supports other community non-profit organizations in a variety of ways. In 2015, the following organizations either held meetings in or otherwise benefited from use of Arbor Acres facilities: Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem Rescue Mission, Mount Tabor United Methodist Church, Kiwanis Club, Torch Club, Home Moravian Church, Piedmont Craftsman, Audubon Society, Crisis Control and Senior Services.

In 2015, resident council approved fundraisers generated a total of $149,875 for the benefit of charitable causes in the local community.

Arbor Acres remains actively involved in a wide variety of charitable initiatives both on campus and within the greater community. This is a meaningful part of Arbor Acres’ mission. We help ourselves by helping others.

Page 7: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


Arbor Acres is grateful to the following donors for their generosity. This list includes all gifts made between

January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.

Please note this Annual Report reflects gifts made in 2015. We have attempted to be as accurate as possible in compiling these lists. If you find an error or omission, please contact Wendy Cason at 336.748.4636.

Ms. Anita L. Abernathy (1)Mrs. Kathy Acton and Mr. Gerald E. Smith (6)Mr. and Mrs. William D. Acton, Jr. (5)Ms. Julie Adams (1)Ms. Sandra P. Adams (2)Dr. and Mrs. Harley P. Affeldt (20)Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery A. Agee (1)Mrs. Kate N. Ahlport (1)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Akins (3)Mr. and Mrs. John M. Albright (4)Mrs. Betty W. Alexander (12)Mrs. Cathie Alexander (1)Mrs. Jean B. Alexander (2)Mr. and Mrs. Welborn Alexander (1)Anonymous (25)Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Allen (1)Mr. Roy B. Allen (2)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Allen (22)Ms. Winnie Allred (13)Mrs. Gail Anderson (1)Mrs. Gayle Anderson (3)Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Anderson (1)Mrs. Peggy Andrews (6)Ms. Shelia J. Andrews (1)Mr. Stephen H. Andrews (2)Mr. Rufus G. Angel (2)Ms. Scharlot Angel (12)Anonymous (17)

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Arcuri (2)Mr. Donald L. Argabright (29)Mrs. Susan T. Arnold (5)Ms. Douglas E. Austell (2)Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Austin (23)Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Austin (5)Mr. C. A. Bailey, Jr. (27)Mr. and Mrs. Jack Z. Bailiff (27)Mrs. Marilyn Baird (12)Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Baity (29)Mrs. Jean D. Baker (10)Mr. and Mrs. John Baker (7)Mr. Kemp A. and Dr. Marilynn Baker (7)Mrs. Marcia T. Baker (8)Mr. and Mrs. William P. Baldridge, Jr. (10)Mrs. Jennifer Baldwin (1)Ms. Sue Baldwin (5)Mr. William L. and Mrs. Pamela H. Ball III (5)Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ball, Jr. (10)Mr. Charles R. Bame (3)Mrs. Merry S. Barber (3)Ms. Kathy R. Barker (1)Ms. Kaye H. Barker (1)Ms. Cindi Barnes (13)Ms. Ellen R. Barnett (1)Mr. and Mrs. Mickel H. Barnette (20)Rev. and Mrs. Roland T. Barnhardt (20)Ms. Ruth W. Barnhardt (1)

Ms. Sarah B. Barnhardt (14)Mr. and Mrs. Zeb E. Barnhardt, Jr. (17)Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Barnwell (4)Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Barreau (3)Mrs. Mildred Barrett (1)Mrs. Suzanne S. Barrows (19)Mr. Gary Bartholomew (2)Mr. Daniel Bartko (5)Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Bartlett (3)Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bassett (1)Mr. William M. Batchelor (17)Mr. Frederick Bauer (7)Ms. Carol A. Baynes (1)Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Bazemore, Jr. (17)Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bean (1)Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Beason (19)Mrs. Mary M. Beavers (29)Ms. Karen Bedford (1)Ms. Jeanette C. Bell (18)Mrs. Kathy Bender (2)Mr. Bert L. Bennett (4)Mr. and Mrs. Graham F. Bennett (1)Ms. Karen B. Bennett (26)Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Bennett (6)Dr. F. Edward Bentley (20)Mrs. Edna Carol Bernasek (2)Mr. James C. Berrier (25)Mr. Joe H. Berrier (21)

Ms. Elizabeth A. Best* (10)Mr. and Mrs. Charles Betz (1)Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Biby (27)Mrs. Carolyn Black (5)Mr. and Mrs. John A. Black (12)Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Blackmer (1)Mr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Blackwell III (3)Ms. Cynthia E. Blair (7)Mr. and Mrs. David B. Blanco (12)Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Blanco (5)Ms. Vanessa Bland (1)Mrs. Lucille Blankenship (6)Dr. Marsha Bledsoe (6)Mr. Robert L. Blevins (19)Mr. and Mrs. Art Bloom (2)Dr. Frederick A. Blount (20)Mrs. Katrina S. Bodford (9)Ms. Lucy M. Bolden (2)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bolden (7)Mrs. Mary O. Booe (9)Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke (30)Mrs. Katherine H. Boone* (11)Mr. and Mrs. John W. Borst (11)Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Bostic, Jr. (1)Dr. and Mrs. Edwyn Bowen (6)Rev. Lori Anne Bowen (23)Mr. and Mrs. Rex Bowen (7)Mr. and Mrs. Paschal Boyd (1)

Generous Giving to Arbor Acres

DONOR LIST (Years of Giving Indicated in Parenthesis) *Indicates Deceased

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DONOR LIST {Continued}

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Boyles (10)Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brady (29)Ms. Wilba P. Brady (29)Mr. and Mrs. Tim D. Bralley (2)Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Branton (29)Ms. Sharon D. Brengel (1)Ms. Margaret Brennan (2)Mrs. Ann Brenner (1)Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brewer (16)Mr. Robert P. Brewer (6)Ms. Lisa D. Bright (1)Ms. Gayle Brookbank (8)Mrs. Jean Brooks (1)Mrs. Charlotte C. Broughton (3)Rev. Andrew Brown, Jr. (1)Ms. Betty Brown (1)Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Elizabeth H.* Brown (4)Mrs. Kirby Brown (11)Rev. and Mrs. Rodney C. Brown (28)Ms. Beverly Broyles (1)Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Bryant (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Buchanan (10)Ms. Theresa B. Bullin (4)Mrs. Jane L. Bumgardner (4)Mrs. Evelyn F. Bumgarner (26)Mrs. Miriam Bumgarner (28)Mr. Keith Bunch (2)Mr. James A. Bunn (12)Mrs. Gordon H. Burgess (33)Mr. and Mrs. David W. Burke (11)Mr. Marvin J. Burke (19)Ms. Patricia V. Burke (12)Mr. Jon M. Burkhart (9)Mr. John K. Burnett (2)Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burnette (11)Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress (7)Mrs. Jo Ann Burton (6)Mrs. Mary O. Butler (10)

Ms. Lisa Bynum (2)Mrs. Mary Lois Bynum(6)Dr. Albert G. Byrum III (4)Mrs. Helen Caines (6)Mr. and Mrs. William Caldwell (5)Mr. and Mrs. Ian Calvert (1)Mr. David B. Campbell (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Campbell (14)Mr. and Mrs. William P. Campbell (2)Dr. Thomas B. and Mrs. Nancy S. Cannon (28)Mrs. Alice Canterbury (3)Mrs. Agnes M. Canzona (15)Ms. Alma Carlton (3)Mr. Coy C. Carpenter, Jr. (22)Mr. Thomas G. Carpenter and Mrs. Margaret B. Hayden (1)Mrs. Beth Carroll (25)Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Carter (1)Mr. Conrad N. Carter (1)Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Carter (19)Mrs. Marilyn S. Carter (1)Ms. Nancy S. Carter (11)Mr. Thomas N. Carter (22)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carter (1)Mr. and Mrs. Tim Carter (1)Ms. Susan N. Carter-Hope (8)Rev. and Mrs. Dwight Cartner (13)Mr. and Mrs. William E. Casey (16)Mrs. Wendy D. Cason (7)Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cassels (11)Ms. Gwenne Causey (2)Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cavallo, Jr. (4)Mr. and Mrs. Randall Cave (9)Jane and Bob Caviness (17)Mr. and Mrs. W. Kendall Chalk (1)Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Chambers (11)Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr. (12)Mr. George W. Chandler, Jr. (16)Mrs. Margaret H. Chapman (3)Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Chapple, Jr. (31)Mr. and Ms. Richard Chartrand (3)Mr. Rodney Cheek (3)

Dr. Ruth M. Chiga (25)Mrs. Becky Choplin (4)Mr. James A. Chrismon (3)Mrs. Katherine E. Chubb (2)Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Clapp (4)Mr. and Mrs. Butch R. Clark (9)Mrs. Doris M. Clark (1)Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clark (1)Mrs. Patricia F. Clark (2)Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark (1)Mr. William G.* and Mrs. Dixie Clark (24)Ms. Jane Click (28)Ms. Carolyn R. Clifton (9)Mr. and Mrs. William F. Clingman III (1)Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Coan (5)Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cobb (3)Mr. W. Howard* and Mrs. Barbara Coble (16)Mrs. Valerie L. Cobler (11)Mrs. Catherine F. Cochran (2)Mrs. Martha J. Cochran (23)Mr. Russell P. and Mrs. Janet S. Cockman (7)Mrs. Sophia S. Cody (20)Mrs. Don S. Coeyman (27)Mrs. Judy Coggins (1)Mrs. Beverly Coker (3)Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cole (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Cole (9)Mrs. Sarah Hill Colhoun (3)Ms. Ruffin Collett (3)Mr. and Mrs. Renny A. Collins (27)Mrs. Ruth B. Collins (29)Mr. Jeffrey S. Coltrane, Jr. (11)Mrs. Deborah C. Conrad (27)Mr. and Mrs. Fred Conrad (2)Ms. Bonnie S. Cook (19)Mr. and Mrs. K. Carter Cook (1)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cook, Jr. (5)Mrs. Carol Cooper (1)Mrs. Jean B. Cooper (3)Dr. Michael R. Cooper (1)Mr. and Mrs. W. Andrew Copenhaver (12)Mr. and Mrs. Miller S. Council (22)

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cowan (31)Mr. Maxwell Cox (9)Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan L. Cox (14)Mr. and Ms. Donald C. Craft (1)Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cramer (13)Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Craver (28)Mrs. Ginny Craver (29)Mr. and Mrs. Penn Craver (5)Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Creasy (25)Mrs. Linda R. Crews (1)Mrs. Lynn Cribb (4)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Crichlow, Jr. (17)Mr. George W. Crone, Jr. (25)Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Cross (5)Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross, Jr. (4)Mrs. Kay M. Crouse (1)Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Crumpler (2)Mr. James M. Culberson, Jr. (29)Mrs. Judith Culley (7)Dr. and Mrs. Harry Culp (2)Mr. and Mrs. G. Dan Culp (16)Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Culp (7)Mr. and Mrs. Meriwether L. Cuningham (15)Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Curlee (16)Mr. Samuel S. Dalton (13)Mrs. Debbie Daniels (2)Mrs. Sadie R. Daniels (2)Mr. and Mrs. Carey Darr (1)Ms. Darlene C. Davenport (11)Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Daves (7)Dr. Courtland H. Davis (10)Ms. Courtney Davis (1)Rev. and Mrs. John E. Davis, Jr. (6)Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Davis (11)Mrs. Madeline Davis (8)Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Davis (5)Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dean (4)Ms. Linda B. Deardorff (1)Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Deaton (15)Mrs. Rebecca M. Deaton (6)Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Delmas (1)Mr. and Mrs. A. Horace Deudney (3)

