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7 wonders "Chichen Itza"

Jul 13, 2015



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7 wonders of worldThe chichen itza

The chichen itza (Mexico)The Great wall of China (China)Petra (Jordan)Christ The Redeemer (Brasil)Machu Pichu (Peru)Taj Mahel (India)The Colosseum (Italy)MUST-PES: B.Tuvshinsanaa What Is chichen itzaChichen Itza, meaning at the mouth of the Itza well, Chichen Itza was a major focal point in the northern Maya lowlands. It was a largepre-Columbiancitybuilt by theMaya civilization. Thearchaeological siteis located in themunicipalityofTinum, in theMexicanstateofYucatan.

History of chichen itzaNorthern Yucatan few surface water and the river is very low, dry climate. Chichen favorable, with a single resource pool of water in the region, so people began to settle more.From the city water is precious, as its worships owner Chaak. Rainy Memorial is a person you want to include. The Maya built jungle pyramids to worship their gods.

Complex of chichen itzaChichen itzas center is el castilo (Kukulkan)

Parts of Chichen itzaGreat North Platform.El Castillo The kukulkan PyramidThe center of the ceremony

Kukulcan jaguar throne, El Castillo churchs interior decoration

El Castillo, located at the bottom level plumed snake of KukulcanOssario Group.

Central Group..Caves Of Balankanche..The Mayan Civilization..The Mayans religious beliefs led to the development of the calendar, mathematics and astronomy. A day would be lucky or unlucky depending on the nature of the godsThe Mayans developed a 260-day religious calendar and a second 365 day solar calendar the two calendars were linked togetherMayan astronomers were able to attain great precision by using a math system the developed using the concept of zeroThey developed an advanced writing system in the ancient Americas that consisted of 800 hieroglyphic symbols or glyphs- some stood for whole words while others represented syllables.

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