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A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar - Van Der Merwe

Sep 30, 2015



Andy Espinoza

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  • A BIBLICAL HEBREW REFERENCE GRAMMAR ContentsForewordAbbreviationsI. INTRODUCTION1. Biblical Hebrew as a Semitic Language2. The Historical Unity and Development of Hebrew3. A Short Review of the Grammatical Treatment of Biblical HebrewII. THE HEBREW ALPHABET AND MASORETIC SIGNS4. The Alphabet - Consonants5. The Alphabet - Vowels6. Diphthongs7. Syllables and Accents8. Masoretic Signs with a Double Function9. Additional Masoretic SignsIII. WORD, CLAUSE AND TEXT IN BIBLICAL HEBREW: A SYRVEY10. The Levels of Language Structure11. The Word Categories/ Clauses in Biblical Hebrew12. The Clause in Biblical Hebrew13. The Text in Biblical HebrewIV. THE VERB14. Review15. The Morphology of the Basic Paradigm16. The Stem Formation17. Pronominal Suffixes Added to Verbs18. The Morphology of the Irregular (or Weak) Verbs19. The Syntax and Semantics of the Finite Verb Forms20. The Syntax and Semantics of the Non-finite Verb Forms21. Verb Chains and Sequences22. The Valency of VerbsV. THE NOUN23. Introduction24. The Congruecy Features of Nouns25. The Declension of the Noun26. The Noun with Pronominal Suffixes27. Noun Patterns and Suffixes28. The He Locale and Enclitic Mem29. Nouns in Appositional Relationships30. Qualification of the Noun by the Adjective31. Co-ordination of the Noun 32. The Noun as Complement of Prepositions33. The Noun as Complement/ Adjunct of Verbs34. The Noun as Subject, Predicate, Vocative and Dislocated Constituent35. Congruence between the Subject and Predicate in BH Clauses 36. Pronouns37. NumeralsVI. THE OTHER WORD CLASSES38. Introduction39. Prepositions40. Conjunctions41. Adverbs42. Predicators of Existence43. Interrogatives44. Discourse Markers45. InterjectionsVII. WORD ORDER46. The Syntax of Word Order47. The Semantic-Pragmatic Functions of Word OrderGlossaryBibliographyIdexesIndex of Biblical Hebrew WordsIndex of Old Testament TextsIndex of SubjectsIndex of Authors