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Ms. Barbara Deupree and Ms. Nancy Collins (8)Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy A. Dew (19)Mr. Jimmy Dezarn (1)Mrs. Mary Ellen Dickinson (1)Mr. Douglas* and Mrs. Rosena Dillard (9)Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dillard (7)Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Dillon (24)Patsy Dixson (1)Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dobbs (5)Rev. and Mrs. Lewis H. Dodson (9)Ms. Rachel E. Dodson (12)Mrs. Judy P. Doggett (3)Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dossinger (8)Mr. and Mrs. Charles Douglas (2)Mr. James W. and Mrs. Marian M. Douglas (4)Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Dowling (14)Mr. Gordon B. Doyle III (8)Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Drake (4)Mrs. Melissa Drake (1)Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Driscoll (4)Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll (23)Mr. and Mrs. Robert Driskell (1)Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Duckett (10)Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Duffer (21)Ms. Elizabeth A. Dull (25)Mrs. JoAnn Dunn (1)Mr. Steven W. Dunn and Mr. Bowman W. Bowers (8)Mrs. Terry S. Dunn (1)Mr. and Mrs. Robby J. Dunnagan (3)Ms. Sandra Dunning and Mr. James Stubblefield (1)Mr. Eugene O. Eagle, Jr. (1)Dr. and Mrs. John R. Earle (4)Ms. Debra A. Easter (20)Mrs. Susan Eaton (5)Mr. Robert Eberhart (2)Mrs. Betty S. Eddinger (13)Ms. Denise Edwards (21)Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards (18)Mrs. Ann J. Egleston (1)

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Amy M. Egleston (9)Mr. and Mrs. James Einstein (3)Mrs. Aurelia G. Eller (11)Mrs. Suzan D. Elster (20)Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Emken, Jr. (1)Mrs. Mary Emler (24)Ms. Marian English (3)Mrs. Carolyn C. Enslen (12)Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Eppert (7)Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Esleeck (23)Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eudy (1)Ms. Jane S. Everhart (19)Mr. David Fairall (3)Mrs. Patricia Faires (9)Dr. and Mrs. John Faris (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Farmer (3)Ms. Shirley G. Farmer (1)Ms. Ann G. Faust (22)Mrs. Elizabeth Felts (11)Ms. Margaret H. Felts (9)Dr. and Mrs. James W. Ferree (24)Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ferris (4)Mrs. Mary Ellen Finkbine (1)Ms. Ruth B. Finley (3)Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Fisher (24)Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Fisher (3)Mr. and Mrs. George R. Fleetwood (25)Claudia and Gary Fleming (30)Mrs. Louise B. Flowers (28)Ms. Ann A. Flynt (5)Dr. and Mrs. Jay Ford (1)Mrs. Sally O. Ford (1)Mrs. Sara O. Ford (2)Mrs. Betty S. Foster (19)Mr. William D. Foster (2)Ms. Martha P. Foures (1)Mr. and Mrs. John Fragakis (7)Ms. Vicki G. Fragakis (3)Ms. Donna C. Fraley (1)Mr. Wayne Franklin (1)Mr. and Mrs. William H. Freeman (13)Mr. Paul Fuller (1)


With the addition of Lisa O’Donnell as Director of Recreational Arts, Arbor Acres took the concept of “time away from home” to a brand new level. And we don’t mean the addition of more trips across town for ice cream… we mean time spent in New York City, Myrtle Beach, and Asheville!

Soon after she joined Arbor Acres, Lisa began organizing an October New York City theater tour for residents. Fifteen residents jumped at the opportunity to see three plays: the historic Hamilton, the iconic An American in Paris and the hilarious Something Rotten. Between shows, the group visited the 911 Memorial and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they enjoyed Sunday brunch in the Museum Member’s Club.

The residents dined also at The French Culinary Institute, delighting in a five-course meal prepared for them by professional colleagues of Arbor Acres’ Chef Daniel Smith. Along the way the residents visited The Whitney

Museum in its architecturally stunning and recently opened new quarters. Of the trip Lisa says, “I would say on a scale of one to ten, it was a twenty. All the residents needed to do was show up and everything else was done for them.”

Lisa’s professional life includes ten years at Bermuda Village as Fitness and Activity Director, and most recently, nine years at Salemtowne as Activity Director for Health Care and Assisted Living. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from UNC-G.

With boundless energy and a passion for helping residents to stay active and on their feet, Lisa is ready action. Her driving purpose, and that of her skilled and talented Department, is to see that others are also.

Off Your Rocker? Better Believe It!

Lisa O’Donnell, Director of

Recreational Arts

Page 10: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


DONOR LIST {Continued}

Dogs commonly are regarded as man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. Arbor Acres couldn’t agree more. We brag about the “pet friendly” community and readily advertise the 80+ acres of green space where residents and their leashed partners can roam and explore on a daily basis.

In 2015, at the request of resident dog owners, Arbor Acres opened a dog park, the Arbor Acres Barkway. The May 15th opening celebration drew residents, staff, and dogs alike, all coming together and shedding their leashes for a joyous romp across the lawn. Refreshments, including specially made doggie treats baked in the Arbor Acres kitchen, were served. The dog treats were so enticing that a few of the human companions couldn’t resist taking a taste. Word is they were better than the people treats.

David Piner shared a few dedicatory words, after which Bert Sanders, one of Arbor Acres’ chaplains, conducted a blessing of the animals. The dogs seemed to consider the latter unnecessary as they never doubted they were blessed. They sniffed, licked, and frolicked while their companion humans laughed and took pictures. Then all went home with bellies full and hearts overflowing.

The Dog Park Opens at Arbor Acres

Ms. Nella P. Fulton (5)Reverend and Mrs. Donald K. Funderburk (23)Mrs. Elizabeth K. Fyock (26)Dr. and Mrs. Joe E. Gaddy, Jr. (26)Mr. David N. Gallaher (1)Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gallaher (7)Mr. John K. Gallaher (12)Mrs. Sally Galyean (1)Mrs. Dorothy B. Gantt (2)Mrs. Mary Garrity (1)Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Gatto (2)Mr. James E. Gay (5)Mrs. Virginia W. Gay (4)Ms. Susan Y. Gaylor (1)Ms. Elizabeth Gee (12)Mr. and Mrs. John Gehring (11)Mr. Francis J. Geiser, Jr. (24)Ms. Kathryn George (1)Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Gerding (4)Mrs. Patricia Geyer (3)Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gfeller, Jr. (1)Dr. Robert Gibson (4)Ms. Margot S. Gilbert (1)Ms. Elizabeth P. Glenn (7)Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gooding (24)Mr. and Mrs. William R. Goodman (7)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Goodson (8)Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Goodson, Jr. (29)Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goodson III (8)Mrs. Izoria S. Gordon (7)Mrs. Marie P. Gordon (3)Dr. and Mrs. Louis Gottlieb (4)Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gottlieb (4)Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Gowens (8)Ms. Ashton Graham (4)Della Graham (3)Mrs. Emma Graham (13)Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Graham, Jr. (2)

The Honorable and Mrs. William Graham (3)Mrs. Mary C. Grant (6)Dr. and Mrs. Willis J. Grant III (20)Mr. and Mrs. W. Patrick Grantham (4)Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gray, Jr. (2)Mrs. Robert C. Gray (1)Ms. Sheila M. Green (2)Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Greene (27)Mr. and Mrs. Rhett E. Greene, Sr. (23)Mrs. Joyce H. Greenwood (27)Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gribble (1)Dr. and Mrs. Franklin W. Grice (22)Mr. and Mrs. Forrest M. Grimes (2)Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Grousbeck (4)Mr. Trent Grubb (7)Dr. and Mrs. Richard Guidetti (1)Mrs. Patricia Gunlock (3)Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gunnell (24)Mr. and Mrs. Layton H. Gunter, Jr. (5)Mrs. Eleanor S. Gurney (19)Mrs. Kathy L. Gwyn (7)Mrs. Martha Gwyn (22)Mrs. Miriam Haines (11)Mrs. Carolyn Hale (3)Olivet R. and Eva J. Hale (13)Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Hall (28)Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Halverson (3)Mrs. Rachel Hamilton (6)Mr. and Mrs. Wade G. Hampton III (11)Mrs. Ruth Hanas (5)Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. Hancock (7)Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hancock (1)Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hancock, Jr. (6)Mr. James Hancock (1)Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hancock (1)Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr. (27)Mrs. Jane Hanes (3)Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hanley (4)Mrs. Julia P. Hardy (20)Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Harless (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Harlow (2)Ms. Vieva M. Harlow (1)Mrs. Miriam S. Harmon (23)

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Mrs. Arnita B. Harrell (1)Mrs. Brinkley Harrell (1)Ms. Carolyn Harrell (1)Ms. Virginia A. Harrell (1)Ms. Betty Harrill (5)Ms. Nancy C. Harrill (12)Mr. David R. Harris (3)Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Harris (2)Mr. and Mrs. R. Boyd Harvey (3)Mrs. Mary Ann N. Haselden (1)Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hathcock (27)Mr. Charles H. and Mrs. Susan R. Hauser (12)Ms. Cynthia Y. Hauser (14)Mr. Bobby Hawkins (8)Mr. and Mrs. Manford Haxton (7)Mrs. JoAnn F. Hayes (2)Ms. Lida Hayes-Calvert (1)Mrs. M. Betty Haywood (12)Mr. and Mrs. Chase Hearn (9)Ms. Brooke L. Hedrick (1)Mr. Bill Heffner (3)Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heilig (4)Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hein III (9)Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson B. Helms, Jr. (7)Ms. Pam Helms (1)Dr. and Mrs. James Helsabeck (1)Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hendricks (19)Mr. Mike Hendrix (9)Ms. Dorothy R. Henley (7)Ms. Lenora Henley (9)Dr. and Mrs. Walter Henley (29)Mr. Nixon Hennessee (20)Dr. and Mrs. W. Dean Henrichs (13)Dr. and Mrs. Chris Herman (1)Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Herring (14)Anonymous (2)Mrs. Katherine W. Hicks (5)Mrs. Frances C. High (1)Mrs. Martha Bond Hilburn (12)Mr. E. Franklin Hill (4)Mrs. Gaynelle M. Hill (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hill (1)Mr. and Mrs. Julian T. Hill (3)

