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Jun 20, 2015



  • 1. Fax can effectively communicate complex information such as text, diagrams, and handwritten notes ONE FOUR NINESEVEN Learn more at Fax is embedded in many business processes today FIVE Fax transmissions are immune to viruses and malware Fax is legally binding a signed fax is as good as the original in many countries EIGHT Fax is simple to use whether its a fax machine, fax server, or cloud fax service Fax can easily be integrated into IT systems both for outgoing and incoming messages SIX Fax is traceable you can prove that a fax was sent or received by fax logs Fax transmissions are a point-to-point communication between the sender and receiver TWO Fax is a ubiquitous capability that can be added to any office 9 REASONS BUSINESSES STILL FAX Why faxing is still relevant THREE ! RECEIVED
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