Mrs. Margaret V. Hill (10)Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill (10)Ms. Marylyn M. Hilton (11)Mrs. Susan Himes (1)Mr. T. Gray Hinkle (3)Mrs. Alice Hinman (27)Mr. Frank Hinman II (10)Mrs. A. Milburn H. Hinshaw (5)Ms. Barbara G. Hinson (3)Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hise (1)Mrs. Janet Hobbs (6)Mr. and Ms. Michael Hobby (2)Mr. Edward Hogan, Jr. (3)Miss Gaynelle Hogan (3)Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Hamer (1)Mrs. Ernestine F. Hoke (19)Mr. and Mrs. H. Lindsay Holcomb, Jr. (33)Mr. and Mrs. Jerald W. Holcomb (13)Mr. Dale Holder (4)Mrs. Jean Hole (27)Ms. Mitzi L. Hole (9)Mr. William E. Hollan, Jr. (17)Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Holliday, Jr. (18)Mrs. Betty Holmes* (33)Mr. Dalton B. Holmes (10)Mr. and Mrs. Hubert B. Holmes (1)Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Holthouser (8)Mr. and Mrs. James M. Honeycutt (1)Mrs. Susan Carter-Hope (8)Mrs. Cynthia Hopkins (1)Mrs. Loma C. Hopkins (4)Ms. Tricia Horne (1)Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Horsley (4)Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hough (3)Mr. Bailey E. Howard, Jr. (15)Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Howard (16)Mr. and Mrs. David A. Howard (15)Mr. Fred Howard (9)Mrs. Margie R. Howard (24)Ms. Vickie L. Howard (4)Mr. and Mrs. Fred Howell (6)Mr. and Mrs. James Howell (2)Mr. Ronald E. Hoy (17)

Ms. Ruth Hoyle (2)Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Hubbard (4)Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Huber (9)Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Hucks (25)Mr. James G. Hudson, Jr. (12)Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hughes (1)Mr. and Mrs. Milton Humphreys (20)Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hundley (3)Ms. Sallie Hundley (2)Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Hunt (13)Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hunt (1)Rev. Clark W. Hunt (29)Dr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Victoria P. Hunt (31)Ms. Carol G. Hunter (1)Mrs. Jean Hunter (28)Mr. John and Mrs. Patricia Hunter (10)Mr. and Mrs. Ora A. Hurst (13)Mrs. Sandy Hyder (1)Ms. Almeta Idol (1)Mr. and Mrs. Nelson P. Ingram III (20)Mr. and Mrs. James M. Iseman, Jr. (22)Mrs. Martha H. Isenberg (16)Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Jackson (3)Mrs. Roselyn Jackson (8)Ms. Cheryl Jacobs (3)Mrs. Eleanor S. Jamison (14)Mr. Gustav C. Jamison (12)Mr. James R. Jarrell (9)Mrs. Betty W. Johnson (6)Mrs. Carol A. Johnson (23)Mr. Don Johnson and Mr. Don Wofford (3)Mrs. Lucy Johnson (3)Mrs. Molly W. Johnson (16)Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Johnson (6)Mrs. Ann C. Johnston (26)Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johnston III (13)Ms. Doris W. Jones (1)Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones (10)Mr. Howard C. Jones (2)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Jones III (4)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Jones (1)Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jordan II (29)Mrs. Lorraine Jordan (2)

Rev. and Mrs. N. Fred Jordan, Jr. (12)Mrs. Joy J. Joss (7)Miss Carlene Judy (9)Mrs. Toni Kallam (1)Mr. Paul Kayhart and Ms. Elizabeth Lide (2)Ms. Linda Kearsley (1)Mrs. Margaret Keely (28)Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Keely (10)Mr. and Mrs. Charlie F. Keiger (6)Mrs. Edith Keiger (1)Mrs. Martha J. Keiger (26)Dr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Keith (11)Ms. Katrina W. Kelley (1)Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kelly, Jr. (2)Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope A. Kelly (1)Ms. Vicki L. Kendrick (13)Mrs. Jewell C. Key (6)Ms. Har Simran Kaur Khalsa (1)Mr. and Mrs. Truman T. Kiger (19)Mrs. Joyce T. Kilby (6)Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Kimball (6)Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kimball, Jr. (3)Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Kimble (1)Mrs. Billie C. Kimel (21)Dr. and Mrs. Harry Kinard (4)Ann and Bob King (4)Mr. and Mrs. Steve King (1)Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Kinken, Jr. (31)Mr. M. C. Kinlaw, Jr. (7)Mrs. Arlene B. Kirby (33)Mr. and Mrs. J. Aubrey Kirby (4)Mrs. Martha Kirby (8)Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kittrell (1)Mr. and Mrs. William A. Knott (28)Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Knox (27)Mr. and Mrs. Karl O. Koebberling (12)Ms. Joan Kramer (21)Ms. Sally Lacy (5)Mr. and Mrs. Clay R. Ladd (22)Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Lake (5)Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lakey (23)Mrs. Donna M. Lambert (1)Mrs. Ruby B. Lambert (3)

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DONOR LIST {Continued}

Ms. Sarah Lambert* (2)Mrs. Emily F. Lambeth (8)Mr. George Lambeth (2)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lambeth (11)Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Lancaster (15)Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lasley* (9)Mrs. Jane Lassiter (4)Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Lawrence (3)Mr. and Mrs. B. Thomas Lawson, Jr. (15)Ms. Mary N. Lea (9)Mrs. Jane A. Lee (5)Mrs. Margaret R. Lee (15)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Lee, Jr. (10)Mrs. Lily Lees (4)Dr. and Mrs. Wade H. Lefler (2)Mrs. Mary Lois H. Leith (12)Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O. Leonard (7)Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lerner (1)Mrs. Garnette H. LeRoy (6)Mrs. Dorothy B. Lesniak (6)Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Levin (7)Mrs. Elizabeth C. Lewis* (12)Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Lewis (14)Mrs. J. Meredith Lindel (4)Mr. John A. Lindsay III (2)Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lindsay (1)Mr. and Mrs. Tim C. Lineberry (12)Mr. and Mrs. Roger Linville (2)Mr. and Mrs. Robert Listokin (4)Mr. and Mrs. George Little, Jr.(5)Ms. Ella R. Lively (1)Mrs. Mary G. Lockhart (14)Mr. Joseph P. Logan (8)Mr. and Mrs. Ernest V. Logemann (8)Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Lominac (30)Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Long, Jr. (29)Joe and Diana Long (1)Mr. Matt* and Mrs. Emmie Lou J. Long (32)Mr. and Mrs. A. Ray Long (6)

Mrs. Judy Long (5)Mrs. Sara S. Long (13)Mrs. Phoebe Anne Looney (1)Ms. Joyce Love (2)Mrs. Mary Alice Love (28)Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lovett (2)Mrs. Patricia W. Lowrance (2)Mr. Ernest Lunsford (1)Mrs. Janice Lutz-Vanhoy (11)Mrs. Carol C. Lyerly (7)Ms. Carol M. Mabe (7)Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Macey (19)Mrs. Susan MacIntosh (1)Mrs. Judy MacMillan (13)Mrs. Muriel M. Madden (3)Mrs. Margaret J. Maher (3)Mrs. Jo Ann Main (5)Mrs. Janice Mallett (2)Rev. and Mrs. Clay Manning (30)Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Manning III (1)Mrs. Sally M. Manning (1)Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Manthey (10)Mrs. Peggy N. Maple (1)Miss Angela D. Marion (13)Mrs. Antionette G. Marley (23)Ms. Nancy S. Marshall* (13)Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin (22)Mr. John M. Martin (20)Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Martin (21)Mr. Richard Martin (3)Rev. Sandra W. Martin (11)Mr. Richard Marvin (9)Mr. David Masich (5)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Massey, Jr. (1)Ms. Winona S. Masten (2)Mr. and Mrs. Larry Masters (4)Mrs. Adilee Matherly (6)Mr. and Mrs. Arzie J. Matthews (4)Mrs. Deborah B. Matthews (1)Mr. and Mrs. Lester Maulet (1)Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mauzy III (11)Mrs. Lillian Maxwell (4)

Dr. C. Douglas Maynard (15)Ms. Sarah A. McAlister (13)Mrs. Elizabeth A. McBride (22)Mrs. Sheila M. McCain (3)Mrs. Sig McCain (5)Mrs. Elsie J. McCall (8)Ms. Leslie C. McCall (5)Dr. William McCall (7)Mr. and Mrs. T. G. McCaskill (1)Mr. and Mrs. Coleman B. McClain (16)Miss Kelly McClain (1)Mr. James T. McCombs (16)Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough (4)Mr. and Mrs. David G. McDonald (25)Mrs. Carolyn McDonough (1)Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter McDowell (30)Mr. and Mrs. Tony D. McDowell (18)Ms. Velvet S. McGregor (1)Mr. and Ms. J. William McGuinn, Jr. (10)Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. McJunkin (12)Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon (6)Mr. Felton McLaughlin (1)Mrs. Eloise McLean (8)Mrs. Margaret W. McLeod (16)Mrs. Sally McLeod (5)Mrs. Aarin McMurray (1)Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. McNair (7)Mrs. Martha McNair (16)Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. McNames (6)Mr. and Mrs. Bob McPherson (7)Mr. and Mrs. L. Pat McPherson (10)Mrs. Martha McPherson (6)Ms. Patricia Mead (3)Ms. Lynn F. Meadows (1)Dr. Robert L. Means (10)Miss Charlotte R. Mecum (2)Mrs. Polly Medlin (1)Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William T. Medlin III (11)Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Mendlovitz (2)Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Meredith (24)Mrs. Kaye B. Merritt (24)Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Merritt (12)

Ms. Roberta F. Michal (2)Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Milholen III (8)Mr. and Mrs. Brent Miller (7)Dr. and Mrs. Craig H. Miller (28)Mrs. Doris Anne Miller (10)Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Milner III (11)Mr. Thomas A. Miskimen (13)Mrs. Caroline Mitchell (2)Mr. R. Berkley Mitchell (1)Ms. Joyce Mohler (2)Mrs. Bridget Molten (3)Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Moncrief (11)Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Montgomery (1)Dr. William G. Montgomery (16)Mrs. Tricia Moody (2)Mrs. Juliette R. Moore (16)Mr. and Mrs. Owen S. Moore (19)Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Moore, Jr. (28)Mr. and Mrs. Kent Morgan (3)Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morris (3)Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Morris (4)Mr. Donald R. Morton, Sr. (2)Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moser (6)Rev. and Mrs. Aaron W. Moss (24)Mrs. Elisabeth Motsinger (1)Mrs. Anna Mowery (5)Mr. Gordon D. Muir (12)Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mullen (2)Mr. Wes Murph (1)Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy (1)Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy (5)Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Murphy (1)Rev. and Mrs. Jerry D. Murray (7)Ms. Susan Myers (1)Mrs. Virginia Nanzetta (19)Mrs. Beth M. Neill (1)Dr. Anne Nelson (3)Mrs. Kathryn A. Nelson (2)Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Newby (1)Rev. J. Keith Newell (1)Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman (13)Mrs. Phyllis Newsome (7)

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Mr. and Mrs. George Newton (4)Mr. and Mrs. Warren Nichols (10)Mrs. Margaret Nicholson (24)Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Nifong (30)Mrs. Jane Niven (2)Ms. Diane Norman (13)Mr. Julian O. Northcraft and Rev. Suzanne Northcraft (19)Mr. and Mrs. K. Patrick Ober (7)Mrs. Mary Ann Odell (7)Mr. and Mrs. Charles Odom (19)Ms. Lisa M. O’Donnell (1)Mr. Thomas L. and Mrs. Anita H. Ogburn, Jr. (22)Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Ogburn, Sr. (32)Mrs. Elizabeth L. Orr (2)Mrs. Kathleen L. Osborne (13)Rev. and Mrs. William H. Osborne, Jr. (15)Ms. Linda J. Owings (24)Mr. Kermit Paddack (1)Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pandres (11)Mr. Ellis Pardue (6)Rev. and Mrs. B. J. Parker (18)Mrs. Carolyn Parker (4)Ms. Emily Parks (10)Anonymous (6)Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Parleir (8)Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parsley (2)Mr. James G. Paschal (2)Mr. John Paterson, Jr. (12)Mr. and Mrs. Dell Patterson (2)Rev. and Mrs. Ardis D. Payne (24)Mr. Joseph Stanfield and Ms. Nancy Payne (6)Mr. and Mrs. William M. Payne (13)Ms. Denni H. Peebles (3)Ms. Lois M. Peele (1)Mrs. Debra S. Pegg (19)Mr. Douglas W. Peninger (1)Mr. and Mrs. J. Rodwell Penry (1)Mrs. Vivian R. Penry (30)Armand Perez (1)Mr. Clifford Perkins (3)Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perkins (5)

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Perkinson, Jr. (3)Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Perry, Jr. (29)Mr. Thomas Perry and Mrs. Carolyn Dahl (8)Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pershing (29)Mrs. Helen Peterson* (19)Ms. Shirley A. Pfaff (1)Mr. L. Gordon Pfefferkorn, Jr. (26)Ms. Susan Pfefferkorn (4)Mr. and Mrs. William G. Pfefferkorn (13)Mrs. Jane D. Phillips (1)Mr. R. P. Phillips, Jr. (1)Ms. Jackie Pierson (1)Mrs. Laura F. Piner (3)Mr. W. David Piner (21)Mrs. Margaret Pittard (26)Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Pleasants, Jr. (16)Mrs. Jeannette Plummer (5)Dr. and Mrs. Harold Pollard (16)Rev. Dr. Phillip and Mrs. Ann Z. Poole (3)Mrs. Arlette L. Porter (1)Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Porter (3)Ms. Nancy B. Powell (18)Mrs. Lucy P. Power (3)Mrs. Marion Pranikoff (3)Mrs. Laura T. Pratt (1)Mr. Fred D. Priddy (3)Dr. Walter S. and Dr. Deborah Pritchard (12)Mr. Alan G. Propst (1)Mrs. Sallie Millis H. Pryor (4)Ms. Mary B. Pullen (1)Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pulliam (2)Mrs. Ann Purcell (5)Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Lisa P. Purcell (9)Mrs. Joy Quesenberry (6)Mrs. Anne D. Rankin (29)Mrs. Mary Ann Ratcliff (28)Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Rayburn (1)Ms. Peggy S. Reavis (2)Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reavis (5)Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Reeder (1)Ms. Sarah Remy (1)Mrs. Wanda T. Remy (3)

Mrs. Patsy R. Reynolds (1)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rice III (1)Mrs. Anne Richards (8)Mrs. Betsy Richardson (2)Mrs. Betty Richardson (4)Mr. Scott Richardson (5)Mr. and Mrs. Leslie U. Ricketts, Jr. (28)Ms. Mary E. Riddle (6)Rev. and Mrs. David Riffe (5)Mrs. Janet Rigsbee (3)Mr. Byron L. Roberts (7)Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Roberts (1)Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts (1)Dr. George P. Robinson (31)Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Robinson (2)Mr. Michael Robinson and Ms. Wynn Tanner (29)Dr. and Mrs. J. William Rogers (4)Mrs. Tammy Rogers-Markle (1)Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rohde (5)Ms. Rita Rohde (4)Ms. Helen Romeo (1)Mrs. Nancy G. Rorie (1)Ms. Lynn Ross (12)Mr. and Mrs. Larry Roth (13)Dr. Mary Roufail (5)Rev. and Mrs. Ellis L. Rouse, Jr. (12)Mrs. Gary Rousseau (1)Mr. and Mrs. James Rousseau II (1)Judge and Mrs. Julius A. Rousseau, Jr. (35)Ms. Bettie S. Rowe (15)Mr. and Mrs. John Royster (14)Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rudisill (15)Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin (9)Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruffin (7)Mrs. Betty Runnion (10)Mr. Jeffrey Rush (3)Ms. Martha E. Russell (20)Dr. Marcia and Dr. Wilson Russell (1)Mrs. Nanette G. Rutsch (3)Ms. Mary L. Sage (2)Mrs. Barbara Salt (4)Mrs. Elizabeth M. Saltzgiver (4)

Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez (5)Mrs. Margaret Sandresky (11)Mrs. Sarah Sands (18)Mrs. Louise E. Sapp (28)Ms. Janet Sarbaugh (2)Dr. and Mrs. William M. Satterwhite, Jr. (25)Dr. and Mrs. William Satterwhite (4)Mr. and Mrs. James R. Saunders (23)Mrs. Betsy I. Sawyer (19)Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sawyer (6)Dr. and Mrs. William F. Sayers (16)Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Schafer (7)Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Scherl (17)Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schindler (11)Ms. Evelyn H. Schmid (1)Mrs. C. L. Schoolfield (20)Dr. David Schreiner (2)Jerrold C. and Susan S. Schwartz (11)Ms. Patricia Scott (1)Mrs. Frances S. Scruby (1)Mr. and Mrs. William C. Scurry (26)Mr. Scott Seaford (1)Mr. and Mrs. Dane E. Sebastian (2)Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sells (2)Sharps & Flats (10)Ms. Debra T. Shearer (12)Mrs. Ann H. Shearon (6)Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Sheffield (1)Mr. Harold T. Shehan (26)Mr. and Mrs. E. Carroll Shepherd III (1)Dr. and Mrs. Brad C. Shinaman (25)Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Nick Shoaf (12)Mr. and Mrs. Terry Shoffner (6)Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Showalter (1)Sandra and Wayne Shugart (6)Mrs. Barbara Shull (3)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sibley (3)Mr. and Mrs. David F. Simpson (4)Dr. Martha K. Simpson (7)Mr. and Mrs. Mike R. Simpson (1)Mrs. Hilda Sink (1)Mrs. Lourdes S. Sinkovitz (1)

Page 14: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


It is hard to believe 2015 is behind us. We continue to be blessed by a wise, active Board of Directors, tremendous support from energetic and accomplished residents, donors who care deeply, and staff members who perform excellently.

The Essential Promise Campaign to renovate Fitzgerald and its component parts, Strickland Place which serves residents who require skilled nursing and Arborview, where residents with dementia receive specialized care generated amazing results - as of March 1, 2016 - $3,837,266 and still counting. The project will be finished on schedule, no later than November 2016, and within budget, bringing new life and hope to the residents who call it “home”.

The Annual Fund, which includes the annual Mother’s Day Offering, hit a new record high - $384,204. These funds bring peace, dignity and care for the residents who lack financial resources. This is the essence of Arbor Acres’ mission.

Arbor Acres continued to offer residents enjoyable, first-rate, intellectually stimulating programming. The 2015 Live and Learn calendar included Dr. Russell De Young from NASA Langley Research Center, Dale Pollock from UNCSA, Jon Sawyer, Exec. Director for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Dr.

Miles Silman, Founder of the WFU Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability, and Paul Brown, formerly with NPR Morning Edition.

This year promises to bring many new challenges. Arbor Acres must maintain and enhance its already top-tier services and amenities. We must work throughout the continuum of care to make certain all residents are experiencing lives that feel full and purposeful. The Resource Development Committee is exploring new avenues of generating support for the greater numbers of residents who will need financial help over the coming years. This connects us to the charitable heart of Arbor Acres.

I continue to be inspired daily. Thank you for sharing my passion for Arbor Acres and for supporting its mission generously.

What a Year to Celebrate!

DONOR LIST {Continued}

Mr. and Mrs. Bucky Sizemore (10)Mr. and Mrs. David T. Skeen (1)Mrs. Carol M. Slagle (6)Mrs. Courtney Slawter (20)Mrs. Phyllis Slawter (6)Mr. and Mrs. David R. Sloan (1)Ms. Elizabeth Sloan (2)Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith, Jr. (1)Mr. Bobby G. Smith (3)Ms. Camille S. Smith (4)Mrs. Connie Smith (1)Ms. E. Sue Smith (9)Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Smith (12)Mrs. Helen T. Smith (8)Ms. Lynda W. Smith (8)Mrs. Melba Smith (5)Mrs. Molly R. Smith (5)Mr. Robert Smith* (3)Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith (3)Mrs. Lucia Smithdeal (33)Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Smithdeal (24)Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Smitherman (17)Mrs. Gordon R. Smoak (23)Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Sommer (2)Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Sommerkamp (24)Ms. Margaret R. Sosnik (3)Mrs. Rachel Southard (2)Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Spach (13)Dr. and Mrs. Jule C. Spach (34)Mr. Richard C. Spangler III (3)Mrs. Goldie Sparger (23)Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Sparger, Jr. (28)Mr. R. Arthur Spaugh, Jr. (14)Mrs. Judy Speas (2)Mrs. Ann Lewallen Spencer (32)Mrs. Nancy N. Spencer (4)Mr. Elmer Springer (2)Mrs. Molly P. Squire (4)

Mrs. Margaret H. Stamey (4)Mrs. Jennie Stancil (1)Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Stanley (1)Mr. Marvin L. Starbuck, Jr. (1)Rev. and Mrs. T. P. Starnes (9)Mr. and Mrs. W. David Stedman (15)Mrs. Sara H. Stephens (1)Mrs. Barbara Sterchi (1)Ms. Emily J. Stevens (1)Ms. Vivian Stewart (1)Mrs. Leigh Ann Still (2)Ms. Virginia Stines (3)Rev. and Mrs. Frank A. Stith III (13)Ms. Preston Stockton (25)Mr. Richard Stockton (35)Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stockton, Jr. (6)Bishop and Mrs. Thomas B. Stockton (21)Ms. Wendy Stockton (8)Dr. Hunter G. Strader (22)Mrs. Cindy Strickland (3)Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strickland (7)Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Strickler (1)Anonymous (2)Dr. Thomas E. Stump (2)Mrs. Lorene M. Sturgill (14)Mrs. Jacqueline Suggs (4)Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Summey (5)Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Summey (2)Mrs. Stella E. SurrattMrs. Katharine Suttles (7)Mrs. Judith H. Swain (10)Mrs. Helen Osteen Swann (11)Mr. Brian Swanson (1)Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swofford (25)Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Tabor, Jr. (18)Mr. Wade and Reverend Lisa Tanico (5)Mr. and Mrs. James L. Tanner (4)Mr. and Mrs. James H. Taylor (26)Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor (15)Mrs. Julie S. Taylor (6)Mrs. Margaret P. Taylor (4)

Denni PeeblesDirector of

Philantropic Arts

Page 15: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


Ms. Patricia A. Vaughn (3)Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vaughn, Jr. (32)Mr. Roger L. Vaughn (3)Mr. and Mrs. John R. Veach, Sr. (5)Mrs. Cindy W. Venable (1)Anonymous (12)Mr. Felipe Villalon (2)Mrs. Joan Vines (2)Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vinson (3)Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Vogler (1)Anonymous (18)Mr. C.S. Wagoner, Jr. (17)Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wagoner (1)Mrs. Nita P. Wagoner (29)Ms. Allison Walker (1)Mrs. Martha M. Walker (27)Mr. William W. Walker (13)Mrs. Stephanie Wall (1)Mrs. Susan B. Wall (4)Mrs. Wanell W. Wall (1)Mr. and Mrs. Hans Wanders (16)Mr. Blaine S. Ward (10)Ms. Elizabeth G. Ward (5)Mrs. June D. Ward* (33)Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ward (7)Dr. William Ware and Mrs. Kay Johnson-Ware (3)Ms. Anne Warhover (2)Mrs. Leslie Warhover* (20)Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Watford (1)Mrs. Madeline Watkins (3)Mrs. Theressa C. Watkins (1)Dr. and Mrs. John Watson (2)Mrs. Julie Watson (3)Rev. and Mrs. Doug Watts (4)Mr. and Mrs. Dale Watts (5)Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Waugh, Jr. (3)Mr. and Mrs. George Weaver (7)Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Weaver (3)Mrs. Susanne S. Weber (17)Mr. and Mrs. Paul Webster (13)

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Wegwart (15)Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Weir (1)Ms. Louise B. Welborn (27)Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Wells (4)Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Wentz, Jr. (13)Mrs. Annie Westmoreland (2)Mrs. Mary Lu Whaling (24)Mr. Kenneth T. Wheeler, Jr. (23)Mrs. Rebecca S. Wheeler (1)Mr. and Mrs. John C. Whitaker, Jr. (6)Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. White, Jr. (5)Mr. and Mrs. Dunlop White (2)Mr. Girard C. White (2)Mr. and Mrs. Lyman G. White (1)Mrs. Marianne T. White (1)Mrs. Mary Blake White (2)Mrs. Nellie Whitener (4)Mrs. Beth Whitsett (3)Mrs. Doris E. Whitt (9)Mrs. Margaret Whittle (3)Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wierman (1)Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiles (3)Mr. Jim Wilhelm (7)Mrs. Ernestine B. Wilkes (24)Mr. Michael Wilkins (5)Ms. Jeanne L. Willard (1)Ms. Betty H. Williams (1)Mrs. Emmy K. Williams (3)Mr. Fillmore E. Williams (26)Mrs. Jane M. Williams (6)Mrs. Jean Williams* (4)Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Williams (12)Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Williams, Jr. (3)Mr. and Mrs. John G. Williard (21)Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Willingham (10)Mr. John Willingham (1)Mrs. Lucy Willingham (7)Ms. Ann Willis (1)Norton and Carol Willis (2)Mrs. Barbara O. Wilson (16)Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson (19)

Mrs. Frances A. Wilson (3)Mr. and Mrs. James G. Wilson (28)Mr. and Mrs. James I. Wilson (19)Mrs. Jewel M. Wilson (26)Mrs. Madeline Wilson (3)Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wilson (12)Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Wilson (1)Ms. Shirley L. Windham (24)Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Winn, Jr. (22)Mrs. Doris Wise* (7)Rev. Lisa L. Wishon (19)Mrs. Norma C. Witherspoon (12)Mrs. Barbara F. Wolfe (6)Mr. and Mr. Donald W. Wolford (3)Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Womble (3)Mrs. Martha Womble (31)Mr. and Mrs. William F. Womble, Jr. (10)Mr. and Mrs. William F. Womble, Sr. (36)Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood (1)Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wood (1)Ms. Gaye Nell B. Woodall (1)Mrs. Marion Woods (6)Ms. Sheri A. Woodyard (1)Rev. and Mrs. Dana B. Wooten (7)Ms. Glenda S. Wooten (10)Mrs. May Henry Worrell (24)Mrs. Helen H. Wright (1)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wylly II (9)Mrs. Ellen S. Yarborough (17)Ms. Juanita M. Yarborough (23)Mr. James E. Yarbrough (17)Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Yarnell (20)Mrs. Jean Yates (13)Mrs. Mary Preston Yates (5)Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Yelverton (23)Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Yokeley (2)Mr. and Mrs. Vann York (23)Mrs. Ann Young (3)Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin I. Zachary (19)Mr. Samuel J. Zachary (29)Mr. and Mrs. Jere P. Zollicoffer (2)

Ms. Peggy R. Taylor (11)Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Taylor (23)Ms. Carole G. Telly (1)Mrs. Evelyn Terry (1)Mrs. JoAnn B. Testo-Curlee (1)Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thomas (1)Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas III (6)Mrs. Nellena B. Thomas (7)Mr. and Mrs. Phil Thomas (1)Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thomas (1)Mrs. Alma Thompson (6)Ms. Betsy J. Thompson (18)Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Thorpe (1)Mr. Jerry W. Tolbert (1)Mr. Bill Toole (1)Dr. and Mrs. James F. Toole (14)Mrs. Camille Townsend (3)Ms. Barbara Trent (9)Mr. and Mrs. John R. Trulove (31)Mrs. Burnet C. Tucker (2)Mrs. Karen Tucker (4)Mrs. Martha R. Tucker (5)Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turnage (4)Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Turnage, Jr. (1)Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Turner (10)Mrs. Norma S. Turnham (21)Mrs. Nancy T. Tutterow (28)Mr. Terry W. Tuttle (2)Mr. and Mrs. David Twine (6)Ms. Stephanie Tyson and Ms. Vivian V. Joiner (2)Ms. Mary Underwood (3)Mr. and Mrs. Richard Underwood (4)Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Uphoff (1)Mrs. Susan T. Uphoff (2)Dr. and Mrs. Tom Valaoras (3)Mrs. Betty W. Van Glabeke (8)Mrs. Marge Van Meter (1)Mrs. Eleanor J. Vance (19)Mrs. Margaret A. VandeRiet (4)Mrs. Barbara VanMeter (1)

Page 16: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort

Mrs. Virginia BauknightMrs. Vesta M. BaynesMr. Edward BeasonMrs. Mary G. BeesonMrs. Marilyn BenoffMrs. Edith B. BentleyMr. Odell D. BerothMr. Albert F. BerrierMrs. Mary F. BerrierMrs. Vallie T. BerrierMs. Elizabeth A. BestMrs. Ellen BethelMiss Lois BisomMr. Raphael BlackMrs. Susanne BlancoMrs. Nellie B. BlevinsMrs. Charlotte BlountMrs. Florence BoeselMrs. Molly J. BooeMrs. Katherine H. BooneMrs. Lucy L. BovetMrs. Blanche H. BowenMrs. Stella S. BowersMrs. Mildred BradyMrs. Susanna BradyMrs. Betty C. BrantleyMrs. Miriam P. Brenner


We are grateful to those who have honored or remembered the following individuals through their generous gifts to Arbor Acres.

Tributes in Memory and Honor of Loved Ones

Mrs. Katherine K. ActonMr. William ActonMrs. Lydia AffeldtMrs. Virgene AlbanMrs. Emily H. AllenMrs. Mary AllenMrs. Grace E. AlmondMr. and Mrs. Millard AndersonMrs. Grace W. AndrewsMrs. Darlene ArgabrightMrs. Anne C. ArnsdorffMrs. Margaret S. AustellMs. Sarah Y. AustinMr. Garry AvramMrs. Ella S. BaileyMs. Bettie R. BaiseMrs. Virgie BakerMr. Clyde G. Barber, Jr.Mrs. Sue F. BarberMrs. Sarah E. BarnesDr. and Mrs. Zeb E. Barnhardt, Sr.Mr. Ronald BarrowsMrs. Evelyn O. BarteltMiss Vivian A. BatesMrs. Polly Mae P. Batten

IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Isabella S. BrightMrs. Elona K. BrinerMrs. Nell T. BrockMrs. Elsie BrookbankArlene M. BrownMrs. Elizabeth H. BrownRev. Robert P. BunchMrs. Eleanor D. BurgerMrs. Nell B. BurkeMrs. Helen BurrierMartha Ann Glenn ButlerMr. Richard T. BynumMrs. Lena CalvertMr. Jack H. CampbellMrs. Ruth C. CampbellMrs. Martha CarlisleMrs. Martha B. CarlisleMrs. Dorothy M. CarpenterMrs. Gil CarpenterMiss Barbara CarrollMrs. Charlotte CarterMrs. Cora B. CarterMs. Ella Sue CarterMrs. Ruby P. CarterMrs. Esther O. CasstevensMrs. Mabel C. CatesMrs. Miriam Caviness

Mrs. Nancy CavinessMrs. Dorothy E. ChambersMr. William H. Chambers, Jr.Marleta and Leonard CheekMs. Nilla Dudley ChildsMrs. Dorothy H. ChiltonMr. David Clark IVMr. William G. ClarkMrs. Alice S. ClementsMrs. Sallie Morgan K. ClementsMrs. Mae K. ClickDr. Robert ClinardMrs. Nancy H. CockmanMr. Don ColeyMr. Sterling R. Collett IIIMrs. Florence F. CollinsMr. Joseph M. ColtraneMrs. Madeline B. CombsMrs. Annabelle C. ConnorMrs. Caroline B. CottinghamMrs. Belle CoxMr. C. C. CoxMrs. Annie H. CraganMrs. Mildred CravenMr. Foil CraverMrs. Hesta K. CrawfordMrs. Edith S. Cumby

Mrs. Mary H. DaltonMrs. Suzanne M. DanilowiczMrs. Mary DardenMrs. Carrie C. DavisMrs. Helen D. DavisMrs. Marilyn DavisMr. Roy DavisMrs. Orie DodsonMrs. Mattie E. DryeMrs. Delois DullMr. Charles DunnMrs. Ella L. DunnMrs. Zelma H. DunnaganMrs. Flora B. DuttonMr. Fred EadsMrs. Levia EadsMrs. Nancy EastMrs. Jane EdwardsMrs. Aleta G. EllisonMrs. Bessie W. EllisonMr. Ken EppertMrs. Virginia EppertMrs. Pearl R. FairMrs. Sallie FairallMrs. Ellen FairclothMrs. Mary M. FanningMrs. Linda Marie Ferris

Page 17: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort

Mr. George A. FidlerLena W. FlinchumBetty Lynn Boone FortMr. and Mrs. Melvin FreemanMrs. Norma FreemanMrs. Phyllis FryeMrs. Cleo FulcherMr. Edward FullerMr. James A. FyockMrs. Frances GainorMrs. Christine GallaherMrs. Eileen GanssMrs. Nancy GarrisonMr. Felix O. GeeMrs. Mildred M. GeeMrs. Joan E. GeiserMr. Lester GeyerMrs. Lydia GibsonMrs. Geraldine GilbertMr. Russell L. GilbertMrs. M. Elizabeth GlennMrs. Mary R. GlennMr. and Mrs. Bennie GloverMrs. Ruth D. GoinsMr. Thomas M. GoodrumMrs. Alice GoodsonMrs. Martha GoodsonMr. William A. Goodson, Jr.Mrs. Evelyn A. GordonMrs. Gladys GrafMrs. Kent H. GrahamMrs. Mabel F. GrahamMr. William D. GrahamMrs. Naomi Carson GreenMrs. Helen H. GreeneMr. Thomas J. GreenwoodMr. Franklyn and Virginia GriffithMrs. Catherine J. GrubbMrs. Sarah F. GulledgeMr. Clarence GuthMr. Ralph Haines

The Reverend George S. HaleMrs. Helene HalversonMr. John W. HalversonMrs. Anne HammerslaMrs. Cora HamrickMrs. Margaret HamrickMrs. Helen C. HanesMrs. Carrie A. HarkerMr. Perry HarmonMrs. Isabel HarrellMrs. Marjorie HarriganMrs. Grace R. HarrillMrs. Ella R. HarrisMrs. Louise G. HarrisMrs. W. T. HatcherMrs. Margaret L. HawkinsRev. W. Frank HeffnerMrs. Freda G. HeinMr. Thomas H. HelmsMrs. Lucille D. HenleyMrs. Betty S. HennesseeMrs. Virginia S. HicksMr. Edwin M. HillMrs. Jessie Tilton HillMrs. Carmen HoganMrs. Lottie M. HollanMr. William E. Hollan, Sr.Ms. Christine HollingsworthMrs. Caroline HollowayMrs. Betty HolmesMrs. Doris HolshouserMrs. Willa B. HolthouserMrs. Alva HowardMrs. Annie W. HowardMr. Aubrey L. HowellMrs. Florene HoyMrs. Lucy G. HubbardMr. Garnette Beasley HughesMrs. Elaine M. HuntMrs. Elsie H. HuntMrs. Lillie P. Hutchens

Mrs. Doris M. HutchesanMr. Weldon IdolMs. Polly Ann H. IngramMrs. Myrna C. IveyMrs. Sandy JacksonMr. Edgar L. JamisonMrs. Dot JammerMrs. Evelyn JohnsonMrs. Bessie A. JohnstonMrs. Mabel F. JonesMrs. Mary JonesMrs. Nancy C. JonesMr. Archie JordanMrs. Katherine W. JordanRev. Dr. Carl JudyMrs. Margaret JudyMrs. Margaret KeithMrs. Sally P. KellyMrs. Jo Ann KeyMs. Lula KilbyMrs. Ruby E. KilbyMrs. Mary W. KimballMr. and Mrs. Raymond KimballMrs. Georgia C. KingMrs. Gloria B. KingMrs. Gloria Y. KingMrs. Jackie KinlawMrs. Dorothy KirbyMr. and Mrs. James C. KirbyThe Reverend Marsden KitleyRuth and Sybil KnottMs. Kaye F. KruegerMrs. Elizabeth P. LaddMrs. Jane LaignMrs. Ina LambethMr. Paul LawsonMr. Richard LeesMrs. Leigh Anne LeonardMrs. Grace C. LeRoyMrs. Hazel C. LevinMrs. Alice Lewis

Mr. David LewisMrs. Doris M. LewisMrs. Elizabeth C. LewisMrs. Pearl Fair LewisMr. John A. Lindsay, Jr.Mrs. Ruth LindsayDr. Eugene B. LintonMrs. Jessie ListokinMrs. Alma B. LochteMrs. Lois L. LoganMrs. Gwyn L. LongMr. Matt R. Long, Jr.Mrs. Lucille C. LordMrs. Estella M. LoweMrs. Carrie MabeMrs. Lorene P. MabeMrs. Madaline MacElveenMrs. Elizabeth M. MaceyMrs. Mary A. MannMr. Bob MarshallMrs. Eva MarshallMs. Lily M. MarshallMs. Nancy S. MarshallMrs. Alline B. MartinMrs. Ardella Y. MartinMrs. Lois Ardella MartinMrs. Marion MartinMrs. Maxine MathisRex MathisMrs. Betty MauzyMadeline Naas MaxwellMrs. Mary C. MaxwellMr. Robert MaxwellMrs. Mary M. McCallumMrs. Lucy S. McClainMrs. Josephine O. McCombsMrs. Pearl McCormickMrs. Margaret B. McGinleyMrs. Ruth McJunkinMrs. Joan S. McKinneyMrs. Elizabeth G. McLeon

Mrs. June T. MedlinMrs. Lauretta J. MessMrs. Wilma S. MichaelHelene MichelMrs. Ennis S. MickeyMr. Robert L. MillerW. O. and Maud MillerMrs. Meriel MitchellMr. Nicholas W. Mitchell, Jr.Mrs. Mary E. MontgomeryMrs. Della MooreMrs. Rosalyn N. MortonMrs. Beryl G. MoserMrs. Flora MoxleyMrs. Elaine L. MuirMrs. Charlotte MyersMrs. June MyersMrs. Ella Betty NobleMr. and Mrs. Lucious NobleMrs. Esther NorthcraftMrs. Elene S. O’BrienMrs. Polly M. OettingerMrs. Katharine OgburnMs. Mildred A. OrrellMrs. Martha OsteenMrs. Anna OwingsMr. Jim OwingsMrs. Marilee PardueMs. Virginia R. ParkerMrs. Julia M. ParsonsMrs. Mary PastoreMrs. Mabel V. PatersonMrs. Annetta PayneMrs. Hazel C. PayneJo and Carl PayneMrs. Dorothy B. PeacockM. W. Peebles, Jr.J. Fain PeeblesMrs. Lucy F. PeeblesMr. Clifford W. PerryMrs. Lucille W. Perry


Page 18: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


Mrs. Pauline D. PerryMrs. Eloise H. N. PfaffMrs. Eleanor PfefferkornMrs. June PfefferkornMrs. Louise A. PhilpottMrs. Elizabeth PlaistedMrs. Ruth PleasantsMrs. Nancy PortMr. Richard B. PortMrs. Marie PriddyMrs. Estelle D. PruettMr. Franklin C. ReevesMrs. J. C. ReinsObed and Mary ReitzelDr. Charles N. RemyMrs. Mattie F. RenfroMrs. Beulah RichDr. Frederick RichardsMr. George RichardsonMr. and Mrs. Wesley B. RidgeMrs. Pansy RiffeMr. Courtney S. RoaneMrs. Helen Francis B. RoaneMr. E. Norwood RobinsonMrs. Pauline G. RobinsonAnna Horling RodigMrs. Mabel RohathMr. Bill RohdeDr. Walter RoufailThad and Pauline RoyalDr. and Mrs. C. Excelle RozelleMrs. Elizabeth H. RudisillMrs. Rosalina B. RuizMr. Charles E. Rush, Sr.The Reverend Tom Rutledge, Jr.Ms. Lillian H. SainMr. Jack Salt

Mrs. Miriam B. SamsMrs. Pearl S. SamsMrs. R. W. SandsMrs. Sue SarbaughMrs. Ida C. SawyerMrs. Martha D. SayersHadley Stuart ScottMrs. Charlotte ShafferMrs. Bettye B. ShehanMr. William G. SheltonMr. David G. ShepherdMrs. Minnie C. SheppardMrs. Ruth Neese ShieldsMrs. Lillian S. ShoffnerMrs. Alice V. ShomperMrs. E. Sue ShoreMr. Richard E. ShoreMrs. Virginia P. ShuttMs. Helen B. SimpsonMrs. Roxie L. SinkMrs. Dorothy SlaterMr. Robert L. SlaterMrs. Grace SludenMrs. Carrie B. SmithMs. Elizabeth SmithMrs. Frances SmithMr. Frank L. SmithMrs. Lettie S. SmithMs. Mattie Howard SmithMrs. Pluma B. SmithMr. Robert SmithMrs. Unetta SmithMrs. Ernestine SneedenMr. Alan SouthardMrs. Ella K. SouthardMrs. Evelyn T. SpachMrs. Margaret A. SpargerMrs. Mary G. SpaughMr. Rufus A. SpaughMrs. Nell Penn Spencer

Mrs. Thelma SpencerMrs. Margaret SprinkleMrs. Evelyn StaleyJ. Milas and Martha Johnston StanleyMrs. Martha Johnston StanleyMrs. Virginia StarbuckMiss Jean SteelmanMrs. Frances K. StocktonMrs. Monie StocktonNorman V. StocktonMr. Robert G. Stockton, Sr.Mrs. Bunky StocktonMrs. Virginia StoelzelMr. William StoelzelMrs. Eston S. Stokes, Sr.Mrs. Ruth S. StokesMs. Patsy StoneMrs. Annie H. StovallMrs. Helen H. StraderMrs. Lula B. SummeyMrs. Julia E. SurrattMrs. Nancy SurrattMrs. Bess SwannMrs. Helen SwoffordMrs. Margaret TalleyMrs. Etta TanicoMrs. Mary B. ThomasMrs. Katie W. ThomassonMrs. Bethany ThompsonMrs. Edith W. ThompsonMrs. Juanita D. TomlinsonMrs. JoAnna TudorMrs. Donzella TysonMrs. Vivian C. UnderwoodMrs. Eleanor F. VardellMrs. Hortensia VillalonMrs. Beatrice VoglerNaylor and Stella VoglerMrs. Emily VonCannonMrs. Joan W. Wadkinson

IN MEMORIAM {Continued}

Mrs. Christine WagonerMrs. Louise Y. WagonerMrs. Collye Mae D. WalkerMrs. Bernice K. WallerMr. and Mrs. William G. WallerMr. Terry L. WalserMrs. Anna Maria K. WandersMrs. June D. WardMrs. Mamie WardMrs. Nora M. WardMrs. Phyllis Y. WardMr. Robert E. WarhoverMrs. Carolyn G. WarlickMr. and Mrs. Frank L. WattsMrs. Martha WebsterMrs. Beulah WeeksRuth P. WhalingMrs. Carolyn WhitlerMrs. Patricia O. WilliamsAnna M. WilliardMr. Francis F. WillinghamMrs. Betty G. WilsonMr. Eugene G. WilsonMrs. Lucy P. WilsonMrs. Doris WiseMrs. Jo WoestendiekMr. Henry L. Wolfe, Jr.Mrs. Patricia G. WoltzMr. Bunyan Snipes WombleMrs. Edith Willingham WombleMrs. Jane G. WombleMrs. Inez WootenMrs. Cassandra Penn WrightMrs. Florence YarnellDr. Douglas M. YoungMrs. Marian P. YoungkinMrs. Ophelia ZacharyMrs. Gladys G. Zipter

Page 19: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


T. W. Dixson Foundation

Brown F. Finch Foundation

Grousbeck Family Foundation

James G. Hanes Memorial Fund/Foundation

John Wesley and Anna Hodgin Hanes Foundation

Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust

The J. Richard and Sybel F. Hayworth Foundation

The Pfefferkorn Foundation, Inc.

Richard J. Reynolds, III and Marie M. Reynolds Foundation

Strickland Family Foundation

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Giving

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am excited to thank each and every one listed in this report for your generous support for Arbor Acres. In supporting this wonderful organization you are contributing to the well being of our greatest assets, our residents. Every action taken by your Board is driven by a clear and strong focus on insuring the absolute best for those we serve and those who serve them. That has always been our commitment, and it will not waver going forward.

A great example of this pledge is the Fitzgerald project we are confident will be a blessing to our residents in Strickland Place and Arborview as well as to their families. We know such large renovation projects, while necessary and worthwhile, are also disruptive; we appreciate the patience so many have shown as we move toward this project’s completion.

Planning for additional projects and innovative programming is well underway. We look forward to announcing these exciting new plans in the coming months. Please know that the Board is keenly aware of the many responsibilities we have to maintain and improve our facilities and programming to support the needs of our residents, and to insure that we are positioned to meet the needs of future residents. In meeting

these responsibilities, we are acutely attentive to maintaining and strengthening Arbor Acres’ strong financial position.

The coming year will bring us the opportunity to celebrate David Piner’s time with us at Arbor Acres, a commitment that will span 32 years, and to take on the challenge of identifying his successor. Work has begun to insure that this critical transition is accomplished in a manner that honors our past and sets a high standard for the future. We look forward to providing updates as this process unfolds.

I am excited about Arbor Acres as we move forward and encourage everyone to join me in thanking our residents, our staff, our volunteers, our supporters, and the broader community for helping make this such a special place – thank you!

Thank You for Supporting Our Wonderful Organization

Dale E. “Dek” DriscollChair, Board of Directors

Page 20: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


And so it is at Arbor Acres.

Rick Dobrowski, Director of Dining Arts, arrived at Arbor Acres with a vision. “I want our restaurant(s) to be the best in town.” Clearly the competition of other restaurants in the community did not bother him. He put his skill and experience to each plate and, voila – the fun began.

Residents experienced many changes in 2015 beginning with the planting of an herb garden and followed by the “farm to table” concept through the use of local suppliers for fresh vegetables, poultry, and grains. The small renovation of the servery in Lakeside, the precursor to a larger redo to come, provided additional space for freshly grilled items as well as other aesthetic enhancements.

The addition in 2015 of Daniel Smith as Chef provided icing on the cake. Daniel and Rick (both graduates of renowned culinary institutions) agree on a common goal and philosophy. “Meal time is the center of life at Arbor Aces, and each meal should be exciting for the residents.” Daniel

states. “We want to provide joy in every bite and pleasure in the dining experience.”

Dining at Arbor Acres takes place in multiple venues across campus. Lakeside Dining offers a range of menu selections plus the simultaneous opportunity for residents to serve themselves in the renovated servery. Restaurant style table service is the norm in the elegant Asbury Place dining room. The Arbor Room, Arbor Acres’ fine dining facility, offers upscale meals with frequent specials, all served with grace and care. Dining venues in Strickland Place and Arborview are presently under renovation, but will be fully operational by mid-year 2016. In addition, Strickland Place will have its own café for casual gathering with friends and family over a nibble and perhaps a glass of wine.

In 2015, 394,000 meals were served, far more than anticipated, and a strong attestation to Rick’s and Daniel’s organizational and culinary skills. Additionally, on-campus catering, guest meals and special events generated $170,000 to the Arbor Acres bottom line. One may dine well on cabbage like that.

“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

-Virginia Woolf

Mr. and Mrs. Archie G. Allen, Jr.Mrs. Peggy AndrewsArbor Acres StaffMs. Sarah Y. Austin*Mrs. Harvey AyersMr. and Mrs. Wesley BaileyMr. and Mrs. Edward L. BaityMr. and Mrs. William L. BallMrs. Pamela H. BallMr. Gary BartholomewMrs. Margaret B. BayerDr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Bazemore, Jr.Mrs. Jean BeamDr. and Mrs. Edward S. BeasonMrs. Ginger BennettMrs. Carol BernasekMrs. Mary E. BlairMr. and Mrs. David B. BlancoMr. and Mrs. Art BloomDr. and Mrs. Edwyn BowenMr. and Mrs. Rex BowenThe Reverend Lori Anne BowenMrs. Mary BowmanMrs. Elizabeth H. BradyMr. and Mrs. John B. BradyMr. and Mrs. Theodore R. BrantonMr. and Mrs. Hal BrownMrs. Kirby BrownMrs. Virginia BrowneMrs. Miriam BumgarnerMrs. Nancy BunchMrs. Gordon H. BurgessMr. Jon M. BurkhartMrs. Mary Lois BynumMs. Cindy CainesMrs. Helen CainesMs. Karen CainesMs. Elizabeth S. CallariDr. and Mrs. Thomas B. CannonMrs. Wendy D. CasonDr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.Kathryn Chrismon

IN HONORARIUM Mrs. Helen B. ChristieMrs. Doris ClarkMrs. Amanda H. ClearyMs. Carolyn R. CliftonMrs. Judy ClodfelterMs. Mary Ruth CockerhamMr. Russell P. and Mrs. Janet S. CockmanAnza ColeMrs. Madeline B. Combs*Ms. Lil CornsMs. Florence P. CorpeningMrs. Ginny CraverMs. Rhodena CromerMrs. Ellen CrowtherMr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. DavesDr. John F. DavisMs. Jackie DewittMr. Rick DobrowskiThe Reverend and Mrs. Lewis H. DodsonMr. and Mrs. Donald DonadioMrs. Betty D. DoubMr. and Mrs. Charles DouglasMr. and Mrs. James W. DouglasMr. and Mrs. Dale E. DriscollDr. and Mrs. Charles H. DuckettMr. Steven W. Dunn and Mr. Bowman W. BowersDr. and Mrs. John R. EarleDr. and Mrs. James EarnhardtMs. Norma J. EasterMrs. Patricia EdwardsMr. and Mrs. Robert EglestonThe Reverend Don EllisMrs. Aleta G. Ellison*Mrs. Betty FrazierMs. Peggy GaddyMr. and Mrs. James A. GallaherMrs. Rebecca GallimoreMr. and Mrs. Gregory J. GattoMrs. Doris C. GehringMs. Jami GerardMr. and Mrs. Scott J. GerdingMrs. Linda GlennDr. Richard GlennMrs. Elizabeth Goins

Page 21: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. GoodwinMrs. Doris GordonMr. and Mrs. Allen GoslenThe Honorable and Mrs. William GrahamMrs. Emma GrahamDr. and Mrs. Willis J. Grant, IIIMrs. Joyce H. GreenwoodRev. Kelley GroceMrs. Pamela W. HarrisMrs. Dolly HauserMr. and Mrs. Charles H. HauserMr. and Mrs. Manford HaxtonMrs. M. Betty HaywoodMrs. Mae R. Heffner*Dr. and Mrs. Walter HenleyMrs. Alice HinmanMrs. A. Milburn H. HinshawMrs. Jean HoleMrs. Betty Holmes*Mr. and Mrs. Ralph HolthouserMrs. Loma C. HopkinsMrs. Lettie HowardMrs. Marguerite M. Howe-SwansonMr. and Mrs. A. R. Hoxton IIIMr. Ronald E. HoyMr. and Mrs. Frank H. HubbardThe Reverend Lory Beth T. HuffmanMr. and Mrs. Bob HundleyMr. and Mrs. Christopher HuntThe Reverend Clark W. HuntMrs. Jacqueline HuntMr. and Mrs. Jon HuntDr. and Mrs. Thomas H. HuntMrs. Patricia HunterMrs. Eleanor S. JamisonMs. Hannah JessupMrs. Molly W. JohnsonDr. and Mrs. William Johnson-WareMs. Doris W. JonesMrs. Mary L. JonesMrs. Dyeann B. JordanMr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jordan, IIMrs. Margaret KeelyMrs. Edith KeigerMrs. Martha J. Keiger

Linda and Ed KellyMrs. Martha KirbyMrs. Jennie M. KnottMrs. Emily F. LambethMs. Janet LanghamMrs. Elizabeth A. Lasley*Mrs. Ruth Lindsay*Lloyd LivadarasMrs. Lucille LongMrs. Sara S. LongMr. James F. LowderThe Reverend and Mrs. Clay ManningMrs. Rachel M. MarionMr. Doug MaynardMrs. Elsie J. McCallMr. and Ms. J. William McGuinn, Jr.Mrs. Martha McNairMrs. Martha McPhersonSarah MedlinRev. Dr. and Mrs. William T. Medlin, IIIMr. and Mrs. Albert A. MendlovitzMr. and Mrs. Robert E. MerrittMetropolitan UMC MothersMrs. James MilesMrs. Doris Anne MillerMrs. Bridget MoltenDr. William G. MontgomeryMs. Patricia MoodyMrs. Juanita Morris*MothersMr. Joel MottsingerMrs. Anna MoweryMr. and Mrs. John D. MundyMs. Courtney MyersMs. Dolores MyersMs. Jillein MyersRev. Jean NallMrs. Kathryn A. NelsonMrs. Margaret NicholsonMs. Lisa M. O’DonnellMr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ogburn, Jr.Mrs. Kathleen L. OsborneMr. and Mrs. Charles PardeePastors and Staff of Mt. Tabor UMCAnn Patterson

Mrs. Jane G. PearceMs. Denni H. PeeblesS. Lavern PetersheimMrs. Jane D. PhillipsMr. W. David PinerDr. and Mrs. Harold PollardMrs. Sallie Millis H. PryorMr. and Mrs. Robert PulliamMr. and Mrs. Cliff PurcellMr. and Mrs. Steve L. ReederMrs. Wanda T. RemyMrs. Peggy R. RhodesMrs. Betty RichardsonMr. and Mrs. Rick RiderMr. and Mrs. James RodgersMrs. Doris RogersMrs. Gary RousseauMr. and Mrs. James Rousseau IIJudge and Mrs. Julius A. Rousseau, Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Michael RubinMr. and Mrs. James RuffinMrs. Betty RunnionMrs. Barbara SaltMrs. Ada B. SandersMrs. Sarah SandsMrs. Betsy I. SawyerMr. & Mrs. Donald D. SayersDr. and Mrs. William F. SayersMrs. Martha SchreinerMr. Gustav SchumannJerrold C. and Susan S. SchwartzMr. and Mrs. Charles ScottMs. Janette ScottMrs. Susan SmartMrs. Pluma B. Smith*Mrs. Sylvia S. SmithMrs. Wanona SmithMrs. Lucia SmithdealDr. and Mrs. Jule C. SpachMr. Richard C. Spangler IIIMr. J.B. SpargerMrs. Ann Lewallen SpencerDr. and Mrs. William SpencerSt. Paul UMC MothersMrs. Lucy Stith

Bishop and Mrs. Thomas B. StocktonMr. Richard StocktonMr. and Mrs. Ralph StrayhornMr. and Mrs. Robert L. StricklandThe Reverend and Mrs. Raymond SummeyMr. and Mrs. Houston SymmesMr. Wade and Reverend Lisa TanicoMaggie and Bob TaylorMrs. Margaret P. TaylorMrs. Nancy ThackerMs. Sandra ThomasMs. Betsy W. ThompsonMrs. Norma S. TurnhamMr. Terry W. TuttleMrs. Betty W. Van GlabekeMrs. Eleanor J. VanceMr. Perry VanDykeMr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vaughn, Jr.Mrs. Hortensia Villalon*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald VinsonMr. Steven M. VirgilMs. C. Anne WallenDr. and Mrs. James A. WalshDr. and Mrs. Al WardMrs. Leslie Warhover*Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Watson IIIMrs. Dale WattsThe Reverend and Mrs. Doug WattsMary WeaverMs. Helen J. WettachMrs. Doris E. WhittMr. and Mrs. Paul WilesMrs. Jane M. WilliamsMrs. Lucy WillinghamMrs. and Mr. Brenda WilsonMrs. Doris Wise*Mrs. Allan H. WombleMr. and Mrs. William F. WombleMr. and Mrs. Gerald WorkmanMrs. Thorne G. WorleyMary B. YatesMr. Samuel J. Zachary

*Indicates Deceased

Page 22: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort




Capital Campaign 2.93%

Resident Fees 69.65%

Entrance Fees Earned 15.60%

Contribution Financial Assistance 3.96%

Investment Income 2.20%

Other Contributions 1.16% Realized Gain/Loss on Investments 4.61%

Other .54%

2015 was a challenging year financially. Still Arbor Acres generated $283,000 increase in net assets which now total $45,354,961 (36.5% of the total balance sheet). The Financial Assistance Endowment Fund decreased slightly due to unrealized losses on investments. It now totals $13,719,172. Arbor Acres also maintained the municipal bond rating of BBB+ through Fitch Ratings, a reflection of continued financial strength.

The big story for 2015 was the renovation of Strickland Place, our skilled nursing facility. The project required a reduction of the number of rooms available for occupancy and a concurrent reduction in revenue. Turnover in other portions of Arbor Acres also resulted in higher than normal vacancy rates. The good news is that by year-end occupancy had stabilized campus-wide at a healthy 94.1%. Excellent control of expenses during this year in which revenue fell below expectations enabled Arbor Acres to achieve by year-end an operating gain of $1,096,000, a significant improvement over 2014 operating results.

Total revenue exceeded budget by a comfortable $2,146,000 which was attributable to the following: entrance fee revenue which exceeded budget by $694,475, and unusually high realized gains on investments. Additionally, capital campaign receipts for the year

totaled $918,019. This increased the total amount given or pledged to The Essential Promise Campaign by year-end to a remarkable $3,799,846.

Total cash operating expenses excluding depreciation and amortization were $214,379 under budget. Financial assistance dollars spent to cover residency costs of thirty-three financially needy residents totaled $1,358,026. This represents 5.1% of total resident revenue.

Arbor Acres’ outstanding debt as of December 31, 2015 totaled $46,202,854. This includes borrowing to cover $3,447,854 of construction costs for the Strickland Place renovation. Of the total debt, 73% carries a fixed interest rate. The average interest rate costs on all Arbor Acres’ debt equaled 3.1% as of December 31.

Realized investment earnings were $1,111,296 over budget, the result of liquidation of certain investments that occurred when the Finance Committee secured professional investment management for all of Arbor Acres invested assets. Unfortunately, unrealized losses in 2015 more than offset these gains leading to a net total loss on investments of $128,500, or a negative 0.4% return on investments for the year.

Ken BoylesChief Financial Officer


2015 Financial Highlights Review

Labor 39.47%

Depreciation 19.43%Other 6.60%

Interest Expense 5.05%

Audit & Legal .33%

Benefits 11.05%

Maint/Utilities 11.99%

Food Services 5.13%Insurance 0.96%

Page 23: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort


In 2015, Arborview, the area in Fitzgerald that provides comprehensive support for residents with dementia, experienced a renaissance. Under the direction of Hannah Jessup, fragmented methods of service delivery faded. Visit Arborview now and you will find a team of professionals who, collectively, learn and are guided in service delivery by the residents personal preferences. Within the field of continuing care, this approach is known as Resident-Centered Life. Regardless of what you call it, the residents feel held by loving arms.

Garden areas outside Arborview received a thorough pruning coupled with the addition of features designed to engage the residents. The fountain that once graced the front of Fitzgerald found a temporary home in the Arborview Garden, where it remains awaiting its post-renovation return to its point of origin. In the meantime,

residents have enjoyed the magical splashing sound of cascading water. A putting green was installed thanks to a generous donation from Sam and Mary Ceile Ogburn. A wheelchair bicycle, a gift of Bob and Ann King, brought new energy and opportunity to the lives of residents. Lastly, a red mailbox appeared and instantly became a focal point for residents who still watch for the daily mail.

The original eighteen rooms of Arborview, built in 1987, will soon receive the same transformation already underway in Strickland Place. Additionally, a new bathing center will be created so that residents of Arborview, like all other residents in Arbor Acres’ licensed care facilities, can enjoy greater comfort while bathing. The new Arborview SPA (Soothing Pleasures Alternative) will offer natural light, comforting beauty, therapeutic aromas, and soothing music …aaaah!

Changes at ArborviewArdmore United Methodist Church of Winston-SalemBaltimore United Methodist Church of East BendBethel United Methodist Church of MocksvilleBethel United Methodist Church of Oak RidgeBethel United Methodist Church of TrinityBethel United Methodist Church of WadesboroBethlehem United Methodist Church of AdvanceBethlehem United Methodist Church of WaxhawCanaan United Methodist WomenCentenary United Methodist Church of Winston-Salem/Circle #11Centenary United Methodist Church of GreensboroCentenary United Methodist Church of Winston-SalemCenter United Methodist Church of GreensboroCentral United Methodist Church of DentonCentral United Methodist Church of Mount AiryCharlotte United Methodist Church of AsheboroChrist United Methodist Church of High PointEbenezer United Methodist ChurchEbenezer United Methodist Senior CitizensEden United Methodist Church of MadisonElbaville United Methodist MenFairview United Methodist ChurchFaith United Methodist Church of Rural HallFirst United Methodist Church of Pilot MountainFirst United Methodist Church of RandlemanGlenwood United Methodist Crusade of GreensboroHarmony Grove United Methodist Church of LewisvilleHatcher’s Chapel United Methodist Church of Pilot MountainHickory Grove United Methodist ChurchHodgin Memorial United Methodist ChurchJamestown United Methodist ChurchLeaksville United Methodist ChurchLees Chapel United Methodist Church of GreensboroLiberty Grove Methodist Church

Main Street United Methodist Men of KernersvilleMidway United Methodist Church of LexingtonMorris Chapel-Wesley CircleMount Carmel Stokesdale United Methodist ChurchMount Pisgah United Methodist ChurchMt. Zion United Methodist Senior MembersOak Ridge United Methodist Church of Oak RidgePilot View United Methodist Church of Pilot MountainPleasant Hill United Methodist Church of Pleasant HillPleasant Union United Methodist Church of LibertyProspect United Methodist ChurchRehobeth United Methodist Church of GreensboroRehobeth United Methodist Women of GreensboroRockwell United Methodist Church, Inc.Ruffin United Methodist ChurchSalem United Methodist Church of Mount AirySedge Garden United Methodist Church / The Walker ClassShady Grove United Methodist Church of Winston-SalemSharon United Methodist Church of LewisvilleSt. John’s United Methodist ChurchSt. Timothy’s United Methodist ChurchSunrise United Methodist Church of LewisvilleTabernacle United Methodist Women of GreensboroTemple EmanuelTrinity United Methodist Church of ThomasvilleTrinity United Methodist Church - Womens Joint CirclesTrinity United Methodist Women Circle 2 of KingTyro United Methodist Church of LexingtonWesley Heights United Methodist Church of LexingtonWesley Memorial United Methodist Church of High PointWesley Memorial United Methodist Church of Winston-SalemWhite Rock United Methodist Church of Roaring RiverYadkin Valley District of the United Methodist Church

Ann’s Accounting Tax Professionals, Inc.Arbor Acres Employee Yard SaleBB&T CorporationChapter BZ PEO SisterhoodFirst Tennessee BankFrank L. Blum Construction CompanyGlobal Payments Legal DepartmentGoslen PrintingImmedia PrintLambert Architecture & Interiors, PALandmark Builders of the Triad, Inc.Lee Lodge #209

Mercedes-Benz of Winston-SalemPfaff ’s, Inc.Piedmont HomeHealth, Inc.S&L Painting & Decorating, Inc.The Budd GroupThe Evergreen Garden ClubThe Sorosis Club of Winston-SalemW. M. Wrege Building Co., Inc.West End ConstructionWild Flower Garden ClubWinston-Salem Golden K Kiwanis Club

Vendors and Organizations gave a total of $39,713 in 2015. Arbor Acres appreciates this generous support.

Contributing Churches in 2015

Vendor Gifts

Page 24: A R BOR ACRES Annual Report 2015.pdf · a r bor acres through excellence, innovation, caring and beauty, arbor acres cultivates community, comfort




Resident and Founder William F. Womble celebrates his 99th birthday with David Piner (CEO) and Vicki Hunt (Past Board Chair).

CelebrationBoard of Directors

Chair: Dale E. DriscollChair Elect: Susan S. SchwartzVice Chair: Marian M. DouglasSecretary: Nancy S. CannonTreasurer: Paul M. WilesImmediate Past Chair: Victoria P. Hunt

Pamela H. BallDavid B. BlancoArthur L. BloomDr. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.Florence P. CorpeningNicholas A. DavesDr. Charles H. DuckettAmy M. EglestonJames A. GallaherScott J. GerdingCynthia S. GrahamSusan R. Hauser

Rev. Lory Beth T. HuffmanKay B. Johnson-WareJ. William McGuinn, Jr.Rev. Dr. William T. Medlin IIIKathryn A. NelsonAnita H. OgburnSteven L. ReederJames A. Rousseau IIJames M. RuffinDr. William F. SayersRichard C. SpanglerMary Preston Yates

Bishop: Larry M. GoodpasterDistrict Superintendent: Jeffrey S. PattersonPresident: W. David Piner

1240 Arbor Road

Wins ton-Sa lem, NC 27104 -1197

Te lephone 336 .724 .7921

To l l F ree 866 .658 .2724

2015 A N N U A L R E P O R T